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Azure Seas (OOC)


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Round Two:


22 Tsunami (bruised, 2 HP)

21 Merc 5

21 Merc 6

20 Glamazon (unharmed, 1 HP)

19 Merc 4

16 Merc 1

4  Merc 3


Tsunami makes a Kn: Tactics check.


She attacks Merc 1, this time using Defensive Attack (-5 atk, +5 def), making her Defense +15.  Taking 10, she hits him with a water blast.  He misses his toughness save, and is unconscious. 

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Glam takes 10 to grapple with Merc 5 getting a 25  which if successful would prompt her throwing Merc 5 as a move action at Merc 6.  Which, having to take a moment to scrounge for the answer on the damage calc for that, after taking 10 to hit Merc 6 with the thrown mook prompts a DC 22 Tou save from both of them.

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Merc 4 swims away from Glamazon and fires at her, getting a 21.  While that hits Glamazon, her Impervious toughness allows her to ignore the attack.


Merc 3 fires at Tusnami, but misses badly with a 9.


The backup that was called for earlier arrives, in the form of a minisub, which fired a torpedo at the two teens, both being caught in the area of the explosion.


Need a DC 18 Reflex save from Glamazon to try to reduce the effect.  If she makes it, she ignores the damage of the attack (again thanks to impervious).  If she misses, Glamazon needs to make a DC 23 toughness save.


Tsunami makes her reflex save with a 18, thus avoiding any damage thanks to Evasion.

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Round Four:


22 Tsunami (bruised, 2 HP)

20 Glamazon (unharmed, 1 HP)

4  Merc 3

3 Mini-Sub



Tsunami will attack the mini-sub once more, Power Attacking -2 Atk, +2 Dam, getting a 20 on her attack roll, which hits.


The mini-sub get as 12 on its toughness save (vs DC 27), so it is destroyed!


Glam is up!

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Tsunami only gets a 12 on her Notice check.


However, a group of mercs lying in wait get a 21 in setting up their ambush.  (I made the range penalty for noticing them a bonus to their roll).


The ambush has the first three firing at Tsunami, the second three at Glamazon.  1 hit on Tsunami, 2 hits on Glamazon.


Glamazon once again shrugs off the shots, Tsunami just makes her toughness save.

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