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It's Never Just the Dark You See(OOC)


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Thank you!


Shadows(x4): Unharmed-GM

Young Britannia: Bruised(x1), 2HP


Two of the Shadows make an attempt to catch YB in more snares, the other two just attack with blasts: 14, 15. So two DC19 Reflex saves please.


11, 28 A DC23 TOU and a DC28 TOU save. Yeesh. Anyway, if you fail one or both of those things will proceed apace.


Sorry it's not a fairer fight Tiff!

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Oh blargh. I'm sorry Tiff.


Anyway, Round 2:


Shadows(x4): unharmed-GM

Young Britannia: Bruise(x1), 1HP


One of the Shadows flings open a portal to the Shadow-World(Dimensional Movement & Teleport with the Portal and Full-Round Action Flaws), the other three attempt to catch YB in a net(Snare Combined Attack): 17, miss. The rest add their Attacks:9, 17 both miss!


Why Bee is up at at 'em!

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