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Last Will And Testament


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(22:28:44) AvengerAssembled: OK, I can't resist. Do a riff on The Adventure of the Norwood Builder: the lawyer gets this file full of information bequeathed to him by a recently-deceased supervillain who was one of his first clients. The thing is, said supervillain blames him for the plea-bargain that sent him to jail, and he made sure to leak that the lawyer had all that information to his fellow supercrooks before kacking.

Courtesy of our esteemed AA, I have an idea for my latest thread. Basic synopsis: A rather unassuming lawyer who winds up in way over his head, and is promptly saved by a group of heroes, who rapidly find themselves in way over their heads as more and more supercrooks come out of the woodwork trying to get that file.

Off the top of my head, I'm thinking 3-4 people in the PL 10 range, there's going to be a lot of bad guys here. Anyone interested?

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