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Nightmares and Demons (OOC)

Thunder King

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So Rene does indeed have a history of fighting nercomancers and black magicians over the centuries, but his reputation is pretty blurred. This is actually a bluff or trick to see if Jingles is an oldster who would / could remember those old centuries or a new creature...


1d20+11=15 a bit weak, but hey, he may be stupid enough to fall for it anyway!

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So yes, for reference immune to will saves active at the moment (Head in the clouds of dream time), although note complication he is not immune to sleep or dream based effects with that. 


Using Magic Paintbrush to illuminate the circus with a pretty shade of pink sunlight (Light Control 10), and then heading off to see if he can blast some Circus music through the loud speakers!

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Ok so Pulling mind out of Dreamlands (so no longer having Will immunity - which might be interesting!) and bringing Deadbeat out of the Dreamtime (Summon power array). 


Then, I guess Rene will start looking around, whilst Deadbeat stays y the controls and ensures that the music keeps piping. Want a notice roll or anything?

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