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Stopwatch (OOC)


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OOC for this thread.

Fenris gets tangled up with Velocity's old flame - and Velocity.

Lord Robert Harrow, for Velocity and Harrow making Knowledge and Gather Information Checks...

(Velocity can have +5 Situational bonus on these rolls due to passing personal interest)

Knowledge (History) or Gather Information: Fenris can have +5 Situational Bonus from his Status as an aristocrat.

DC 20

The Harrow Family are well of Lords in England, dating back several centuries. Whilst they may not be royalty, they are not far from it...

DC 30

The Harrow Family are currently Lord Harrow, his sister Lady Rose Harrow, and the elderly Matriach, Eunice Harrow. The Father died last year. They own considerable assets although they are shrinking - they are compensating by expanding into business and using their estates as hotels and service industries.

Knowledge (Physical Sciences)

DC 30

Robert Harrow is a physicist of some repute. He is not a professor, but he has a PhD in theoretical physics and has written some well regarded papers in abstract physics.

(If you have any specific other questions feel free to post inquiries and a Gather Info Roll!)

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Checking in (though I will mainly be watching for a little bit :))

Somehow I roll really badly for Gather Information with a 19.

But, with the Knowledge (History), I will take 20 (this representing Megan spending some time back when she was at Cambridge to look into the background and family history of the guy she's dating, because she tended to have lots of free time, and was curious. After, Quickness 9 lets her read up on things pretty darn quick :)). So, with that, she gets a 30.

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Right, I guess the way it was worded it seemed like Anders was saying the meeting was canceled. Which it wasn't. But yes, it has not restarted yet.


As for the Inspector:


Knowledge: Civics roll: 25

Knowledge: Business roll: 30

Knowledge: Current Events roll: 23


Based on those rolls, how legit is her "we can totes search your whole place just based on this one wacky reading"?


Also, any word (call, text, IM, whatever, he's got 2 communication-tied devices tucked away on his person!) from his lab regarding the "odd readings"?

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The civics roll is pertinent.

The document she is presenting is legal but generic, with the institutes name just rubber stamped. It is, in effect, little more than a high powered health and safety document.

If Magnus wished, he could quote legal jargon to stop her. Although in his judgement it would only delay matters. She could almost certainly get a court order to go through his facility with a toothpick in twenty four hours...unless he pulled out every legal trick and favour he had. It really depends how much he wants to annoy the government of Sweden. As it is they would value him, but it is not a country renowned for granting particular privileges to the wealthy and powerful.

In terms of what he could do, given his skills influence and contacts, he could let her in with a very much "observe only" status, delay her for 24 hours when she would come back with a "ill see whatever I want and ask whatever I want" status court order, or fight it tooth and nail...not necessarily personally...and get bad press / annoy lots of people. How does that sound?

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I can assure you it is! Whilst I am not familiar with Swedish law (although I am very familiar with Sweden) I am familiarly with European law and research facilities. When it comes to biohazards, toxic wastes or energy production, yeah, private counts for squat. You can, as I say, delay it, it just means a court order. These are just formalities.

That doesn't mean they can poke around to there hearts content and grab data etc. it does mean they can reassure themselves the site is safe for the public.

In any case I don't think this is fruitful to debate further. Bottom line: If you find this unacceptable, I can revise. I don't wish to intrude on your canon!

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As above- strange readings on site (as expected) but they are very surprised anybody else could pick up on anything. It's esoteric and localised emissions only, as far as they are concerned.

...What readings are "expected" at the Castle?


The lab he contacted was *in the Castle* and was scanning *the Castle*, not the mountain lab. That's what the Tower was about, and he said to scan the Castle grounds. :P

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Two invisible assailants are assaulting Megan, and have her flat footed and suprised (-2 defence penalty)


1d20+6=24, 1d20+6=14 I think thats two hits. The effect is a Stun 6 one, DC 16 Fort Save x2. 


We then move into round 1. No real point rolling initiative as Megan will auto win with her bonus. 


EDIT: You are of course free to fail this roll and earn an HP, falling asleep from the beams!

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