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Hell Comes To Missouri (OOC)

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Miss A's Online Research is enough to tell her that  


The driver's condition is a bit of a puzzle to Cooper County doctors - he seems healthy, but is unconscious. On the 4th, a neurological specialist in Kansas City was called by staff at the CC hospital, but that call was canceled abruptly early on the morning of the 5th. 

They don't know what caused the accident, but it appears to be driver error. The truck just turned and drove right off the bridge as if it had gone out of control, but there was no mechanical defect in the truck itself. 


She (and Cavalier, thanks to his League connections vis-a-vis alien technology) also know that the truck was carrying a collection of Grue ship parts seized by the Champions after the invasion of 1968. They were on their way to Freedom City to be compared against Grue parts seized after the most recent attack on FC, the better to see if Grue technology is advancing as fast as has been predicted. 

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Oh, and to answer the question posed last night in chat - 


Gina recognizes the name of Dr. Hubert Irons pretty well - he's the son of Dr. Frank Irons, who was the town doctor/GP when Gina lived in Blackwater. Hubert was just starting in his own practice when she left town. Amiable, caring, not too quick on the uptake. 

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Right, not sure if we're doing true rounds, but.


Corbin will quickly close the door, then turn and take flight.


He will keep his Speed of Flame array on Flight, meaning he has Flight 10.


He will switch his Holy Fire Control to Giant's Strength.

Results of Form:

+16 Strength (+8 modifier), +4 Con, +3 Toughness, Large Size (-1 Attack/Defense, +4 Grapple, -4 Stealth, +2 Intimidate, 10ft space, 10ft reach), Immovable 1, +1 Super-Strength, -4 Attack, -4 Defense.

Strength total: 44 (+17); Constitution Total: 32 (+11); Toughness Bonus: +17 (10 Impervious); Defense Bonus: +7; Attack Bonus: +7; Damage Bonus: +17; Super-Strength 10 (Effective Strength 94)


He's going to fly over to the car and pick it up before flying to a park or parking lot or something where bystanders have less chance of getting hurt.

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Okay, Miss A is going to take a quick detour from seeing the Evanses to sit her butt down and do some computer searches. She's going to use her Online Research and her Quickness x6 to search every database she knows for any mentions of any member of her family, including herself, for the past two years. She's especially interested in knowing if any of them have come onto the radar of any supervillain or done anything that might have brought attention to themselves at all.  If that requires some extra hackery, she'll do that too. If I can, I'd also like her to get onto the radio frequency for Cooper County's emergency services and monitor those communications. 

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The Evans family - 


There's nothing until a few days ago; at least, nothing she wouldn't expect. Just as usual, this part of the country is way too far out for there to be any serious supervillian activity. But then suddenly, in just the last 48 hours, people all over Cooper County have started doing searches - searches for HER! Gina Evans is too general a name for her to look for all the time, but there are too many here to ignore - Googling, Peoplefinder, white pages, people flailing around all over the Internet for her. Somebody even put out an APB for someone matching her description from some years ago.


The weird thing is, for all that hundreds of people are searching, it's all so clumsy it had escaped her attention before. It's as if somebody, or a group of somebodies, with no real understanding of technology have spent the last day and a half trying to find her by looking for her online. 


Cooper County police radio traffic - 


She finds some highway patrolmen passing by on I-70. Some ambulances from Pettis County and others near the edge of the city. 

Otherwise, as far as she can tell, there is no emergency radio traffic at _all_ in Cooper County.

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Okay, she's going to delve further into these searches and try to isolate patterns in the search that might indicate where and why they are looking for Gina Evans, and she is also going to attempt to run down the IP addresses and locate specific homes and names. She is also going to check and see if anyone got lucky and nailed down her actual address in Freedom City, which is under her real name. It's not in any easily accessible public directory, but is in plat books and tax records if someone had a very good idea where she was and access to nonpublic government information. 

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Searches include "Gina Evans actress", "Gina Evans beauty queen", and the occasional "Gina Evans exotic dancer". They include locations like Kansas City, St. Louis, and Chicago, with the occasional New York City. 


As far as where they came from; they start in Boonville and then quickly 'pop up' in Blackwater, until they seem to be most computers in towns of any size in Cooper County. So far there are virtually none outside the county, just at its fringes. There are none from the IP addresses she recognizes as belonging to her parents or her brother Peter. The first searches she can find are on the Boonville hospital computers, almost immediately after Peter was brought in. 

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