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Goodbye to Gravity, and to Death(OOC)


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OK I will probably, whilst painting throw off a Ritual (fluffed as part of the painting)

Super Senses 3 (Detect Magic [Visual]) [3 PP]

So this takes 30 minutes, and will be an acute, accurate sense of what he is painting (basically, the forest). So the idea is he can sense if the forest is magical (and I guess as its acute, roughly what type of magic it is).

Arcane Knowledge Roll vs DC 18 to perform the Ritual: 1d20+15=16 Screwed it up!

Well, lets say he fluffs it being distracted by the painting.

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Rene is going to go for a Ritual:

Supersense 4 (Postcognition) (4 PP)

So, normallly this would take 16 hours to design, and 40 mins to do. Rene really doesn't have that time, so its Jury Rigging Time for an HP! Skipping the design stage and doing the ritual in 4 rounds.

This puts him down to 2 HP.

To successfully cast ritual I make it DC 19 (15+Rituals cost), and he has +15 Knowledge Arcane Skill so....


So, spending another HP to automatically succeed at ritual...down to 1 HP but he gets a peek at the future!

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Rene: Unharmed, 1HP

Rene beholds the clearing they're in, but dimly, like something seen through a thick fog. A large crowd is standing around the cage, shouting something that sounds like a chant. Parsinkle abruptly steps into view, holding a burning silver torch in his hand, gesticulating grandly and enunciating like he's making a speech. Suddenly, the vision shifts and he sees the cage being set alight. The vision ends with him watching as a line of the human prisoners is marched towards an implausibly beautiful castle, surrounded by a marching army of Fey...

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Okay, ten Redcaps nearby see the transmogrification and attack. Their Initiative roll: 10.

King of Suit's: 13.

Standard action, blanket the area for 90ft. around himself in sound-muffling smoke. Move action to 40ft. from his original position.

The Redcaps move into the fog, none of them close enough to reach him(all of them starting 40ft. from him.

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Delaying until they move closer into the fog, then moving out of the cloud and throwing an explosive card into it.

...and now I realize that this fight will go nowhere and do nothing. Professionalism!!!!!!

Okay, they're down.

Going to say that Rene and the captive get out of the camp no problem.

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Ok, so by the book!

Designing Ritual, going to take a -5 penalty to half time to 8 hours. Then, taking 10 on the Arcane Knowledge roll for a score of 25, minus 5 is 20 which is still more than enough to reach the DC of 14.

Then the actual Ritual, DC 14. As its only 40 minutes on top of the 8 hours, little point in speeding that up.

Cant fail but 1d20+15=22 for prosperity!

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