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Hero TV!

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A villanous villain with villanous villainy plans...of villainy has seized an important television station in Freedom City, and is broadcasting his demands all over! Heroes are needed! Heroes with photogenic possibilities!

Who'll step up?

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El Sapo is a great big glory hog desperately in need of screen time. Please tell me you have room for another.

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Ok, I can't take everyone, sadly. I'm going to stick with people I've never played with before here (sorry Rav, I rolled for it, and Flare won), so the finalized list is:

El Sapo

Doc Titan




The thread'll go up as soon as I can buy some time.

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Ok! The thread has been made! And the villain has been chosen! Breakdown is out...and the villainous villain Captain Knievel is in! And so is Glowstar! Again!

EDIT: And now Powerhouse is out! Good grief. >.<

Current players:

Doc Titan!

El Sapo!



Alright! Places on the set! Lights! Cameras! And....


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