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Feeling Lonely


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Rita Kord Dorms- 4PM, Friday the 17th of January

Haukea sat in the common room, taking some quiet time after classes to read a book. The last week of classes had been… fairly relaxed settling in, but wasn't the real problem. Well, maybe not a problem so much as…

The whole room shuffle had left Haukea with a room to herself, at least until some more students came in. She didn't remember the last time she'd had a room to herself. Okay, apart from the whole broken arm incident. But she was still feeling a bit lonely.

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Mali came in to the common room right after class. She glanced over at the new girl, someone she hadn't had the good fortune of meeting just yet. She contemplated, for a moment, just walking over and saying hello. On the one hand, the girl was clearly at least a little lonely, so, she erred on the side of friendliness.


"Hi, um, if you are really busy just let me know. I don't think we've met though, and I like to meet everyone I can." She said, standing in front of Haukea, politely waiting for the girl to respond. She knew what it was like when your studying was interrupted, but she also knew what it was like not to have any friends.

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Haukea heard Mali's voice and started to close her book, shaking her head. "Ah, no, it's okay. I was just reading a novel, anyway, nothing that important-"

Then she looked up, and noticed Mali. Haukea found herself a little… well, not envious, but something like that. The other girl had clearly found the time to exercise. A lot. She was really, really fit.

After a moment, she coughed. "Anyway, I'm Haukea. Pleased to meet you. Um, what's your name?"

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Mali smiled. "Mali, nice to meet you." She said. She sat down in a chair across from Haukea to be polite, and said. "So, new here?" She said. "I know what it's like, you know." She said. "Feeling like a stranger, feeling alone in a whole school full of people. Before I came here, well, I went to a school with lots of upper class rich kids. Thought I was a freak for a number of reasons. But here? Here people embrace differences."


She sighed. "Sorry if I'm being rude, I just, well. I've been there. If you need help meeting people, I can help. I know lots of people that would be happy to meet you."


Mali's ability to read people had only grown since her arrival at Claremont, ant it was clear from Haukea's expression that she might find Mali attractive. To Mali, that was still an unusual feeling. She really didn't mind, though. It wasn't a bad feeling to feel attractive.

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Haukea smiled slightly.  "Well, it's more that... I've never been that good at making new friends, and, well, I've never actually been away from my family before."


She paused for a moment.  "And I'm fairly new?  Came in near the very end of last term, and the shuffling's left me with a room to myself, which... well, not used to that either.  And- why would they think you're a freak?  That's... just really stupid to me."  She blushed for a moment.  "Ah, sorry, that might've been a bit... anyway, no, you're not being rude.  Some help would be great, thanks.  Like I said, I'm... not that good at making friends myself, and some help would be... it's be nice."

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"Well, then." She said, standing up. "Put the book away and follow me. I'll introduce you around." she motioned towards the door and smiled. It was important to Mali that people around her never had to feel the way she did at her old school. No friends, no one who really liked her or wanted her around. It was a terrible feeling, being lonely while surrounded by your peers.


"I'm not sure who's out and about, but I know where lots of folks hang out." She said.

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Haukea nodded, putting her book away and standing up.  "Ah... that'll be great, Mali."


She smiled at the other girl.  "Thanks.  This... helps a lot, having someone help with... well, I'm not good with stuff like this myself, anyway."


As she stood, Mali might have spotted a platinum ring with an orange gemstone on Haukea's right hand, the gemstone glinting in the sunlight slightly. 

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Mali nodded. "Ohh, I am terrible at meeting new people, or I was. You probably noticed that I'm pretty muscular." She said, opening the door to the rest of the school. "I went to a pretty upper crust school, and muscular Asian girls weren't exactly top on anyone's list. Guys don't necessarily like it if you can bench more than they can." She smiled.


"But that all changed. This place has so many wonderfully different people, it celebrates what makes us unique. It doesn't make us feel like we're wrong for being ourselves. Nobody's telling me that it's wrong to be a martial artist or muscular or whatever, most people think it's cool. It's not just about powers or skills, either. It's about who we are all around. I mean I've met aliens, ghosts, girls from alternate universes. So many different kinds of people. It's amazing."

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Haukea nodded at Mali's comment about her being muscular, then blinked as she continued.  "Wait, why would they think that?  You're... um.  Much more attractive than I am."  She blushed slightly, although unconsiously, as she looked at Mali.  "It shouldn't matter who's stronger or not, anyway.  People can be dumb like that, though..."


She listened as she followed the Thai girl, nodding.  "Bit intimidating, in a way.  I mean, there are so many amazing people here, and... well..."  She shrugged.  "I'm... just me.  I suppose people saw something in me, or I wouldn't be here, but still."  She shrugged.  "Like I said... kinda intimidating."

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