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Divine Theft (OOC)


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So are they going to surrender? Just once it'd be nice! Oh wait, El Sierpe surrendered and look how that turned out.. let's just punch'em!

I know we're not in combat yet, but Kristin wants to interpose for Kat should either of team bad-guy look like they want to take a cheap shot!

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Good plan. Marduk(using a tweaked version of the Corrupt Sorcerer) decides that assault is the better part of valor and blasts Glow, dropping his Blast's rank down to 5 due to Villainous Overconfidence. Attack roll: 15. DC20 Toughness roll, please.

Marduk Initiative, 15. Rapidsfire's(not a typo of mine) Initiative, 21.

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Okay, seeing as Marduk's being a smart-mouth he deserves a really solid punch in said mouth. So...

Move action: Fast acrobatic bluff vs Marduk: 20 (doh)

Standard action: If he doesn't beat the bluff add 2 power attack (and -2 attack roll to this attack), if he does beat it then it'll just be a normal attack! 13. Lame. Reroll: 11 + 10 = 21.

So, if he doesn't beat the acrobatic bluff it's a DC 26, if he does, only a DC 24.

.. Does any of that actually make sense? :?

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If it didn't, you'd have known it.

Sense-Motive roll: 18. Failed. DC26 TOU save: 16. Dazed again, and Staggered.

Rapidsfire makes another pass attack, still on Glow : 33, a Critical hit. DC28 TOU save. Then she speeds off the way she came with Move by Action.

Your turn, Freewly.

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