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Way down in Mexico


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Friday 21st April 2013


Freedom City Couthouse. 


It had, of course, taken some time to get El Sierpe (who still refused to give his real name, which remained a mystery despite every effort) to the court. His lawyers and money had tied up the proceedings in every legal loophole there was. It was, from that perspective, a complex case to say the least. Arguments about what crime had been committed, where it had been committed, entrapment, intimidation...the list went on. 


The public prosecutor thought he could win, but it would be a headache. 


He had to call in Glow and El Heraldo as witnesses. He sighed as he studied their files. He thought El Heraldo's costume would make his headache worse. 


He reached for the Asprin. 


In the courthouse, but outside the courtroom, the press gathered in anticipation of the proceedings. Captain Meddows was there, called up from the border, tanned, handsome, blonde, and sweating slightly. 


"Hey guys! Over here!" he yelled as the two hero's entered. 

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El Heraldo de la Dama Azul, the young man in the jaw-droppingly loud pants who bore in his heart the resplendent power of Puerto Rico, zoomed out of the sky in a flare of gold! Landing on the ground with a flare of the Banner he carried on his back and a tap of his leather boots, El Heraldo stepped into the courtroom, doffing his magnificent feathered cap for the benefit of the photographers, smiling and waving cheerfully at everyone around. "You ready for this Glow? ' Cause I sure am! We're gonna put this guy away for good!" he said to his schoolmate, beaming excitement as he walked quickly over to Meddows, hastily suppressing the jolt in his stomach as he caught sight of the ruggedly attractive policeman. "Hey Captain Meddows! It's good to see you again!" he said, shaking the man's hand energetically "Hope he didn't give you too much trouble?" Getting in step beside the captain, the flamboyantly-dressed teen actually managed to look dignified and confident!



No need to be so torn, Herald. It is quite understandable to- NO. No way, I am not accepting that It is an integral part of your being Then it's a filthy and repulsive part that offends the sight of God. I'm not talking about this, what shall I do in court? ...As you wish. You WILL have to confront your feelings head-on, you know. As for the court...answer their questions clearly, be respectful to all, and make sure nobody forgets that El Sierpe has done hideous evil! It shall be done.'


After a brief silence, the muscular Hispanic boy turned to their liaison "Well sir, what does the prosecutor need from us?" he glanced around a little nervously as they entered the courtroom, and fought the impulse to glare at El Sierpe when the huge man came into view.

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Despite the fluorescent green light that accompanied her landing, Glow's arrival was fairly low key compared to Heraldo's. It was after all very difficult to compete with the sheer flair of the powerful young man's pants. Rather relieved to see most of the press focussing on her friend she crossed quickly to meet Captain Meddows and greeted him with a firm handshake. "Good to see you again Captain," she said with a small smile. "Let's hope today goes a little more smoothly than last time."


Despite Heraldo's brash confidence Glow was uneasy. Facing a villain in battle was one thing, but facing lawyers across a courtroom was another thing entirely and the skill that El Sierpe's lawyers had shown in drawing out the proceedings thus far certainly hadn't filled her with confidence. "If you've got any tips for us that would be great as well," she said as she moved to stand next to her Puerto Rican comrade. "I don't imagine that the defence are going to let little things like the truth get in the way of grilling us after all..."

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A little later...


"All rise for Judge Judy Pickles presiding!"


Judge Pickles was a venerable lady close to retirement. She was sixty, but the years of high pressure work and the more than occasional tipple to relieve the stress left her looking at least ten years older. Grey hair scraped back over a sagging face, only her deep brown eyes blazing with concentration indicated the intelligence and will that were required to get to her position. 


El Sierpe took the stand first, his figure having lost none of its shape. Seven feet tall with his pot belly, slicked back black hair, and jet black eyes, grinning at the questions. 


His lawyer, a Mr. Cane (Mr. Cloak now fired and under protection) was no less slimy, and clearly bright. He was very short but had a handsome face and a quick mind. For several minutes he painted questions at El Sierpe, drawing the man as a humble, hard working, Mexican Businessman. Papers were flourished about detailing complex financial and legal arrangements. 


Soon, Mr. Cane called Heraldo to the floor. 


"So, Mr. Heraldo" he started, pressing hs hands together in a confident smile. 


"My client here is charged with assaulting police officers and the abduction of mexican nationals. Of the latter charges, I am sure you will agree there is no basis, due to the illegal status of the Mexicans at the time. No, we are here to press on the more serious of charges. The alleged assault of police in an attempt to escape their false arrest. Now, of course you are aware there are no witnesses to the actual assault. Merely that there was a car crash and that my client escaped. The testimonies of the police officers are suspect due to the concussion they received..."


"Let us come to the events on the border of Mexico. Can you please recount to us exactly where you made the eventual arrest of my client, and under what circumstances?"

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EL Heraldo had sat as still as he could, but the incredibly boring war of words between the lawyers, the witnesses, the stream of vague and arcane explanations for why this or that law didn't apply to El Sierpe's case, it was almost more than the energetic young paragon could bear. That and he had to simultaneously pay attention to it as well as all the other conversations buzzing around the courtroom, which added one more layer of frustration. The warm


Standing at ease in the witness box, he grappled with the urge to argue every one of Mr. Cane's points, instead crisply replying in his slightly accented voice "I didn't arrest him, and neither did my comrade. El Sierpe had slid through a tunnel under the border, where he had some thugs waiting. We sent him back to Captain Meddows, Sierpe's guys got picked up by the Mexican border patrol after we defeated them. We only fought them after" his eyes narrowed "he fired a shotgun at Glow!"



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Glow fidgeted in her seat for what seemed like the hundredth time (already), then folded her arms across her chest as she watched Heraldo answer his questions. The courtroom, she had already decided was her least favourite place in the entire world. As boring as it was to listen to the lawyers go back and forth over the finer points of the law it was also extremely tense for the teen-aged heroine. After all, very few things were more important to her at this point than ensuring that someone like El Sierpe was kept in custody for as long as possible.


As Heraldo gave his description of the events at the border the green-and-black clad girl sat up a little straighter and held her breath. His account was perfectly correct of course, but there was almost no way that the defence lawyer was about to let it stand unquestioned, and Glow watched intently as she awaited his response.

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And next to the Stand...


The legal discussion was beyond Glow and El Heraldo - and Captain Meddows took to the stand only comprehending a little more. He answered dutifully, and honestly. As far as he was concerned, El Sierpe was a menace to the border, as well as his involvement in shipping illegal immigrants into Freedom City and exploiting them. He had escaped arrest - violently. And  captain Meddows had found him just south of the border. No, he didn't know how he got there. No, he couldn't possibly comment on Mr. Sierpe's story about being thrown over the border. He didn't witness that, he was just doing his job, Ma'am. 


Calling Glow...


"So Miss...errr...Glow" started Mr. Cane. 


"Can you describe to me how you arrested Mr. Sierpe? Was he, in fact, resisting arrest, when you arrested him in America?"

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