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Adrenaline Rush (OOC)


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Revenant flicking through the book to see if she can find a reference to something similar. She's got all night so I'll Take 20 on her Knowledge (Arcane) for a total of 24.

If that doesn't help she'll hit the street to search for info on this new drug. Taking my time again so a 18 on Gather Info and 26 on Streetwise as needed.

The many advantages of not needing to sleep :).

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Actually good news, its a DC 20 Reflex Save (its based off your Strength bonus, not your Super Strength Bonus!)

Im going to say all the general bystanders get tripped - including Wessex and the Security Guards (I cant really be bothered to do all the rolls). The vampires get a chance however...1d20+5=17, 1d20+5=24 and one makes it.

They have higher Strength, a bonus of +6, so their resistance rolls are:

1d20+6=19, 1d20+6=9 so, they both get tripped!

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