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House of Marvelous (OOC)

Tiffany Korta

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  • 3 weeks later...

Tiff, I will leave it up to you whether Velocity had an angle that would allow her to see the video Merge showed Asad (though of course she could not hear anything). 


So, like we talked about the other day in chat, when you have Merge leave the building, I will have Velocity confront her to learn what Merge is up to :)

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  • 4 weeks later...

Tiff, for the moment Velocity is going to wait and see if Asad flies down to meet with the Merge about to go through the front door (or otherwise make his on way in).  The she will probably run through the walls to meet up with the Merge by the door (and Asad depending on what he does).

Sound good?

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  • 3 weeks later...

The problem with duplicator is that there just isn't enough way's to describe the differences between them :).


Just so were clear there are three different Merge's running around :


Merge 1 - leading all the fanboy's and girls to a safer location.

Merge 2 - meeting Asad to lead him through a secret entrance (that she might have created earlier).

Merge 3 - was sneaking in to talk to MM, this is the version Velocity is with.


Not exactly what I had planned but that's what collaberate play's all about :D. Though it's not often you split the party with yourself...

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Well, the sneaky one could send Velocity to where Asad and the other copy are.


(sorry, had missed the post about the notice check, but, I believe I had previously said Velocity was taking a few free action (via Quickness) take 20 notice checks to scan the area)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Merge's Steath 1d20+7=14, Minion's Notice roll 1d20=20. So there aware. Merge will take 10 and take them all down, but they get a chance to raise the alarm.


MM is distracted so is at a -7 1d20+8-7=9, but Little Marvelous and Crimson Crush arn't. LM roll 1d20+8-2=20 and CC 1d20+8-2=22.


So much as I expected.


Thing are just about to kick off, so a reaction post from both off you and then Initiatives.

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  • 1 month later...

Madame Marvelous 1d20+7=17

Little Marvelous 1d20+7=15

Crimsom Crush 1d20+0=18

Merge Trois 1d20+7=20


So we have :


60 Velocity, unharmed, 2 hp

20 Merge Trois, unharmed, 2 hp

20 Asad, unharmed, 3 hp

18 Crimson Crush, unharmed, GM

17 >Madame Marvelous, unharmed, GM

15 Little Marvelous, unharmed, GM


When Asad enter the room could he make a Notice Roll DC 22


And unsurprisingly Velocity is first.

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Hmmmm, what to do?


Velocity will use her Rapid Attack power (200’ radius, targeted, selective attack), targeting the three villainesses and using Defensive Attack (-2 atk/+2 def) and Power Attack (-2 atk/+2 dam).  This puts her at +10 attack, +18 defense (for a total of 28) and +10 damage (if she hits).


But, with a 13 on her attack roll, I doubt she hit anyone, unless anyone is flatfooted.  :(

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