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Stopwatch 2: Prototype (OOC)

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OOC for thread. 


Hronos and Vahn (and old friends) get entangled in more time problems. 


Vahn> I will proceed to hook in Hronos asap - however need to kick off with Megan. (dont worry I will bring him in soon!)


Megan> I am sure you can do a Gather Information in a second - a take 20 result of 32 will find out that Ms Heather Steed is a half spanish treasure hunter / archeologist. Her reputation is for excellent results despite not being formally trained or being especially clever. She seems to have a knack for finding things, and has made a small fortune doing so. She is unmarried, and has some vague nobility blood on both her English and Spanish side. She also has a reputation for being a bit of a loose cannon / wild child, with minor convictions for lewdness, drunknedness, disturbing the peace in several countries. She is actually wanted in the states on charges of digging up Native American sites without permission - so she sticks to non-extradition countries. 

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Velocity recalls an interview from the Daily Word, in which the reporter, Jessica Jaggers, and Hronos, talked about who he was and why he was in Freedom City.


Who he is: Hronos explained that he was a Mechanodynamis, an ancient mechanical being, one of five that were created almost alongside the universe itself, and was given Time, one of the five essenses that made up the world, the others being Knowledge, Life, Death, and Spirit. As Holder of Time, Hronos feels it is his duty to ensure that he protects the integrity of the Time/Space Continuum.


Why he is in FC: During the aftermath of a battle, billions of years ago, Hronos was critically damaged, and was thrust towards the location that Earth would eventually form. Trapped under its crust, and due to the extensive damage, Hronos went offline and slept for billions of years, until recently, whereupon he woke up and dug his way out, towards the surface. He is functioning at greatly reduced capacity, and is unable to escape the Earth, so he has decided to do whatever he can to help where he is needed, until such a time comes that will allow him to fully reclaim his responsibilities.

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For Reference, and without much surprise, the Antarctic is an extremely cold environment, meaning fort saves every minute. 


We can say the ship has some emergency clothing to give +2 to those saves, and if you get your hands on true thermal clothing you can grab a +5. 

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Power Stunting Chrono-Dimensional Configuration 13 (26PP Array; Feats: Alternate Powers 6) [32PP] into


Enviromental Control 13 (Intense Heat 25'000ft; Extras: Duration[Continuous], Flaws: Range[Touch]) [26PP]


Spending a Hero Point to remove Fatigue. (0 HPs)

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So: The Russians have become helpful. 


Hronos, from their tone, feels that they already new about the time disturbances. And after all, they are a research station. 


If anyone has a Knowledge (Physical Sciences) skill, DC 25 to remember Prof Shobnez has written papers on temporal physics. You may take +4 to that roll if you have eidectic memory. 



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Just for the pedantry of it, some Fort Saves vs Cold DC 10, modified by +5 for good quality clothing. It is every minute, with a progressive +1 DC, and I will say it takes only 2 minutes of travel in "the bug". 


Velocity is of course completely immune to cold environments. 


I'm going to skip Commander Lvov and Shoback as they are experienced arctic men. Not the same as immunity to cold, but Ill say their experience gives them an additional +5 to the fort save, making the top DC only 1 with their clothing. 


Steed has a +6 Fort Save (she is actually a fairly competent PL 7 Semi-super!)

Harrow has a +5 Fort Save (Even without the stopwatch he is a PL 8 Genius!)


So they will both be ok for the short jaunt too!


(For reference, the environment in the arctic is extremely cold and the snow is equal to a 50% move deduction)

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As discussed in chat, Velocity is power stunting off her Speed 10 power (as she actually is not immune to the cold), taking the Fatigue for the moment. 

She is going with: Speed 9 + Immunity 1 (Cold Environment), as she vibrates her molecules to keep herself warm.


With her other array turned on Max Velocity, she has Sure Footed 2, so the icy conditions should not hamper her.

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