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Character Pokemon Parties!


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Nonsense spilling over from the chat, so here we go.

Changelings Party
Mismagius Female Level 32
Nature: Sassy
Ability: Levitate
Shadow Ball
Lucky Chant
Trick Room

Gardevoir Female Level 34
Nature: Mild
Ability: Synchronize
Heal Pulse
Calm Mind

Snivy Female Level 16
Nature: Bold
Ability: Overgrow
Leaf Tornado
Aerial Ace

Hoothoot Male Level 18
Nature: Brave
Ability: Keen Eye

Aerodactyl Male Level 30
Nature: Doctile
Ability: Rock Head
Rock Slide
Ancient Power

Silhouette's Party

Weavile Female Level 46
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Pressure
Night Slash
Hone Claws
Icy Wind
Aerial Ace

Leavanny Female Level 40
Nature: Careful
Ability: Swarm
Leaf Blade
Sword Dance
Helping Hand

Catalyst's Party

Castform Male Level 30
Nature: Bashful
Rain Dance
Sunny Day
Weather Ball

Philotherian's Party

Cleffa Female Level 14
Nature: Naive
Ability: Cute Charm
Sweet Kiss

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Jack of all Blades' Party

Gallade ♂‚               Hitmonchan ♂‚             Haxorus
Nature: Rash             Nature: Adamant            Nature: Lonely
Ability: Justified       Ability: Iron Fist         Ability: Rivalry
Moves: Swords Dance      Moves: Thunder Punch       Moves: Outrage
       Psycho Cut               Ice Punch                  Dragon Tail
       Close Combat             Fire Punch                 Dragon Dance
       Attract                  Counter                    Earthquake

Scizor ♀                Pawniard

Nature: Impish          Nature: Brave

Ability: Technician     Ability: Defiant

Moves: Aerial Ace       Moves: Metal Claw

       Metal Claw              Night Slash

       Fury Cutter             Swords Dance

       Feint Payback


Erik's Gallade was originally one of two Ralts left by his father when he disappeared. Having been his constant companion and fencing partner for years, a lot of Erik's personality has rubbed off on Gallade. He never bothers with a Pokéball and wears a bandana mask similar to his trainer's when aiding Jack of all Blades; fortunately, he decided against adopting a matching wig as well.


Hitmonchan belonged to the owner of the antique shop where Erik found the card which unlocked his mantle as the Jack of Swords and witnessed the first use of the metamagi's powers. At Hitmonchan's ardent request, his owner gave him leave to train with Erik, mastering manipulating the elements together.


Erik met Axew early in his career as Jack of all Blades, attempting to take on a group of drug dealers and their Pokémon by herself. The swashbuckler intervened and though he never learned exactly how the Dragon Pokémon had ended up in that situation she joined his team. She finished evolving into a Haxorus only recently while helping to fight off an attack by the House of Swords. She considers Scizor to be her rival despite the other Pokémon's total lack of interest in such an arrangement.


Scyther was first encountered in the forest bordering the West End and made an impression both by keeping up with Gallade in battle and being immune to the confident Fighting/Psychic type's charms. She refused to join Erik's team but was a frequent sparring partner and ally. She was present for Doktor Archeville's betrayal and when Erik became the sole leader of the Interceptors she finally joined his party officially, evolving into a Scizor in the process.


Pawniard is the party's most recent addition, joining when Erik opened his school for self-defense and swordsmanship. The serious young Pokémon is determined to become as strong as possible and join the ranks of Freedom City's heroes. He has a lot of raw talent but has a long way to go before reaching his goal.


Jill O'Cure's Party

GardevoirHappiny ♀
Nature: Sassy            Nature: Calm
Ability: Synchronize     Ability: Friend Guard
Moves: Heal Pulse        Moves: Heal Bell
       Toxic                    Copycat
       Double Team              Protect
       Stored Power             Sweet Kiss

Ellie's Gardevoir evolved from the second Ralts left by her father when he disappeared just before her birth. Just as Gallade has come to resemble her brother, Gardevoir has adopted Ellie's studious nature and sardonic attitude. Like her trainer, she specializes in both healing and harming, useful talents given the increasingly exasperating situations they find themselves in.

Happiny was presented as an egg to Ellie when she was accepted into FCU's pre-med program. The Pokémon hatched before long bonded with her trainer immediately despite Ellie's half-hearted protests that she just wasn't any good with infants or children. Happiny seems to view Gardevoir as an elder sister, frequently following behind the older Pokémon and imitating her movements and even attacks.


Yolanda Morales-Espadas' Party

Nature: Modest
Ability: Hustle
Moves: Bite
       Hidden Power

Deino followed the refugees from Yolanda's home dimension through the HAX portal to Earth Prime when they escaped its destruction by Mandragora and his Terminus Hydreigons. Although obviously related to those beasts, the young Dark/Dragon type seemed innocent enough, gently headbutting the shellshocked girl and grinning toothily at her until getting a smile in response. She was subsequently adopted into the Espadas family along with her new trainer.

Midnight II's Party

Umbreon ♂‚                HoundoomGhastly ♂‚
Nature: Careful           Nature: Hasty           Nature: Quiet
Ability: Inner Focus      Ability: Flash Fire     Ability: Levitate
Moves: Foul Play          Moves: Smog             Moves: Mean Look
       Snarl                     Embargo                 Clear Smog
       Moonlight                 Dark Pulse              Hypnosis
       Last Resort               Inferno                 Curse

Nature: Hardy             Nature: Relaxed
Ability: Moxie            Ability: Clear Body
Moves: Fly                Moves: Gear Grind
       Brave Bird                Mirror Shot
       Night Slash               Charge
       Payback                   Charge Beam

Umbreon was one of a litter of Eevees hatched by Duncan Summers and the last of its siblings to be presented to a Claremont student. A good match for the equally quiet Trevor, Eevee joined in the intense training regimen the legacy hero had set out for himself, evolving into his nocturnal form in surprisingly short order at the same time Trevor's secondary mutations took hold. Eve Martel's Espeon is one of his siblings and the pair have proven devastating in two-on-two matches.

Descended from the Houndoom that accompanied the original Midnight throughout most of his career, the excitable Houndour was Trevor's sole Pokémon as a youth. Trevor's grandfather helped in her training once the teen's metahuman powers developed and she evolved into a Houndoom herself shortly after his sixteenth birthday. Midnight frequently rides her into battle, outpacing theoretically faster but less well trained Pokémon with ease.


On Hallowe'en 2010 the veil between life and death had been stretched thin and for related reasons Midnight had been having a very bad day. The cold ferocity with which he dispatched members of the zombie horde that threatened the city drew Ghastly to him. Trevor accepted the Ghost type's help in the long battle and was surprised when Ghastly stuck around even after Hades' plan had been thwarted. He serves as invaluable reconnaissance in the field.


Before the Furion known as Red Falcon sacrificed himself to stem the tide of Omegadrones poised to overrun Young Freedom, he presented Midnight with a Pokémon egg and Dusk Stone. The Murkrow which hatched from the egg almost immediately evolved into a Honchkrow, displaying far more power than a typical newborn. The Furion-bred Dark/Flying type soon proved worthy of Red Falcon's legacy, serving as Midnight's wings for aerial missions and partnering with Houndoom without need of direction.


Trevor's Klink and several like it habitually float around the Engineering buildings of FCU. When this one in particular caught Trevor changing into his Midnight costume, the young detective added it to his team. Rarely participating in battles, Klink prefers to stay in the Midnight Manor, helping develop new gadgets or restore old equipment, providing electrical power and an extra set of eyes.


Travis Hunter's Party

Ninetales              Liepard               Lilligant 
Nature: Calm            Nature: Naughty        Nature: Modest
Ability: Flash Fire     Ability: Prankster     Ability: Own Tempo
Moves: Fire Spin        Moves: Captivate       Moves: Teeter Dance
       Fire Blast              Taunt                  Quiver Dance
       Faint Attack            Nasty Plot             Petal Dance
       Extrasensory            Dark Pulse             Aromatherapy

All of Travis' Pokémon from his days as the original Midnight have passed away apart from the naturally long-lived Ninetales. The serene Fire type's mere presence is usually enough to keep the household's other Pokémon in line and she rarely leaves Travis' side, providing her elderly trainer with support when needed. Ninetales are something of a status symbol among Freedom City's wealthy families and she makes a point to greet any visitors to the mansion at the door.

The mischievous Liepard is technically a wild Pokémon and seems to hang about the Hunter mansion mainly to make off with small baubles and try to get a rise out of Ninetales. She always returns everything she steals after growing bored with the prize, however, and displays nothing but affection for Travis himself. It's not clear if she sticks around solely for lack of anywhere better to be or if she's been sent to keep an eye on things specifically.


Lilligant was originally Margery's Petilil. She now serves as the mansion's groundkeeper, seeing to the gardens once tended by her original trainer while the other, largely nocturnal members of the household are asleep. She's also the one who first taunt Trevor to dance and works herself into a tizzy with worry any time he returns from a patrol or mission with injuries.


Wail's Party

Exploud Alakazam                Mienshao ‚
Nature: Bold             Nature: Hasty            Nature: Naughty
Ability: Soundproof      Ability: Magic Guard     Ability: Regenerator
Moves: Uproar            Moves: Teleport          Moves: Detect
       Strength                 Trick                    Force Palm
       Hypervoice               Psychic                  Wide Guard
       Hyper Beam               Telekinesis              Reversal

Like LaMarr himself, all of Wail's Pokémon are aging but experienced and powerful battlers. Loudred was part of the same experiments that resulted in LaMarr's powers and followed after him during the subsequent breakout. While testing on Pokémon was not strictly illegal in the early 1970s, it was frowned upon. To avoid a further public relations incident after LaMarr's wrongful conviction came to light, Loudred was allowed to stay with him, fighting beside 1-800-JUSTICE and eventually evolving into an Exploud.

Kadabra originally belonged to Yelena Vostok, a gifted teleporter like her trainer. Having a somewhat distant personality by nature, it took the Psychic type a while to warm up to their new home in Freedom City and even longer to bond with the rest of 1-800-JUSTICE. When the team came out of retirement to fight against the 1993 Terminus Invasion, Yelena perished saving her friends and Kadabra became LaMarr's Pokémon, finally evolving into an Alakazam in the process.


The monks who provided part of Javed Randeep's martial training kept Mienfoo and Mienshao about their temple. When he returned to the United States, one of them with an adventurous spirit accompanied him. Mienshao had plenty of opportunity to hone his fighting abilities along side his trainer in the ninja filled alleyways of the 1970s. Mienshao stayed by Javed's side for many years, but like Alakazam eventually outlived his original trainer.


Ghost Girl's Party

Froslass               Abomasnow "Skitty" ‚
Nature: Quirky          Nature: Adamant            Nature: Rash
Ability: Snow Cloak     Ability: Snow Warning      Ability: Illusion
Moves: Hail             Moves: Ingrain             Moves: Scratch
       Blizzard                Wood Hammer                Hone Claws
       Ominous Wind            Ice Shard                  Dig
       Frost Breath            Seed Bomb                  Pursuit

When Daniel Storm found Kimber haunting the wooden cabin in the woods outside Thunder Bay, Froslass was already there, scaring hikers away alongside the human poltergeist. Restoring Kimber's mind seemed to have a calming affect of Froslass as well, and the Ice/Ghost type accompanied her back to Claremont Academy when the new line-up of Young Freedom came to collect her. More than one classroom has ended up coated in a layer of ice with the pair of friends each pointing at the other accusingly.

Abomasnow is actually Daniel Storm's Pokémon, sent to keep an eye on Kimber in the United States. He managed to go largely unnoticed on the Claremont grounds for a few months before the weather started to heat up. Headmaster Summers tolerates his presence gladly enough given his protective attitude towards children and his willingness to help the students train... although the number of irrecoverable throwing discs on campus has shot dramatically upward.


Kimber and Indira returned from an evenings' excursion with a newly hatched Skitty in tow, having rescued the feline from black market Pokémon poachers alongside Nick Cimitiere. Which would be fine... apart from the fact that Skitty are hardly rare enough to justify poaching. And the way he can sit on Kimber's shoulders when most Normal types pass right through her. And the way his Tackle attack looks a lot more like Pursuit. Still, it's probably nothing to worry about.

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I blame Gizmo. And my obsessive brain. But mostly Gizmo.

Cobalt Templar' Party

Emboar ♂               Machoke ♂             Charmeleon ♂

Nature: Adamant Nature: Hasty Nature: Bold

Ability: Reckless Ability: Guts Ability: Blaze

Moves: Flare Blitz Moves: Karate Chop Moves: Fire Fang

Flame Charge Low Kick Dragon Claw

Arm Thrust Bulk Up Incinerate

Fire Punch Focus Blast Fire Blast

Corbin was gifted a young Tepig by an uncle from Arkansas when he was still a young lad, just as his love of history was starting to bud. The two spent many long hours reading books (usually with the small Pokemon perched on the suddenly-growing boy's shoulder). While he didn't really ever try to purposefully get Tepig into battles, the firey 'mon's nature meant it got into a few scraps in its days. It was with him when he found the Blue Ring, and the surge of energy, combined with the sudden danger of the collapsing cave, caused it to evolve into Pignite. Of course, things couldn't quite be typical for the bookish pair, and Pignite found himself colored blue and wielding blue flames that were eerily similar to the power of his friend's new ring. The two took to training together, a habit that continued into their time on Young Freedom, and one that helped the old friends bond with the newer members of Corbin's party. Pignite evolved into Emboar during Young Freedom's climatic battle with Omega, and found himself helping "ride herd" on YF 2.0 and their eclectic Pokemon. Currently he tends to stay at either Corbin's house, or the new forest hideout/vault, content to let the "new guys" go patrol with Corbin while he "holds down the fort". If CT's expecting a big fight, though, his oldest friend will be sure to tag along...

Machoke's early days aren't something the brawny Pokemon talks about, and Corbin's content to leave it at that. He met the blue powerhouse early in his hero career; he stopped a couple of muggers that were hitting a shop across the street from the gym where Machoke worked out and sparred. After CT was finished, Machoke challenged him to an arm-wrestling contest that ended in a draw. For a time, CT would swing by the gym once a week for some sparring, followed by another arm wrestling match. Their win-loss ratio stayed pretty even, while CT and Pignite struck up a strong friendship with the brawny martial artist. Eventually, Machoke asked to join them in their fight against evil (just a couple months before their journey across time, space, and dimensions). After the epic multi-dimensional mission to save Existence, Machoke was "hooked" on hero work, and has assigned himself CT's new "chief crime-fighting partner". While perhaps over-eager, his skill and strength have only grown, and he continues to be an excellent person to have at your back when outnumbered.

When Corbin joined Claremont, Headmaster Summers asked him to take on a Charmander who'd been waiting for a partner for a while. It was an uneasy beginning, with Charmander feeling jealous of Pignite's history with Corbin, as well as its unique coloration. Still, a friendship slowly formed, and was helped by Corbin working hard to make sure Charmander was in every training session, on every patrol, and on every mission, come hell or high water. Of course, when Entropy ate Everything, Charmander found himself along for a wild ride, culminating in the near-deadly adventure on Wander's dead world. When Corbin was confronted with the terrible mockery of his lover, it was Charmander who stepped forward and blasted the she-zombie with a bolt of blue-hot fire, it's body shaking with indignant rage. When the flames faded, there stood a royal blue Charmeleon with a bright blue tail flame and determination in its eyes. Evolution seemed to mellow out his early moodiness, though if anything he's gotten more eager to fight the good fight as time has gone on. He and Trevor's Houndoom have gotten into joint trouble on occasion, and he showed an ornery streak during the YF 2.0 era by actively helping a couple of pranks targeting Corbin...or other members of the team.

Gabriel's Party

Pidgeot ♀               Staraptor ♂             Braviary ♂

Nature: Calm Nature: Impish Nature: Brave

Ability: Keen Eye Ability: Intimidate Ability: Defiant

Moves: Fly Moves: Quick Attack Moves: Fly

Round Echoed Voice Round

Aerial Ace Astonish Leer

Feather Dance Uproar Crush Claw

Lucario ♀ Grumpig ♂

Nature: Hasty Nature: Hardy

Ability: Inner Focus Ability: Own Tempo

Moves: Metal Claw Moves: Confuse Ray

Flash Cannon Psychic

Aura Sphere Psyshock

Drain Punch Torment

Bevin Keefe was well-known in Limerick for helping maintain a home for a couple flocks of Pidgy-line Pokemon, and had a Pidgeotto as a companion. One of that Pidgeotto's young chicks bonded with Carson when he was just a couple years old, and the two were often seen toddling about the house and yard, playing and laughing. As Carson grew, Pidgey often helped keep an eye on him, assigning itself as an "older sister" (despite virtually no age difference). It grew into a Pidgeotto when he was in high school, and was present with him when the Archangel Gavriel gifted Carson his powers. The brave bird Pokemon was also given a touch of divine power, and grew into a Pidgeot that same night. The two of them worked hard to keep the matter a secret, with Pidgeot taking to wearing a silvery mask when working with Gabriel. When he received his heaven-forged armor, Pidgeot was given a light set of armor for its head and body, one that shrank into a silver crucifix necklace that she wears day-to-day. She's often seen in classes with Carson, keeping an eye on unruly students (and Staraptor), and is the "team mom" at this point (which also means she and Sonya get along famously, a fact that occasionally causes consternation for Gabriel). When working with Carson in his hero persona, he refers to her as the "Silver Pidgeot", a slightly unimaginative name that gets an eye-roll and an affectionate tap from a wing.

Carson met Staraptor in college, where it was an aspiring actor with grand dreams. A friendship formed, though Carson found Staraptor's ego occasionally frustrating. Still, their shared love of theater and the dramatic meant they often collaborated on short stage pieces; Pidgeot was occasionally found hiding her face under her wing at their antics on stage. When Staraptor discovered the hero work of Gabriel and Pidgeot, he insisted on joining. While they were at first unsure, the dashing bird-type quickly showed a talent for fast attacks, and had a few sound-based attacks that synced well with Gabriel's own powers. Staraptor's the most likely of Carson's "flock" to get into trouble, often by being overly dramatic, or by flirting with lady Pokemon. It insisted on a disguise for when it went out with them, and currently wears a silvery bandanna across its eyes, with long tassels in the back that flap dramatically in the breeze (just like it wants). For all it's showmanship, more than a few criminals have found themselves knocked senseless underestimating it, and its loyalty to Carson is unwavering.

Braviary was already a protector of Southside when Gabriel first came to Freedom City, though it tended to focus more on crimes involving Pokemon (whether as victim or perpetrator). At first, they simply had a respectful working dynamic (barring Staraptor's occasional drama moments), but as time went on they worked together more and more often. When Gabriel stopped the attack of the Red and Black Devil gangs at the rally, Braviary was quickly on-scene, helping Pidgeot and Staraptor fend off the twisted undead Pokemon the necromancers had summoned. By the end, Gabriel and Staraptor were nearly dead, and Pidgeot and Braviary weren't far behind; all of them rested and recuperated on Sanctuary in the company of Fleur de Joie. After that, Braviary joined the rag-tag group of flying heroes, deciding they were its new "flock". While just as willing to leap into danger as Staraptor, Braviary is overall a more reserved member of the group. He tends to stay at Carson's home during the day, or patrol Southside on its own. After the monastery was set up on Sanctuary, the noble eagle-like Pokemon could often be found flying above the not-quite-fortress, occasionally visiting the Giant Bees or solemnly attending one of the many services run by the monks. Braviary sees no need for a "costume", and doesn't wear any sort of disguise when fighting alongside Gabriel, the Silver Pidgeot, and Staraptor; nevertheless, it's a fearsome opponent for anyone unwise enough to cross them.

When Gabriel was tossed 1200 years into the past, the small Irish village he ended up defending had a few Pokemon defending it, several of them being a group of Lucario siblings allied with the triplets Noreen, Enya, and Brigid. After the fight with the faeries, as Gabriel prepared to leave, one of the Lucario decided to travel to the future with him, feeling a calling to help protect those people (as well as to watch over the man in white for the triplets). Ever since, she's been a loyal friend and fellow hero for Gabriel, quickly striking up a friendship with Pidgeot (and joining her in herding the rest of the unruly crime-fighting mob). She also made sure to keep Carson's hand-to-hand skills sharp. When Carson and Pidgeot got armor, Lucario did as well, a light outfight of supernaturally flexible chain that nonetheless proved generally bulletproof and swordproof. Lucario tends to share Gabriel's not-quite-rational dislike of Fae and Demonic foes, attacking without planning ahead at times. Anyone who faces off against this group finds this particular Pokemon a speedy and powerful fighter, and likely the stealthiest member of the group (which doesn't say much, but still).

Grumpig is the most recent addition to Gabriel's "posse", having come on board a few months after Lucario, during the Gorgon crisis. Grumpig had been working with some of the local youth shelters for a while, both helping make them laugh with his dancing (or encouraging them to join in!) and helping provide a subtle security for them, as he's a potent fighter underneath his laid-back, music-loving, always-dancing exterior. This same serious fighter shone through when Gabriel&co faced off against the demonness who'd been haunting his efforts on and off for a while. After the fight, Grumpig asked to join Gabriel, as it felt it had more to contribute with his fight than simply helping out at shelters. It still finds itself "making the rounds" now and again, helping out at one shelter or another at least once a month. While mobile, Grumpig often gets a ride with Braviary, and the two have a tendency to make patrols on their own, or with Staraptor tagging along; Gabriel, Pidgeot, and Lucario have had to bail them out on occasion when they got in over their heads...

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Geckoman's Party
Grovyle â™‚              Kecleon â™€                        Galvantula ♂                      Sandile ♂                  Flygon ♀ 

Nature: Hasty          Nature: Brave                     Nature: Bold                        Nature: Naughty          Nature: Relaxed

Ability: Overgrow     Ability: Color Change          Ability: Compoundeyes        Ability: Moxie               Ability:  Levitate        

Moves:                     Moves:                               Moves:                                 Moves:                        Moves:

Acrobatics                Aerial Ace                          Bounce                                Crunch                        Fly

Agility                       Recover                             Bug Buzz                              Dig                              Hyper Beam

Leaf Blade               Shadow Sneak                   Electroweb                           Hone Claws                 Roost

Pursuit                     Slash                                  Giga Drain                           Swagger                      Thunderpunch



When arriving at Claremont Academy, Duncan Summers presented Chris with a Treecko, which immediately bonded with him. It has fought with him side by side ever since then, the two each getting into a vicious cycle of recklessly fighting something they shouldn't, and being immediately followed by the other to Flygon's continual disapproval. It is by leaps and bounds, however, the most powerful team member he has, despite having only recently evolved to Grovyle and taking up sword fighting with Jack of all Blades to practice. It has expressed satisfaction with not having fully evolved, and probably never will, feeling perfectly content as it is.


When training with the Raven, Chris came upon Kecleon hiding itself against the wall of the alleyway they were in. He caught it, and since then has used it in battle. While initially resentful of being captured, it eventually warmed up to him and the team, and began raising hell with Grovyle. Perhaps appropriately for the circumstances of its capture, it is the sneakiest of his Pokemon, lurking in the kitchen perfectly disguised while anyone is cooking... then stealing everything the second their back is turned and running away. 


Chris didn't find Galvantula, Galvantula found him. While digging out the Arborealair, a Joltik decided to cling to his arm, and due to the pair's respective wall-crawling abilities, got stuck there for a number of hours. It decided to keep hanging around once this kink had been ironed out, and enjoys sitting on Chris's shoulder to surreptitiously web food off his plate. While not as powerful as Grovyle and Flygon, it has carved out a place for itself on the team, darting around with powerful energy attacks, interspersed with letting off some excess energy by bouncing around like a maniac.


The newest addition to the team, Sandile, was picked up by Chris when he conveniently had to "go out of town" while Erik was renovating the new building to be a sword school. While the youngest and weakest Pokemon he has, it is still a strong fighter... and an absolutely filthy one too. His favored tactic is taunting his opponents into swinging around wildly trying to hit him, while he digs down to burst out underneath them. He has an odd habit of somehow getting onto the roof and lying sunbathing for hours while everyone is forced to search for him.


Chris first met his Flygon as a Vibrava when he was a young punk, finding her abandoned in a ball in a warehouse. Unbeknownst to them, her previous owner had been arrested for doing scientific research for Team Rocket to fund her college. Vibrava decided to tag along with him, and over the years has ferried him around and fought beside him. They've been largely inseparable since, to the point where upon finding Flygon's original trainer (and dating her), she didn't want to leave. Chris rarely actually uses her in direct combat, instead preferring to ride on her back and direct his other Pokemon. She has a tendency to mother Chris and the other team members, stopping them from doing anything too overtly stupid and flying in to rescue them when they do.

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