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Spanner in the Works (OOC)

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Allrighty. Wisp can be suited up and ready to go, along with Myrmidon. Once the two move out of the car proper, there won't be much in the way of cover (especially with the helis overhead) so no suprise round.

John makes a weapon so he doesn't go in unarmed:

Blast 6 (Extra: Area (targeted) [burst]; Power Feat: Ricochet) Spinfusor - 19 pp of 25 pp of Tech Augmentation in use.

and rolls his init: 1d20+21=26

Initiative, please!

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Initiative order -

Myrmidon - 26

Wisp - 23

Hijackers (using the navy SEAL build from Agents of Freedom) 1-14 - 15

Foreman AKA Sabot (using tt's Steelworker build upped in PL) - 1d20+2=11

Hijackers control a 150 foot section long of bridge, about 30' wide.

4 Hijackers located at each end of the section. 2 At the hostages about 100 feet from where John and Vicki are currently at. 4 Assisting the Foreman at the middle of the section. The Hijackers count as minions.

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Well, they can't beat that, so they go down like bowling pins.

As for Sabot -1d20+12=31. Wisp feels like she just punched impervium or something.

The now unhostaged guards (6 of them) scramble for the dropped weapons (they'll move after Sabot), and the final car has 3 of the four cables currently attached. (Helicopter will move on his order)

Myrmidon - Uninjured 3 HP

Wisp - Uninjured 4 HP

Hijackers 1-14 Unconscious

Sabot - Uninjured

Guards 1-6 - Bruised x1

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Sabot uses his move to jump onto the top of the truck, and then a standard to attach the last clamp with his powers. He then orders the heliopter to move.

Helicopter moves all out, which puts it a little over 1000 feet away, with about the same distance between the other cargo helicopters.

4 of the guards are currently policing the unconscious hijackers of their weapons and one is running over to Wisp and Myrmidon. The last Guard, the female that Wisp saw, is angrily emptying a pilfered assault rifle at the helicopter.

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Keeping same init for this scene. After it's over we'll have to renew it when we get to where-ever they're taking the trucks.

Anyways, we pop into the back of the truck, and the frazzled guard has her shotgun pointed at us. John reacting naturally, goes for a disarm. Secuity guard is using the cop statblock from the back of the Core book.

1d20+12=16 vs. DC 12 to hit. Suceeded.

Opposed roll, 1d20+5=21 vs. DC 14. Succeeded. John has the shotgun.

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From poking around the palette that the two were using for cover was 6x6x6 and entire made up of custom-made rounds for RPG-7 launchers. They're marked with a delivery tag to Islamabad, Pakistan. Wisp estimates that there is around a hundred or so rounds total. If you're talking about improvising an IED or distraction with them, tell me and I'll think up some DCs. But Wisp knows enough that if they all went up, it would probably scuttle the boat.

There are other palletes, but you would need to make stealh checks tp get nearby and search them. Stealth check would also be needed if you headed for the radio as well.

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While finding the radio would probably be the smart thing to do, Wisp is a bit impulsive so stopping the crew from beginning the dive is probably what would strike her as the first step.

Full all-out and power attacks which leaves her with with +13 unarmed, +14 DC, and +8 defense. 1d20+13=30, so that's a DC 29 + autofire modifier toughness save from everyone on the bridge.

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