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Girls, Sparks & Demons [IC]


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Alex didn't frequent Morley's as much one might believe given that the titular owner was her girlfriend. She had loose presence to maintain across the city after all, with no real pattern to the shapechanging superhero would turn up next (in addition to the many other heroes of the city) there had been a reduction in crimes targetting young women in the last few month. Maenheld felt rather pleased with that. But one thing that Morley's had that no other pub/bar/restaurant/cafe or the like in the city could boast about was the fact that it was the only place where Mongrel Angel made no effort whatsoever to hide who she was. In fact she would usually leave her wings out as long as there was room. Part of her mind recognised it as being a rather instictive way of marking it as being hers due to the relationship with its owner, another part found this funny.

In any case the evening of the 14th, a wednesday, was one of those times the dark angel had intentionally not informed Moira ahead of time that she would be dropping by the pub. It wasn't certain if the young goddess would be there or not, but that was in a way part of the attraction in doing something like this. That meant that seeing the redhead was that much sweeter. So after diving out of the sky and landing in front of the West End pub Alex enters and takes a look around.

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Kurtis had been hanging around the pub for about an hour. Partaking of an especially juicy cheeseburger. He was dressed casually, with a splash of "nice." He wore a pair of nice jeans, a t-shirt with some sort of video game logo, and a collared shirt unbuttoned. It was his first time in the pub. After hearing about it all over the city, he had to try their food and drinks... although tonight wasn't the night for a drink. He wasn't in the mood to take a bus or call a cab, so he stuck with soda. He would occasionally take a look around the pub to see if he recognized anyone, but he had no luck.

With one last turn before paying his check, he noticed the angel walk in. He was a bit shocked, but not as much as one would think. After a month or two, he became accustomed to the wide array of different creatures/people that live in the city. What really caught his eye, though, were her black white and gray wings. He had seen white wings on angels before, but he couldn't think of any one with multicolored wings. He decided to order a dessert and stick around a bit longer.

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Moira hardly got to spend time at Morley's ever since she took to the heroic adventurer lifestyle. She was either doing her daily thing or doing her nightly rounds. It got ever so busy sometimes that she needed to wind down somewhere. Her family helped her wind down. That's how she classified the regulars at Morley's, family. Some of these people she knew for years. Of course, summer brought many visitors. She gave it her all to make sure new and old felt at home and had fun. There was always friendly atmosphere there! Today was one of those days she needed to wind down. She had been there a good while tending to customers left and right, her last customer, she had been talking to for a while. She and Kurt had met at Dr de Havilland's concert auditions. And then Alex showed up. Moira quickly made her way over to her, greeting her with a hug and a light kiss. "[divine]Well,[/divine]" she said lightly, "[divine]Look at you, all winged up. You certainly look beautiful as always.[/divine]"

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To say that Alex was a bit pleased at Moira's welcome would be a bit like calling the ocean a little wet, it had been a while since they'd last seen each other after all. The angelic woman cheerfully returned the redhead's embrace and did seem to have to restraing herself a bit when it came to returned kiss; there would be a time for more later on. "Oh, it's not like I can fault your own looks, my most succulent strawberry." She replies with a smile. "Anything new since last time?"

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"[divine]The things I could tell you, darling,[/divine]" Moira chuckled as she remember the past few months of exploits and victories. "[divine]I've got someone who I want you to meet,[/divine]" she said guiding the dark angel over to the table. Before she got there, she whispered in her ear, "[divine]he's a musician.[/divine]" Arriving at the table, she introduced the two. "[divine]Alex this is Kurt, Kurt this is Alex.[/divine]"

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Kurt was red in the face-- two angels in one night! I loooove this city. He extended a hand to shake.

"Hi Alex. It's a pleasure to meet you." He paused a moment. Oooh now I know where I've seen you before!" He started getting excited. You're Mongrel Angel! I've seen you on TV hundreds of times! It's a real honor to meet yet another holy being in Freedom City."

He took a sip from his drink and smiled. "So, what brings you to the pub tonight? Here to see Divine? You seem to know each other very well.

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Moira faked a blush of modesty, they definitely did know each other. She pulled a chair out for Alex while the two conversed. She had a seat herself, right next to Alex, holding hands with her underneath the table. "[divine]Kurt here is a drummer,[/divine]" she said looking at him with a smile, "[divine]I've seen him in action. He's very good with his hands.[/divine]" She didn't know how to compliment a drummer. But she hoped that was something good. Well, at least she thought it was good.

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Kurt became red in the face. A girl telling another girl that he was "good with his hands" was something that he never expected to happen, even if it didn't mean what could be insinuated. He made a bit of a nervous laugh, "Well... thank you! It was the only non-fighting skill I learned over-seas." Two sparks collapsed in his hands into drumsticks, and he twirled them in his fingers. "It was how I relaxed after training every day. With my powers, it was really easy for me to pick up, since I had the tools with me at all times." He smiled.

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If Alex hadn't already been smiling she would have been after Moira made the 'hands' compliment and Kurt did his tomato imitation. Her lovely girlfriend had a talent for double entendres, more than a few of whom were genuinely unintentional, at least as far as she could tell. Then the young man did his trick conjuring up a pair of drumsticks out of thin air. And that was when it clicked inside Maenheld's head. "Heh, that it took until now for me to figure it out. You're Sparksmith aren't you? So, from one public hero to another: How do find the life?"

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"Hah, yeah, that's me. Honestly, it's only been a month or two. It's not bad. No one ever 'stops me on the street' since I fly everywhere, and generally, not many people have even heard of me yet." He sips on his drink again.

He looks up at the ceiling, thinking hard about the question. "The only thing I've really had to worry about are my parents, but so far, the only incident I can think of was my dad over at the hospital... but then again that would have happened even if my identity was secret." He took out his cell phone and looked at the time. "I'm fortunate. Things are going pretty well. How about you? What do I have to look forward to in the future? How long have you been hero-ing in the open?"

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"[divine]I've been doing it since April,[/divine]" Moira said happily, "[divine]Though I've done more before that. I think I've been on the scene since about January of last year.[/divine]" She grinned, "[divine]I've recently got a costume. I don't think it's been shown off much though. Maybe one day we can do something together and you can see it?[/divine]" She whispered in Alex's ear, "[divine]I think you'll find it quite familiar.[/divine]"

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"Been doing it myself since March '08. Started within the week after arriving in the city. Can't say I ever tried to cultivate a secret identity, in this city you can be certain when something is going to-" Alex was interrupted midsentence by over a score of angry red flashes, a peal of thunder, and the smell of brimstone (or to be less charitable, rotten eggs).

"Cover brief mortals! Your doom is at hand!" Near two dozen demonic figures had suddenly appeared inside the pub, twelve of them looking like somewhat nastier, six-foot-six versions of near caricature devils, another ten stod near eight feet tall and seemed to scorn weaponry. The one being all high and might was a rather runtish little figure, a hardly even four feet tall, with black bat wings whose entry had knocked over the trio of heroes' drinks. "Hand over the mongrel breed and you might be spared puny-"

[Cue Sparksmith's action]

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Sparksmith eyes widened at the look of the demons and devils. Evil, evil, evil...and...evil... Yeah, I'll take em out.

Sparksmith raised his hand in front of the speaking demon's face. "Now stop. Hammer time." Two large hammers made of energy appear in Sparksmith's hands. He starts spinning with his arms outstretched, hitting the one shouting little Imp, two warriors, and a brute, being careful not to hit any of the civilians in the bar. As each being is hit in the face, they instantly "poof," much to Sparky's surprise. As he stopped spinning, he looked around.

"Wow... did I do that? Hah!" He spun his hammers in his hands. "That was more effective than I thought it'd be."

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