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  1. Greg hadn't expected a medical emergency today. Today was a bit of surgery in an old woman's stomach, and a bit in a 10 year old's chest. When Rachel started to fall, Greg almost convinced himself that he was seeing things. It wasn't until she was well on her way down that he registered what was going on. He maneuvered his chair around his desk just in time for her to hit the ground, and he was calling out the door for help. Emergency response wasn't his forte, but he'd be damned if he wouldn't fix this. "Think, idiot. what's going on here. Said she was seeing dancing lights. Hallucination could be sleep deprivation. Could be mixing pills. Need nor information." He would love to rule out pills as a cause, but he didn't know exactly what she had taken.The lack of sleep seemed like a much more likely cause, but he wasn't sure. He needed more information. It didn't take too long for a nurse to come into the room, and for a bed to be found. In the meantime, Greg started testing to rule out bad drug combination.
  2. Sorry, weekends get a little crazy with me, not able to get on as much. Still going ahead with this, just hadn't gotten around to it. Sorry about that
  3. "I've never had someone that actually wanted to go through that...mess. If you want to, you are more than welcome. It's all medical junk, or at least it should be. Designs for tools. A lot of superhumans are too tough or too odd for normal devices to work." That's what took up most of his time. Finding ways to creatively overcome the oddities of the superhuman form. "Superhuman's are such a small percentage of our patients here, my gizmos don't usually get any use. Still there for the rainy day though." "I'm surprised you don't write things down, though. My head retains information so well I have just about all of the textbooks from back in high school at least partially memorized. Still needed to take the time to read it, or write it, though." That retention was what got him valedictorian. He memorized the books early in the semester, and used the rest of his time for whatever he wanted to.
  4. the more the merrier! bring your friends. We'll have a great time with those wacky nazis
  5. SO, Beacon II has gotten the a-ok, and now I need things for him to be doing. People who know the older beacon meeting up with him, enemies attacking others when he shows up, whatever else can be thought of. Anyone have thoughts?
  6. "Just things that catch my attention. Stun gas, new meds, better tasting multivitamins. I'm a lot better with medical work, I will admit." The others had been feeble attempts to integrate hi tinkering with his new side job, but there hadn't been much success. Besides, having to enlarge them for the transformation was highly irritating. He didn't really think he'd ever start tossing around things like this. Still, it was a good way to waste time. He wasn't too worried when she showed signs of pain, and told her as much. "Drugs take a little time to work on the system. You being awake for so long is much more troubling. The body needs rest. I think it may even be telling you to get some sleep." Greg would love to continue their conversation, but health came first.
  7. Titan stopped running. He'd lost Rook a few blocks ago, and he didn't think he'd find him again. That left him in a new town with very little idea on what to do. This was important enough for him to be contacted, though, so he couldn't just drop everything. So he did the next thing that came to mind. He looked around, and tried to find something that didn't seem right. He was surprised by how much damage had been done. He started looking over one of the busted up buildings, looking around very vaguely for anything that stood out. If the city is this thing's body, am I wondering into an open wound? Greg wondered. Are the people fixing the town up doctors changing a bandage? Or am I thinking about this a little too hard?
  8. He looked at the drug's name, and called up what he knew about it. He wasn't as up to date as he would like to be on the more mental meds that were out there, but he didn't remember reading anything about a conflict. He handed the bottle back to her, and told her "Looks good. Anything strange happens, though, you need to get checked out. Never can be too safe." He found his bag, and opened it up. Bandages large and small, gauze, and three small bottles, marked '1', '2', and '3'. He opened bottle 1, and took two small white pills from inside. "This should help with your headache. low dose the first time, just to be sure." Greg smiled. Another patient saved. He closed up his bag, and shut his desk up. He really did need to go through the bookshelf. It was a constantly shifting mess, and even he couldn't find what he was looking for very rapidly. Oh well, that was for another time. "It makes sense, liking small spaces. More structure, less intrusion from the outside." Greg's mind started to think about migraines. Headaches that severe were a major problem. Management wasn't where it needed to be. Could block out all the pain signals the brain receives. Eliminate it all together. But, that'll have a lot of room for huge side effects. I need to look into this a bit more. He put it on the back burner. That would be worth looking into, but for now, there was another project taking priority. "I'm glad you've found something that helps you out. I've seen a few people who didn't find anything to help them manage the stress of an illness, and they didn't turn out so well. Projects help me. Gives me something to do, a goal to achieve. Go stir crazy without them"
  9. Northstar

    Hero TV! (IC)

    There were always more. He noted that one of the others had the civs in hand. That was good. It left him focus on the task at hand. He looked at one of the downed bots at his feet, and then at the bots still walking around. Crushing heads would be effective, but hardly the best way to take care of them. Inspiration struck, and he smiled a little. he picked up the remains of one of the bots, and hurled it at a group of the active machines. Sadly, his missile only hit two, but the crash was satisfying.
  10. The elevator ride was fairly quick. One floor up, and the pair was out. "Makes sense. Health doesn't happen overnight. Hell, if it did, I'd be out of work." The hallways were mostly empty, with the occasional nurse popping into an office, or out of a patient room. Greg wheeled up to his office, which was decently sized, given his position. The place was just large enough for the desk, a bookshelf filled with notebooks, and a couple chairs. He'd been meaning to go through the notebooks, but, he'd been working on other things. He started going through his desk. "This should help keep your headaches from getting to bad. No allergies, I trust. Any meds that you're taking? Don't want to give you something to help, and end up making things worse."
  11. Greg snapped his fingers. He hadn't thought of EE. He turned his head, and told her "I'm on the second floor. 100 feet from the elevator. You'll be ok." He tried to sound reassuring. Panic attacks tended to go badly for him. At least now there were some nurses to assist in a time of crisis. He checked his watch, which told him he had 3 hours before he was due in surgery. Plenty of time. He rolled through the lobby, toward the elevators. "ME. Civ, and Physics, eh? Paying for that must have been fun. Took a lot of my spare time to pay for school." Though most of the money he got was from other students. He smiled, remembering his first attempt at tutoring. What a disaster. "Scholarship, perhaps?"
  12. Greg laughed a bit as he started crossing the road. "Yes, FCU was wise enough to see that none of my classmates came close to me. The salutatorian was at least smart enough to tell me he didn't bother to try for first." The hospital had just come into view. Normally he hated this time of day. Nothing scheduled, but not enough time to really get any other work done. Today, at least, he had a whole mess of ideas rolling around in his head. "Now, I'm not sure if you're still in school or not, but if you are, I'm going to guess top of your class. Would be insulting otherwise. And I'll hazard a guess at Mechanical Engineering major, going by the quick chair design you came up with." He gestured to the notebook bouncing in the side basket.
  13. She made some sense. It was nice having someone on his level, someone he didn't need to talk down to. Repeat contact was more likely a bonus than anything else. "We have a plan then. Come on." He wheeled his way out of the alley, and toward the hospital. It was only a few blocks away, so it wouldn't take too long to get there. "I'm flattered. Been a while since anyone I could speak to was at my level, able to understand thing in a similar way. Glad I got coffee today." He rolled onward, zig zagging every now and then to avoid running people over.
  14. There was a price for everything, so it seemed. "Too broken? Are you kidding? I'm a doctor. Broken is part of the job description. If I didn't want to be around broken people, I'd be teaching." he put a smile on, and spoke softly. The last thing he wanted to do was aggravate the problem. He wished he had his bag of tricks with him, he always put an few aspirins in there. "If you want to, we can go back to my office, get you some aspirins. should help the pain. Heck, it even helps that you had the coffee." It took a moment to back his chair near her. pulling a little forward, turning so the back was facing the wall, then carefully backing up. He should get one of those powered chairs. Would hurt his exercise, but he wouldn't be as tired. "And ruined? Not sure where you get that. So I know a little more than I expect you wanted me to. And that kinda sucks. How about I even things out, tell you something about me. You ask me any one thing, and I'll answer you. Sound good?"
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