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Massive Attack (OOC)

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  • 3 weeks later...

21 Orda, GM, Unharmed

19 Merge Trois, 2 HP, Unharmed

14 Cerenkov, GM, Unharmed

1   Supercape, 4 HP, Unharmed

I’ve included an extra HP to Supercape for his Secret ID complication.


Orda and Cerenkov are custom build's, I'll post them up at the end if you're interested.

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Orda goes insubstantial and then move's to cover over SC and his guide. 


The insubstantial cloud also has darkness at it's heart so SC has a little privacy.


Merge's go she'll try to hit back at Cerenkov and Orda 1d20+10=11, so no joy there. (And Orda can't be hit right now)


Cerenkov will attempt to return the favour 1d20+8=20, miss chance against merge 1d20=6, so Toughness save DC 27, 1d20+10=12 so um HP and re-roll 1d20+10=15 so a 25 and a Bruised.


Finally SC get a roll.

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Round 2 :


21 Orda, GM, Unharmed

19 Merge Trois, 2 HP, Bruised

14 Cerenkov, GM, Dazed and Bruised

1   Supercape, 4 HP, Unharmed


I have a set of circumstance's with which Heavy Metal, do you want to know or shall it be a surprise for both you and Supercape.

(The character and the um player, wow that could get confusing. I'm just glad I've not done something similar like giving two character's the same first name :) ).

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  • 2 weeks later...

Not quite yet, we're into Round 3


21 Orda, GM, Dazed and Bruised

19 Merge Trois, 3 HP, Bruised

14 Cerenkov, GM, About to EXPLODE!

1   Supercape, 5 HP, Unharmed


Merge will spend the round lifting and carrying Professor Liebniz to "safety"


Now it's SC turn to be the hero :D.

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Orda is going to carry on regardless of his partner almost going boom and try and hit Merge 1d20+10=26. As she rather split up at the moment I'll use her normal miss chance 1d20=12, so that's a miss.


Merge will try to hit Orda 1d20+10=12, let's try that again 1d20+10=23.  His Toughness roll 1d20+4=13.


So he's Dazed and Staggered.


She'll Surge finish carrying the Prof to the back of the Library, thought still close enough to cause trouble.


Cerenkov's out so SC is up next

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