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Interest Check: Automated Withdrawal


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Hey, everyone! My character has just been approved, and I'm looking to get him into the thick of things.


I find that, rather than saying "we ought to do something!" and then debating what and who and when, it's best to have an idea in mind. Therefore I would like to run an old classic, the bank job, with a bit of a mystical twist. I'm looking for one to three other heroes of PL 7-12 to team up with Gloaming on this one; anyone is welcome, regardless of origin. My hope is that it'll both entertain and provide an opportunity for Gloaming to meet a few of the locals. 


Automated Withdrawal


The Hannover Credit Union branch in the West End is being robbed... by itself! Rugs rise up to seize hostages, furniture and light fixtures attack security guards, and ATMs pelt everyone in sight with a high-velocity barrage of quarters even as they distribute streams of bills into bags that, when full, simply roll right out the door. What's going on, and can the heroes stop it without trashing the place?


Would anyone be interested?

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Perfect first super-crime stopping act for Amelyth!

Just hooking her up with some Veteran Heroes and the other new guy. :P

Edit: No wait, dang three people have already expressed interest. I'll be alright if Amelyth doesn't make it in then since I'm kind of being a late comer with this post.

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Eh, I have no problem with four other people. My only concern is keeping things moving, but it seems that folks around here are pretty good about that. I will get started writing this one up and shoot you all a PM when I'm finished; thanks for joining me!

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