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  1. Once more, the beams that hit Powerhouse somewhat just bounced off him, as if they weren't there, but this time, two of them pierced his skin, leaving him with a total of three burns on his chest. He mentally noted that this was getting worse and worse, but he was pretty cool about it, and, waiting for the group to get closer, slammed his fists together again, sending the two men that had hit him in that barrage flying into a heap and joining their friends, his face a mask of concentration as small smoke trails inched off his skin. "As you say Mr. Gabriel." He said, responding to the orders he had been given like a machine.
  2. As the members of the fight slowly separated from a group of people into two sets of fighters, The workers, unfazed by Powerhouse knocking out their friends in a single clap, re focused them beams and fired at him again, once more each one blasting into him, and this time singed his skin more as he was covered in energy from the blast. Not wasting time, the group slowly advanced at the smoke, their guns held ready for him to emerge. The blast to the Tryant's chest knocked the wind out of the Old man's body, causing him to wheeze under his suit, distracting him as he held his chest and preventing him from actually making a movement. "*cough* You...*hack* I..I'll teach you..You loud...rambunctious...snot nosed brat!" he finally forced out, his hands gripped around his chest where the blast at hit him.
  3. 10+10=20 he Fails teh save, by 7, for a stun and a bruise Minions go, on PH. 19,16,22 Hits. DC 25 Toughness and he has 1 Bruise 25,22,22 Passes First, gets another bruise on the second, and a third bruise on the third. Powerhouse will do his Sonic Clap Floor Wipe again, taking out 2 minions.
  4. After discussion, because the person who was going to attack Supercape will be monologueing back at him instead of attacking, I figure it's not a HP (Because it's effectively both of them doing a full round Stun to themselves) New Init: Thugs Grim Colt Boss - Bruise Supercape - Mid-Monologue Aid- Mid-Monologue Sage Push - Bruise, Stunned
  5. When the man began his monologue at her, the girl paused in mid-flight, listened quietly, then floated up even with him, doing the same motion with her finger. "What you do here." She said, being as grandiose as possible, raising both arms and motioning with them rapidly to emphasis points. "Is nothing more then what those greater then you DEMAND that you do! Do you not feel like you wish to be free? Don't you wish to throw off the shackles of oppression!? You live in a crumpled mess! You only follow the rules, never questioning them! We live freely! For the moment! Don't you wish to throw off your horrible, boring life and live as you want? That's what we are here for, to live as we please, for this could be our last moment! Who are you to call us wrong in our statements! Perhaps you are wrong in yours, and we are simply helping those by freeing them from this mortal shell?" She finished, raising her hands above her head and bringing them down to her sides.
  6. The beams that hit Powerhouse did little to actually hurt him, but he sat inside the smoke with a small burn on his chest and thought to himself. okay...so...need a new plan. he thought, then nodded after deciding on one. As the smoke started to clear, he slammed his hands together, aiming towards where the laser that had actually hurt him came from. The Smoke exploded away from him as a shock-wave of sound and force escaped from his hands and blasted over both the man that hit him and the closest next to him, sending them sprawling to the ground. "Does this make me a Sound Controller too?" He asked Gabriel, turning to the next person.
  7. Clasping his hands to his ears as the noise rang out around him, deafening him. In his anger, he direct his own blast of Sonic energy at Gabriel, though it hit the side of the door instead of the sound controlling Gabriel. "You little twerp! Respect your elders!" He roared, unable to hear himself destroying the silence he himself had tried so hard to create not long before. The man's guards were focused on a different target, however, aiming Powerhouse- who was standing in the middle of the room after his bull rushing charge- and aimed several large Laser weapons at him. At once, they all fired on the Hero, who was mostly surrounded and unable to move, hitting him with several bright beams, filling the area around him with smoke, and him at the center.
  8. Tim, wearing his usual black long coat and blue jeans, but with a plain white shirt under it, had a massive grin on his face as he worked his way through a throng of people, cotton candy in one hand and a program under his arm, looking up one of the steps into the darkened main area, knowing the time was growing ever closer and wondering at the things inside it. He'd never been to a circus, but he'd heard about them, and they always sounded amazing. So when Tim started seeing advertisements about how awesome this one was, and how it was coming to town, he had decided to go see it, even if it had a weird name he couldn't really pronounce. He'd waited for a while to get a ticket, and it was still a bit chilly outside, but because it was close to his house, he hadn't had to leave too early, so he managed to keep mostly out of the cold, which was good, because he didn't own a pair of mittens. Tim took a bite of the Candy and grinned as the fluffy piece of blue sugar dissolved in his mouth- he enjoyed that feeling so much!-, before looking back down at his ticket. "Ah. This is the one." he said, looking at the numbers above the ramp and taking a few steps up the ramp. It was slow movements, as everyone was trying to get there, but Tim settled into his seat in the middle-rows without much fuss. His seat was on the left of a set of stairs, only three seats between him and the stairs themselves, and he was positioned right next to a ramp, so he laid his hand on the railing and opened the program, flipping through it and reading on the attractions. He didn't think about being Powerhouse tonight, but almost three months of a standard dressing ritual meant he was wearing the blue spandex under his pants anyway, and a contacts case was in his jacket's pockets. Superhuman acts? he wondered, looking over the programming and remembering the commercials had said something like that. Sounds like this is gonna be cool! he thought, grinning broadly as he waited for the show to begin.
  9. Lots a saves! Alright; 3 Minions and the Boss are around, so lets get them done, Minion by Minion, then the boss M1=17,M2=23, M3=16 Alright, so M1 and M3 go to the Reflex to protect from dazzle! M1=16, M3=13 That's Failure from both of them, so they move to the Fort Save! M1=26, M2=24 They pass, so they aren't Deafened. Next comes the TTT! 10 He's hit! 7 He doesn't...cover his ears? or something. 18 He's deaf! The Minions will concentrate on PH, as he is still Flat-footed. 17,26,16,18,17 Those all hit, for DC25 Toughness saves. 29,28,24,34,30 he takes a bruise from the third one, but the remaining saves are high enough that he still passes. PH will use Shockwave. that's a DC26 reflex save for half damage, or a DC31 Damage, because they can't pass the Reflex save, and take the worst result. I'll say the two other minions are able to be hit. at DC31, they only have +10 Toughness, so they can't pass, so they are KO'd The Deaf Tyrant will attempt to blast Gabriel. 6+10=16 I know Gab's base defense is 20, so it misses!
  10. 2+9=11 Not so good a roll for the Minions. There are 5 8+2=10 Worse for the Tranquility Tyrant 6+4=10 As bad for PH Gabriel Minions PH T3 is our order.
  11. After the door flew off it's hinges and Powerhouse barreled into the room, The Tranquility Tyrant twisted in his chair- a swiveling chair of red fabric, possibly velvet or a similarly expensive material- slowly, the mechanics who were working on his suit finishing their fixes and stepping away, and he laced his fingers, looking at Powerhouse and the doorway where Gabriel was. "Ah...yes. I had been hearing reports about you two ruining my ship." he said, gesturing towards the thug from a few rooms back, who stood in a corner, holding his gun in front of him as if to protect himself. "You have beaten my men, turned my agents, and ruined my ship. All for what? A Parade for nothing?" He asked, standing and pointing to a phonograph, which played classical music from it, then relaxing and sinking back into the chair. "The music those people played was garbage, worthless noise! They do not understand how beautiful this music is, the glory of the great composers. Beethoven, Mozart, Hummel!" He said, growing louder and louder, then becoming quiet again. "They've been replaced, forgotten! By men who forget to wear belts and fifteen year old girls who don't know to stay in the kitchen! What I want, when I hear them, is nothing. I want Silence!" He chuckled, raising a fist. "Tranquility. Thus, I have taken it upon myself to show the world why Silence is better then this ho-hum garbage they call music now." he said, slamming the fist onto his chair's armrest. "But I can see now, neither of you two have an appreciation for what I offer, so instead, I must remove you." He stood up, slowly, his fists clenched and his body covered in his armor, a gold, silver, and red creature with a black T for a face, and snapped his fingers. "You have turned WU, rendered Terror Worthless, and as such, it falls to me to get things done, as always. Guards, remove these men from my presence, and my Blimp." He barked, as several men began to draw their weapons and approach
  12. "Right. Sound Controller. I'll remember it Mr. Gabriel." Powerhouse said, then turned to the door. "I got this one." He said, leaning down like he had seen during Football games, and ran into the door as fast as he could. In one smooth motion it buckled around his shoulder and off the hinges, and Powerhouse ran straight into the next room, as if the door hadn't been there.
  13. With the tree in one hand and knowing it had to get down below, Powerhouse thought for a second as the Zombie-Man told the group to wait. He looked at the tree, then down one of the holes in the floor, then shrugged. "Alright Mr. Dead Head, but do watch your head, and by that, I mean, please do watch out, because I'm about to drop this tree." he said, waiting in case the zombie man had to move out of the way, before pushing the tree through one of the holes, sending it to the basement. "and there" He finished, looking down. "I can come help with the glass if you want? I can't remember the last time I was cut by glass, actually."
  14. Powerhouse enjoys Circuses, and is PL11! he fits all categories!
  15. Nodding alongside Push's statement, Powerhouse waved as the man left, smiling, before turning to Dragonfly. "I might not get all this sciencey stuff, but I'm really good if you need someone strong or whatever to help you with something. Plus, I'm not smart enough to ask questions." He said with a mile, then waved. "So I guess I'll see you later, if you give me a call, or I give you a call." He finished, before running off, heading away from the girl for a few feet before leaping straight into the air and away from her, towards his work that he had abandoned for the time it took for them to deal with the criminals.
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