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The Big Boom


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OOC for thread, featuring Havoc and Asad!


We kick off with a story for Havoc, but it will soon move to include Asad (absurdist if you could just keep your eyes open)


Could both of you tag this thread!


TO begin with, I will presume that Havoc or his alter Ego witnesses the military man and his assailants in whatever capacity you like, Stickie - walking down the road in ID, on patrol as Havoc, buying a hot dog, etc. 


You may roll Knowledge [streetwise] Untrained


DC 10


The three youths are from the local gang "The Shanks", reknowned for their use of stabbing victims first, taking money later. They are quite nasty in that respect and the police are trying to crack down on them

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So Boom Stick is going to take a shot at you with his souped up Sub Machine Gun. The weapon fire stun ammunition, is silenced, has a laser target, and is masterwork. Yes! All the trimmings!


His base atack is +10, but due to the weapons bonus an additional +2


1d20+12=29 Which hits!


It an autofire weapon, so the base damage is 4. He exceeds the attack roll by 9, which gives him an extra 4 DC (+1 per 2 in excess) so thats a DC 23 Toughness save!

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Indeed! So inglorious a beginning, for that and the combination of saving some thugs lives, deserves a hero point!


Round 2


17. Boomstick - Unharmed

14 Havoc - Bruised, Staggered - 2 HP


So Boomstick is quite surprised you are still standing. He will discard his submachine gun, as a move action, move to you, as a standard action, initiate a grapple:


1d20+10=29 Is another hit - its all swinging his way today!


1d20+14=26 opposed grapple roll. 


So could I have an opposed grapple roll. 


Also - could you throw me an INT roll, DC 10. 

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Grapple check (opposed) (1d20+16=31)


Unmodified Int Check (1d20=15)


Woohoo! Some success at last!


I'll wait for you to tell me if that Int check matters before I make my IC post! :D


Assuming it doesn't change anything too much, Havoc will use his only action to make another Stun attack now that Boomstick is in range following his grapple attempt:


Stun attack roll (1d20+10=22)


If that hit, then its a DC22 Fort save

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Ok so for the INT check, with his military background, and reaching DC 15, Havoc vaguely recalls some talk from some military chums (or whatever you would like to relate) about the military equivilent of an urban myth: "Boomstick" was a black ops special forces guy who went by that codename and went about blowing up terrotist targets as a sort of revenge. Nobody was quite sure if it was government sactioned under the radar or he had just gone rogue. 


So grapple fails, and he can use that stun attack, which does attack: Note it is actually a DC 17 Fort Save, as exotic attacks are base 10 + The level of attack (whereas damaging attack are base 15+level of attack, for various good reasons!)


1d20+8=9 Now, hes a tough guy but the dice fall badly his way - he is well and truly stunned. 


I suggest we drop out of combat at this stage for some parlay, as they say. Post your attack and insight and lets go from there. 

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Ok, so we move the action to the Hotel where Boomstick has his intelligence. 


Firstly, Stickie - you and Boomstick can do any scouting or so on, or have a discussion about what to do, lets bash this out OOC. 


Absurdist, Asad is up, I presume he has been invited to this charity ball and is getting his arm twisted for cash or support somehow! Feel free to narrate how he ended up there, including any NPC you wish to be there with you, or whom he might be talking to (for instance, you may wish to take a Muslim charity angle on this, as the ball and the vets are trying to support those Afghan's who supported the troops this year) - I leave this up to you. If Asad wishes to make any pre-event Knowledge or Gather Info rolls feel free to do so although its all pretty self evident - we could make these rolls as and when they are needed with the understanding that Asad has looked the details of the event up beforehand. 

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Ok, we may need a Sense Motive Roll for Asad, DC 20


Kabir is covering up for Saeed, its not just smooth talking, he is actually nervous about her


And, presuming Havoc is following Boomstick (and being Stealthy), a Stealth roll. Of course, if he wants to flunk his Stealth roll deliberately but look like he is trying to be stealthy, thats a bluff roll! ;)

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Ok so Asad can make a DC 25 Notice hearing roll to hear some whispering directly above him, in the ceiling. Its an outside chance, but its there. 


Meanwhile, Havoc can make a Knowledge (Tactics Roll)


DC 15

For all Boomstick's knowledge, speeches, and experience, his plans don't make much sense. They seem designed to bring down the building and the whole benefit event rather than target any one individual or group of individuals. The guy seems more interested in blowing stuff up than anything else!

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