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Piper of Riverside [OOC]


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Present and accounted for. On behalf of blueshift, I'm going to need to know any and all knowledge rolls that I can make about the situation... All can be done by taking 20 as a free action. I'll also need to know the result of a well informed Computers (substituted for Gather Info with Online research) on Revenant and anyone else that shows up. Also can be done as a free action.

EDIT: Also, Mac can make Notice checks for his part. Blueshift can make notice checks for her own surroundings while simultaneously making notice checks for the things she sees through Mac.

EDIT 2: For the record, Mac is using this power to transfer stuff to Blueshift.

ESP 6 (Auditory + Visual Senses, Extras: Affects Others, Duration [sustained], Simultaneous; Flaws: Action [standard], Limited [Others], Limited 2 [blueshift's Visor], Feats: Subtle) [13pp] (Sensory Link)

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Blueshift: DC 15 Gather Info - A few of the parents or caretakers had mentioned to the police dreaming of a woman singing on the night their children vanished.

DC 25 History - lets her now of occasional strange disappearances of children over the centuries in Germany, coinciding with dreams of songs. Possible inspired tales such of the Pied Piper or Hansel and Gretel.

DC 20 Arcane Lore - There are a few creatures that could be responsible for something like this. Hags, a Lorelei, or a demon connected to dreams have powers that fit the circumstances.

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Okay, cool. Would any of these creatures happen to leave physical signs of their passing in our world? Like charms or ectoplasm or anything that can be collected as evidence with Investigate skills?

Also, would any of the children that were abducted happen to be of German descent? Have the buildings in the area been having rat problems? Are there any tennants that are lumberjacks? or work in a candy shop? etc. etc. etc. etc. you get the point. If there's a question to be asked, she's Googling it. :P She's looking for ANY CONNECTIONS. And if anything exists on the surface, she should be able to turn it up in just a few seconds. Otherwise she'll have to go in for a "closer look" but that'll come later.

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Hags would occasionally leave bruises on the chests of their victims, but as none of the children have been found that's of little use. The voice of the Lorelei could be picked up by recording devices, while a dream demon might leave behind an ectoplasmic residue if it had physically been at a site. All these creature could call people to them and would need to actually be inside the buildings.

A couple of the children were Germanic, but it seems coincidental. The buildings have been having an upsurge in rats in the past few days.

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Having sniffed around every street and every block and every neighborhood in Riverside with his educated nose, Jubatus might reasonably be expected to have noticed if there were any exotic scents around. If the culprit has a distinctive scent, perhaps Jube's Notice check (scent w/ Acute and Tracking) (1d20+9=15) would be sufficient for him to have detected the presence of said culprit.

And if the culprit doesn't have a funky scent, well, the cheetah just wasted however-much effort. How sad...

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Cubist I don't think me and Blueshift have meet yet, not she's doing what I like to call "Stalking" or "Spying" :D.

Can I get a chance to spot the two watching me? Let see if I can I'll have a notice of 24, yup that should do it!

If not I'm going to try and find out information the hard way, fishing for information from the bars and clubs, starting with the nicer places and working my way down to the seedier parts, a Gather Information of 9. Well no information for me.

As for information about Revenant, probably all that can be found is Heavy Metal kicking her ass. The benefits of a woman pre-dating the Internet ;).

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In Quotemyname's latest post, Blueshift's robot buddy Mac introduced himself to Revenant with that "Why hello there, tall, dark, and gothic! What brings a pretty lady like you to this part of town this time of night?" line. And since Mac and Blueshift have a realtime datalink going, Blueshift knew about Revenant the instant Mac saw the undead lawyer, right? So I figured Blueshift's 'satiable curiosity would drive her to meet, and speak with, Revenant ASAP. And I was assuming that Jube encountered the pair at some point during their conversation.

If I was in error, no problem; it's a simple matter of editing my latest post to the IC thread, so that Jube notices Revenant communing with a flying, oversized hockey puck. Jube doesn't know about Mac, you see...

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First off, Cubist, Just take 20 on that Notice check with quickness. It's what the power is for.

Secondly, yea, it's just the Sidekick that is on scene. Blue is elsewhere on top of a building AND cloaked. Even Jub probably can't spot her yet. (Not that she'll be staying up there).

As for information about Revenant, probably all that can be found is Heavy Metal kicking her ass. The benefits of a woman pre-dating the Internet ;).

Even if she pre-dates the internet, there's still microfilm newspapers on file, family trees uploaded to websites, etc. etc. If there is any information about her ever ever ever, it's likely it'll turn up in a search this extensive. She auto gets a 20 for a total of 43 (and can Extra Effort for a 45 if she needs). Now, is there ANYTHING else she would find out before I post (I need something else to fuel my writing ;))?

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What you mean you haven't read my background :o .

Lucy Harker tried a noturious Mafiossa Don in '27, which is why she ended up as Reveneant. I'm guessing she wouldn't have got her photo up alone in the paper, but maybe in the background. There going to be a feraed dead story, but that probably wouldn't have a photo.

But hey I can work with what you've got.

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Just to have it on the record: Those particular houses are the homes of children who've disappeared within the past few days, yes?

They are, but Jubatus won't know that unless he makes a Gather Information, or shares his info with Blueshift.

EDIT: Ninja'd by quote's IC post. :D

The group's facing demon brutes from Book of Magic p.85. Initiatives folks!

Cheshire: Initiative (1d20+5=18)

Demons: Initiative (1d20+1=8)

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Jube will Take 10, for an Initiative 'roll' of 41.

What he'll do: Power-stunt a Snare with the Area extra, using duct tape from his vest. Since it's power-stunting off of his Speed 6, I guess it would be 6 ranks in Snare? Not sure.

Anyway, the idea is that for each of the six demons, Jube 'handcuffs' it by pulling its hands behind its back and duct-taping its wrists together, and finally duct-taping its ankles to its wrists. According to the Area Attack rules on pg 159 of the Core book, each target gets a Reflex roll, against a DC of (10 + attack's rank), which would be 16 if I'm right about the ranks in Snare. Them what makes the Reflex roll are only affected by half of the full number of ranks, and them what fails the Reflex roll get to eat the whole thing.

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If I've read the Area rules correctly, the DC for this Snare attack is (10 + attack-ranks), in which case the stated DC of 12 means the Snare is a 'mere' 2 ranks. I'm not sure I agree with that, but seeing as how you're twisting my arm with a Hero Point, I will not offer more than token resistance...

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UP says Snare is 2pp/r. Assuming you're downgrading it to Touch range rather than Ranged, it's 1pp/r. You then stack on the extra for Area/Burst, and you get 2pp/r again.

From your above post, it sounds a lot like Jube is stunting off his Speed 6 within the time shift container. That would give him Rank 3 snare. At Burst area, that's 15 feet in every direction, which means if he moves forward he would probably get all the demons.

They're all forced to make a DC 13 Reflex save initially. One of them failed this (the last one).

If they pass that save, they all have to make a DC 11 Reflex save or be snared. If they fail the first save, the must make another DC 13 Reflex save.

So at the least, Taar, we should likely see six more rolls. The first 5 vs. DC 11, and then one vs. DC 13.


If Jub is stunting off the whole container, it's another thing entirely. He'd have 30pp to spend. Area powers max at a rank = to his PL which is currently 11. He could afford a rank 10 AoE snare with the selective extra to not get his teammates at that level. If this is the case, then ALL the demons just failed the first (DC 20) of two reflex saves, and are now subject to a second DC 20 save or they are snared.

However, it sounded more like he was stunting off just the speed power. Whatever it is, you guys hash it out ;)

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Thank you very much quote, I'd completely forgotten all that.

Reflex vs DC 11 (x5) and DC 13 (1d20+1=4, 1d20+1=19, 1d20+1=2, 1d20+1=4, 1d20+1=11, 1d20+1=3)

Okay, this is much more effective. So:

Demons 1, 3, 4, and 6 or completely bound, and demons 2 and 5 resist the tape completely.

Sorry Cubist, instead of a HP for hilarious failure, Jubatus just gets to be very competent at tying people up. :D

Anyways, Blueshift's up next.

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