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On a Steel Hog She Rides...(IC)

Thunder King

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December 21st, 2012

12:00 PM

The Solar Sentinel streaked through the sky. It was all part of his daily patrol, flying through the city, just doing his part to keep the city safe. The light blue glow around his body signified that he was going at nowhere near top speed. He was grateful at being somewhat resistant to the cold, as it was quite chilly today. He kept a cell phone, in case he got called in my the fire department, on his belt. All in all, it had been a peaceful day, and he loved flying through the city.

He reached the city center, and wasn't sure he'd ever get used to the massive buildings that dotted the landscape. When he'd left Earth nearly a century ago, buildings like that had been very rare. Now, they were everywhere. It was humbling, to say the least.

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It wasn't often that Lulu was tired of riding her hog, but this was one of those rare times. She had been traveling for some time now, and she was ready to get her feet back onto the ground and take a little break. Not to mention, she could really use a bite to eat. Thankfully, she was pretty sure she didn't have much farther to go. She was already entering the atmosphere of the little blue planet that had been described to her. She certainly hoped it was the right planet, anyway. There had been a few occasions she'd made a wrong turn somewhere and ended up in strange places.

She let up on the driving reins of her mechanical spacehog a little bit as she began to make a smooth transition into the planet. She looked over and down at the land below thoughtfully.

Mighty nice view from up here. Hope I won't be startling the locals too much. Wonder if I oughtta land somewhere outside of civilization, so that way I don't seem all threatening-like? she wondered. But as she lowered her spacehog further and further and noticed she was almost right on top of a city, she felt better. Well, hey now, this hardly seems all that backwater at all. Look at all these tall buildings!

Her eyes widened a bit upon seeing a giant H painted on top of one of the tall buildings. Now, if that wasn't a clear sign for a landing spot, nothing was! She took the spacehog down and landed on the giant H. She dismounted from her spacehog, and it flickered and blinked before disappearing into dimensional storage for later use. Her feet planted firmly on the ground, she did a little walking before hurrying over to the side of the building and leaning over just a bit to look at the streets down below.

"Hey there, looks like they got them some mighty fine transport system down there, too. This is going to be like walking through an orchard of tandoozles." A big grin appeared on her face.

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Solar Sentinel spotted the strange craft as it descended, and instantly realized it could only have come from space. He flew faster, aiming at the building. He swooped downward and stopped in mid-air, gazing down at the woman before him.

"Hello, Miss?" He said with a friendly nod and tone in his voice. "I can't help but notice, you don't seem to be from around here." He floated in mid-air, glowing slightly blue. He really hoped this one was friendly, tearing up the buildings was a bad idea.

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Lulu's gaze turned on the hovering, glowing man before her. She made it a habit not to make any sudden movements when speaking to locals on planets foreign to her. She kept up her smile since most aliens with facial expressions seemed to respond to smiles well. "Well, you ain't fooling yourself none there! I'm a stranger here, but you don't need to worry whatever all nerve system you have none. I come in peace, and I ain't got no outstanding warrants or anything."

She gave a light laugh. "I mean, I don't reckon little 'ole me could cause that much harm to a planet even if I wanted to, and I don't want to. I'm just here to get a fresh start, build me up a nice reputation, maybe make a few friends if it ain't too much trouble."

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"Sounds like a solid plan to me." He said warmly. "Always nice to see a friendly face, especially when they come from space."

"Plent of people from other worlds, too. I myself spent some time off world." He didn't care to admit exactly how much time, but the point was the same.

"Any idea as to what you plan to do now that you're here? I recommend we move away from here, bound to attract attention you know."

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The calm in the man's voice and demeanor allowed Lulu to react a bit. She was glad the inhabitants of this Earth planet were not automatically hostile to outsiders. "Well, I ain't quite thought that far ahead, but I'm thinking I should find some place to fill my hunger-tube. I'm so hungry I could eat a bugaboo with stuffed torvacko, and that ain't no lie!"

She looked around, trying to decide best how best to get to ground level. She paused a moment, as though, remembering something. "Ugh, my brain must be circling the moons! I haven't properly introduced myself yet. Here, ah, you can call me Lulu on the account that everyone does. Does your people have them there individual identities and names because I sure as Sanderstinkton wouldn't mind knowing what it is you like to be called."

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"I am called Solar Sentinel. That's not my real name, but it's what I introduce myself as. As far as food is concerned, you probably don't have any money, and I have no idea what kinds of foods those are. If you can tell me what kind of food you like in general terms I might be able to help you with that."

He knew a few places to get a decent meal for a good price. "As far as friendship is concerned I think we can manage that. You sound like some people we have on Earth. I'm from a place called Kentucky. Simple folk who live simple lives. Hard work, agriculture, and calm lives."

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"I ain't heard of this Ken-tucky place, but it sounds mighty fine." She beamed. "Well, I ain't know what all kind of money you Earth people take, but I've got two hands, and washing dishes don't vary much from planet to planet. As for food, you'd be surprised about the kinda things I've eaten and survived through. My hunger-tube is probably made of the toughest stuff in the whole wide universe. I'll try anything once."

She gave her tummy a pat. "Just show me the way."

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He would have smiled, if it weren't for the mask. He nodded and motioned her to follow him. He knew a nice little restaurant that sold burgers, and he'd actually eaten there in costume a couple of times. They flew down to the restaurant and Solar Sentinel bought a sandwich and fries for both of them.

Then, with food in hand he took off into the air to a building he knew would be vacant, figuring she might not want a lot of attention from Earthlings.

He handed her the food he bought and stood nearby. He was also pretty hungry, so he figured he might as well take a break.

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The sandwich looked familiar. Almost every planet she had been to had a version of it. She ate it without hesitation, practically inhaling it and enjoyed it. She took her time with the fries, though. They could literally be anything.

"So, what are these things exactly?" She held one up to examine it, then popped it in her mouth. It tasted starchy, so it was probably made from some kind of plant. It also tasted very salty. "Hmm. Not bad." She shoved the whole load of fries into her mouth and chewed a few times before swallowing.

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He chuckled. "Those are called fries. They're made from an indigenous starchy plant, called a potato. Potatoes are a major staple food all around the world, made in a lot of different ways. Fries, especially those, are cut, fried in oil, and salted." He shrugged. They hadn't been nearly as common when he left as they were when he got back, so naturally, he'd read up on them, and a lot of other things.

"Glad to see you like them." He said with a nod.

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"Well, now that I got food in the 'ole hunger-tube, I think it's time I take a look around and get to know this here pretty little planet and the people that live here. Anything you'd like to tell me about yourself or your planet? What do you do for fun around these parts?" Lulu watched the Solar Sentinel with interest. The way she figured it, the more she knew about Earth and Earth people, the better off she'd be. She knew from experience that it could be very awkward being a stranger AND completely clueless about the world and people around you.

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