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  1. Attack Roll AOA 5 (1d20+14=16) Oh Invisible Castle... Spending a HP to reroll: Attack Reroll AOA 5 (1d20+14=32) And that's a hit Toughness DC 26 + 3 Autofire for DC 29 Fortitude Saves against Radiation and Drain (1d20+8=18, 1d20+8=9) Saved against the environmental, but Cheshire takes some Con drain.
  2. So he did! Fortitude DC 12 (1d20+8=16) Resists the drain Toughness DC 30 (1d20+10=29) Failed by 1, so that's a Bruise for Cheshire But he was not lucky enough!
  3. HM still needs to roll against Cheshire's 50% miss chance from her Mirror Image.
  4. Toughness DC 22 (1d20+10=14) And a third demon is down.
  5. "I'm right here, Chuckles!" shouted the grinning she-devil as she appeared in front of him. Spinning her sword in a quick upward slice, Cheshire's blade whistled through empty air as Heavy Metal's dizzied staggers managed to just take him out of its path. Quickly recovering, she brought a backhand stroke at him only to be rebuffed again as a desperate parry from the radioactive rogue knocked aside her blade and forced Cheshire to stumble back a couple of steps. The Cheshire Blade only gave a pleased laugh as her attacks failed, apparently happy that her opponent was managing to put up some fight.
  6. Fort Save vs DC 11 (1d20+8=17) Resists the radiation... Attack AOA 5 (1d20+14=16) But misses by 2. Shucks! Defense shifted down to +5
  7. Alright, Cubist you're up.
  8. Yeah that hit easily. Toughness vs DC 25 (1d20+10=16) And it's gone. Was this directed at the demon or Cheshire?
  9. Your result for The Fantasy RPG Class Test... The Holy Sage 27% Strength,20% Bloodlust,25% Intelligence,62% Spirit,33% Vitality and20% Agility! You are the Holy Sage, the bane of evil! Masters of defense and healing magic, Holy Sages are the ultimate users of support spells and light magic. Wise and benevolent beyond belief, the Holy Sage can use swift light based offensive and defensive magic to destroy and defend against demonic and undead enemies. On top of their skill with light magic, Holy Sages are sometimes capable of using powerful and destructive elemental magic. While Holy Sages most often prefer to heal and not to fight, they are not opposed to defending themselves if attacked. However, most of the time they will simply use barriers to trap their foes physically and mentally in prisons of light. In fact, the greatest Holy Sages have such mastery over the light element that they can even create complex illusions to deceive and confuse their foes. With arguably the most poweful defensive and healing magic of all the classes, the Holy Sage is a truly powerful warrior of light. Congratulations on reaching this powerful class! You have not mastered any Hidden Power granted by the Genie.
  10. GM The demon MAC was taunting swiped angrily at the machine only for it to disappear. Deprived of its target, the brute turned towards the one who had banished its compatriot. With a bloodthirsty snarl, it leapt forward, slamming through the spatial distortion around Cheshire Blade and into her. Wrapping the heroine in a powerful bear hug, it bared its fangs and bit down into her shoulder, prompting a pained scream. Meanwhile, the rest of the demons tore themselves free of the tape bindings and shook their claws at the heroes.
  11. The bound demons spend their actions breaking free of the tape (+7 strength for a 22 vs the snare's toughness save of 8) The free one charges Cheshire and attempts to grapple: Charging grapple attack; 50% Miss Chance (1d20+8=20, 1d100=76) and hits. Opposed grapple check: 1d20+14=22, 1d20+18=32 Cheshire is grappled and then bit. Toughness vs DC 25 (1d20+10=14) Cheshire is Staggered and Stunned. The demon grappling Cheshire is -2 defense for a turn. Revenant's up.
  12. Even as Jubatus managed to bind up the demons they began struggling furiously against the tape, completely ignoring his demands for information. Two of the fiends managed to quickly tear themselves free, only for the closest to be knocked off balance by Blueshift. The Cheshire Blade, taking advantage of the opening her ally created, cleaved her blade into it's chest. The foul brute let out a shriek before falling to the floor, where it began dissolving into a greenish-gray slime. Warping back next to her comrades, Cheshire aimed a glance at Jubatus. "Whatever bindings on the things probably wouldn't let them answer even if they were inclined. Also, demons. Not exactly the most interested in mercy."
  13. Cheshire attack - Strike (1d20+9=20) Actually a 19 as I forgot the fatigue, but that still hits. -1 damage, +3 autofire for DC 28. Toughness vs DC 28 (1d20+10=11) One of the free demons is out, and MAC's up.
  14. Just as Heavy Metal was knocked off balance by Revenant, Cheshire darted in and with a broad swing managed to land a powerful blow. The blade passed noiselessly through the rogue's chest, the storm of red light trailing it clawing hungrily at his very essence. "I don't have to strike your material form to get at what's inside!" Cheshire gave him a nasty grin. "Now stop prancing about trying to insult us and fight, because you're not putting up a very good show."
  15. Strike w/ All-out Attack 5, Power Attack 5: Strike attack roll (1d20+9=12) Uuf. Spending a HP to reroll - Strike reroll (1d20+9=24) Much better! Toughness DC 26+5 PA+3 Autofire= DC 34 Fortitude Save vs Radiation Aura DC 12 (1d20+8=27) Success! Cheshire's Defense lowered to +5
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