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Crashing In (OOC)


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So here we go,

Edge - 8HP Unharmed

Jubatus - 1HP Unharmed

Sharktopus - Unharmed

Philotherian - 1HP Unharmed

Wave-Eye - 1HP Unharmed

So top of the round, Sharktopus currently only has one around the ship but he's got more coming to try and pull it down. Phil's ship is taking damage from the squeeze, and he's going to have trouble getting out, especially since it's filling up with water and he can't swim. Wave-Eye can clearly see Sharktopus now if he just follows the tentacles he's literately right under him. If Jubatus wants to pull on the tentacle he has to beat Sharktopus in a strengh rolls.

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Yeah, Jube's intention is to try pulling the tentacle off of Phil's ship, starting with the tip. This probably isn't going to work, but he doesn't know that, right? A non-violent solution is always worth a shot. And who knows what Edge is going to pull out of his hat…

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Yay for Inspire! Jube's going to try to unpeel the tip of that tentacle from the ship. I think that's an Opposed Check (Jube's STR vs Sharktopus' STR), so I'm going to roll 1D20 + 18 (Jube's STR) + 5 (for the Inspire), and… Inspired STR check (1d20+18+5=25) is a complete and utter failure. Frump! I'll let that stand, because Jube just isn't The Strong Guy, and it's appropriate for him to fail in tasks which require Being The Strong Guy.

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His inspired Str check would be +9 given that his bonus is +4 not +18, so subtract nine from that we got sixteen.

Anyway, Sharktopus opposed strengh check. 13, which means, that you suceed, you get the one tentacle off. Given Sharktopus is up next, and he's gonna now try and grab it with the rest of his tentacles since the first one was pushed off. Lets say six more shoot out the water and grapple onto the ship he's otherwise ignoring everyone else cause he wants the shiny ship. Luckily the ship doesn't take anymore damage because Sharktopus needed to use it's standard action to reiniate the grapple with the ship since you pulled off his first tentacle.

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I am pleasantly surprised to learn that I got the "STR-vs-STR" deal wrong. However, I was already counting the +5 from Inspire, so after the erroneous +18 (Jube's STR value) is replaced by +4 (Jube's STR modifier), a difference of 14, the alleged roll of 25 becomes a roll of 11. So the outcome is unchanged—Jube loses this contest of strength. The digging-the-claws-in bit is probably why Mr. Sharktopus is bringing out his other tentacles; having a bunch of sharp pointy bits gouging into your flesh really doesn't feel good… :D

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His attempt to unpeel the tentacle demonstrated that a cheetah, even one operating at a tempo 40 times quicker than normal, just doesn't have enough brute physical strength to manhandle said tentacle. Since protecting the ship from being crushed by the living flesh-hawser isn't an option for him, Jube will do (what he considers to be) the next best thing: Rescue the ship's pilot, plus as much of the pilot's equipment as he can manage to extract before the tentacles make it a moot point.

If Jube can see any motion on the hull—like, just as a random example, the hatch that Phil is tryna open from the inside—Jube will zip over there and do his best to help the hatch along, after which he'll zip inside, downshift, and tell the pilot in English, "I'm Jubatus. We're getting outta here; point at everything you want to take with you." No, Jube doesn't know if the pilot can understand English, but it's worth a shot, right?

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Good job, good job, hatch is open, and you're now face to face with a confused very humanoid alien. But now it's Sharktopus's turn, dropping the daze, so HP for everyone.

Right, so Sharktopus is gonna go ahead and try and grapple Wave-Eye, 15, so miss.

Philotherians turn, he's gonna, well he's gonna shoot his mouth off about the sudden appearance of a cheetah of all things, but he's gonna climb out of the vessel and onto the hull.

Edit: Taking ten on acrobatics to agile climb his way out, which is 20, and it is Wave-Eye's turn.

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