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Chaos, Steel, and Wolves (OOC)


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For Fox's eyes only:

If it's okay with you, I'm going to have the baddies hack HAX's systems right this moment, while Mara is rather distracted with a phone call. They're pretty good, so it's not easy to spot them; give them time to steal one or two things before whatever system/method you wish discovers and shuts them down. Feel free to make up names and ideas for what gets taken; the end result is basically a weapon that can scale from "take down a squad of soldiers" to "take out a city". Which will likely tick her off a lot.

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Jessica could surmise that, with the component diagrams described by Mara, the thieves (as it's not a hard jump to say it's the same folks) could, if one of them had the know-how, construct a Directed Energy Weapon capable of both great accuracy, and great scale. It would be able to focus down to the point of eliminating a single squad of infantry on a crowded street, or vaporizing a couple square miles of urban terrain. Or anything in between. Worse, with the information they possess, they could make a lot of them. And the device wouldn't be much larger than a large SUV when all is said and done (thanks to the very compact VES's providing power). Such a device could easily be placed in orbit with comparatively little effort, and then directed from there.


Consider your HP awarded for your complication.

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With Skill Mastery and Mental Quickness, Ironclad can hit Know/Tech DC 30, Computers DC 25, and all the other Knowledge checks at DC 15, as a free action.

If she can research it (taking a full minute, with Mental Quickness and the Library on her armor) she can get DC 40 on Know/Tech.

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Bee-Keeper can pull up the city power grid and note that 2 buildings are drawing more power than they should, by any stretch of the imagination. Both buildings are next to each other, and at the end of the "red zone" closest to the airport.


Dragonfly's familiar enough with the capability of the Vacuum Energy Systems, as well as with cutting edge "space plane" designs, to know it would be possible to lift the "kill sat" without using a more traditional solid-fuel rocket body.

She's also caught rumbles of some new hotshot company renting out a couple plane hangers at said airport; computer checks can confirm that.


Some computer finangling reveals that the two buildings Baxter might have highlighted are owned by the same company.

As well, their design would allow someone to conceal enough advanced production facilities to make all the parts needed for the Kill Sat.

The group most able to make use of said technology?

The Foundry.

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Feel free to make another round of robot-wrecking posts. No rolls needed yet. We'll get the next stage moving after that. Feel free to move about the buildings; you can give me some K: Tech, K: Business, Computers, and/or Notice rolls if you desire and I'll give you all something to ponder!

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These things are almost definitely probably robots with weird laser guns.

Also, there's a big cargo elevator in the back of the mini-warehouse they seem to keep coming out of in waves.


-You manage to gain entry to the computer system, but it has no Internet connection, and at least some of the Intranet has been manually separated. You do manage to get into financials and such though.

-These guys were only barely breaking even publicly. They'd have been able to keep going as-is for at least a couple years, but they were never going to make it big in this city packed with super-geniuses. But for all that, they sure did throw around a lot of money.

-If she goes into an elevator, she might notice there's an odd panel on one of the side walls, over near the buttons for the floors. It's pretty well-hidden, but her sensors can pick it out of the clutter. I wonder what it does!


-Sensors are indicating some odd power lines running around up here, but nothing super-crazy. As you explore more of the building you find more and more odd things.

-These folks only did okay with the whole "making money" thing, according to what you found in the computers.

-You manage to crack through their firewalls and such enough to figure out that there's one larger space underneath these two buildings, and that that's got to be where the secret warehouse and manufacturing complex is; both of these office buildings are just reinforces, have extra power lines, and have some secret ways in and out (that are pretty much locked down at the moment) for the robot employees. Also right below ground level is where all the robo-employees go to recharge at night.

-You look around, there's no one in visual or audio range making a green glow. The brush on your mind is gone for the moment.


-The flow of drones will slowly trickle down; they likely have a large supply, but not a super-factory of them.

-There are ways down, but they require checks to find.

-Everyone's still kind of scattered; the two buildings are about a half-block apart, and the larger is three floors higher and a hundred or so feet extra on each side than the smaller building.

Let me know if there's something specific you try to do with the computers or whatnot.

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Right then!

First, Everybody roll Initiative. I shall go ahead and do so.

Empousa: 25

Kobalos: 6

Hekatoncheire: 21

Arachne: 25

Fenris: 5. WELP.

Initiative Order

Empousa (25): Uninjured, -HP

Arachne (25): Uninjured, -HP

Hekatoncheire (21): Uninjured, -HP

--Bee-Keeper (??): Uninjured, ??HP

--Dragonfly (??): Uninjured, ??HP

--Ironclad (??): Uninjured, ??HP

Kobalos (6): Uninjured, -HP

Fenris (5): Uninjured, 1HP

Please tell me your typical starting HP counts when you post your iniative.

Then state any Complications you are invoking or have invoked (I think DF at least gets one), and I will (as applicable) award an HP.

That way we know everyone's HP count.

If Dragonfly chooses to spend a turn either trying to "talk down" Arachne, or alternatively standing there scanning the room, she gets an HP.

Arachne will not enter combat proper until attacked. Until she is attacked, the construction process will continue.

If Bee-Keeper or Ironclad take a turn to explore the warehouse, disable train car, or otherwise do something interesting besides just "chase the lady down the hall" (which you can do too!), they get an HP. If you choose to disable the train car, just write that you do, it's nothing special.

I won't move things until we have rolls. :D

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Did the not!Major run down the tunnel to the airport? Are there any other entrances/exits from this loading bay? And can we contact the airport control tower?

Sorry if it was unclear.

1.)She ran down the person-ish sized hallway *opposite* you guys, *not* the tunnels to the airport.

2.)There are 3 major passageways (1 to airport if your sense of direction is right, which it is; 2 to...somewhere!), and you can see one or two other elevator or stairway doors.

3.)The warehouse is 200 yards wide and 300 yards long. You are at one end and Empousa is at the other, lengthwise. You're over to one side, not far from where the open "cargo lane" is, and only about 50 yards from the tunnel to the airport.

4.)You could. If you did that this turn as part of not chasing her, that of course helps award an HP. Signal might be fuzzy though! :twisted:

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Bee-Keeper III's Initiative +6: 1d20+6 → [7,6] = (13)

Baxter usually has 4 Starting Hero Points (1 Base + Luck 3). While his ditching of class might constitute a Hero Point, I don't think he's in any sort of hurry right now to get back, so it's probably not worth a Hero Point in and of itself. 4 HP is probably plenty anyway.

Gonna hold off on an action till' everyone has their initiatives up :)

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Initiative Roll (1d20 + 7=25)


(17:34:28) KnightDisciple: Fox, I also need HP count, including any complications you're invoking, in CSW

1 (base hero) + 2 (Luck 2) + 1 (misuse of her creations [Hatred]) + 1 (theft of HAX designs [Responsibility]) = 5 HP, I believe. 4 HP, if GM judgement is that HAX's involvement and the security breach aren't pertinent enough in the context of the thread alone.

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