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Killer Frequency (OOC)

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OK in terms of tracking this mysterious pulse down:

You guys both have Radio Sense, so can detect it. Ultimately that is enough to locate the source...i.e. the four final year school kids.

Obviously powers like Radio Tracking, Accurate Radio etc will help, but for the sake of argument you can either meet up whilst circling for the signal, or arrive at the same time (or near enough) to the kids.

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oops, yeah, it is;

yeah, no, not at 13

Failing that, Voltage will make a Computers check to identify what one does in the event of a seizure (I have, myself, researched what to do when someone has a seizure online, so...)

44. It will not be treatment, he'll just be making sure he doesn't hurt himself while he has a seizure.

In addition, he will contact emergency services to send someone to help the man.

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1d20=18 For Ace?

So, Round 1!

18 - Ace? - Unharmed

7 - Voltage - Unharmed - 3HP

6 - Ironclad - Bruised - 3 HP

Ace will unleash a burst of electricity. This is a blast 10 effect, radius.

So, DC 20 Reflex save to half effect. And then a DC 25 (or 20 if you made reflex save) toughness roll.

Given there is a relatively easy way to avoid the burst (i.e. its contained within the ambulance), Ill throw in a +2 situational modifier for the reflex save.

I'll fluff this as basically shredding the Ambulance.

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That's fine by me, King...I suggest a piece of ambulance door, but whatever you fancy (narrative conrol of some handy piece of metal is yours!)

Thats a hit, for sure....

And Ace's toughness save....well he has a CON of 14 being a sports star and all, so 1d20+2=18

DC 25 Toughness Save and all, so Ace is Dazed and Bruised.

Post away, and Ironclad is then up!

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