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  1. As Muse woke up, Sparksmith smiled, but it soon turned sour when he heard the demon. He looked on as it spoke and vanished. When it disappeared, he brought his head down. He looked around at his allies. Everyone was upset about what had just happened. So serious... He looked up to where the beast stood and yelled "Yeah! You better run!" Then looked back down at his allies. "Heh, piece of cake, right?" He hoped for at least a slight chuckle, or a small smile, but then he looked back at the building, covered in fire and pillars of Earth. He then looked to the unconscious Jermaine. Wit
  2. He whispered to Muse, "Come on, Elizabeth, back me up here." Kurt walked up to the sword and gun, eying them both. He knew a lot about weaponry and he was a bit curious. It didn't distract him, though... You guys seem like good people. I'd hate to see good people resort to such horrible things to get by. If there's anything I can do to help you out, please tell me. He looked up from the weapons, now looking at the couple. "What will you do now?"
  3. "Well, no one ever said you have to be heroes. There are other things you can do with your abilities." Sparky walked closer. motioning to where the "band" was performing as he spoke. "For example: where did the music come from? I don't see any speakers around, so I'm guessing Light made the music. You guys could put on concerts and charge admission. In this town, an illusory performance should pay the same as a normal one if the music is good... and as long as you say it's illusory. And for you? Heroing may not pay the bills, but law enforcement does." Sparksmith smiled. "Everyone may not
  4. Sparksmith bowed back, returning the respect that had been given to him. "My friends call me Sparky. It's a pleasure to meet you, Dark. You as well, Light. What business are you going into, exactly? If it's the music business, there are better ways to steal money from people. Have you ever heard of Kesha?" He joked to try to lighten the mood a bit more, but he remained cautious. The man carried a sword AND a gun. Not something you can ignore.
  5. Sparky just took in a lot of information at once. It took him a second to process it, which was the second he shot his gun. "Hey hey hey! Whoa whoa! Hold on! Elizabeth... First of all: Sorry. Didn't know. Second of all: WOW that was cool. Third of all: Calm down a second! The people fell asleep, no reason to jump straight to violence." Sparksmith walked over to them. "Sorry about that. Put the gun down for a second. Momentary peace treaty, all right? If you wanna talk, we can talk. We're all adults here. Let's try to settle this peacefully." "Now, what are you two doin'? You guys really
  6. Diplomacy: 1d20+7 → [18,7] = (25)
  7. Sparksmith: Spend 1pp on 4 Ranks in Diplomacy (+7) Doktor'd
  8. Sparksmith Jazz in the Park Lead Us Not Into Temptation
  9. "LET'S GET OUT OF HERE!" Sparksmith yells as he reshapes his butterfly net to something more akin to a large bowl. He uses it to scoop up Muse once again, flying out towards the center of the room. There, he scoops up Breschau for a bit of a faster escape, taking both heroes out the window along with him. Outside, he sets both heroes down. He lightly slaps Muse on the face to wake her up. "Hey, wake up. We're outside. Wake up!"
  10. Sparky thinks of the innocent/friends in direct danger first... so.... Sparky could try to encase both things in a bubble while you hold up the building. that would make sense
  11. About 250 sq. feet... with Make Object 11 I can only get 55. Probably the room we're in and a bit more. I might need to stunt.
  12. I think Sparky can handle that... hopefully. How big is the building? With Selective AND Precise I should be able to pull something off.
  13. Reflex: 1d20+9 → [4,9] = (13) Well crap. Toughness: 1d20+9 → [2,9-1] = (10) (screwed up the bonus, fixed it here) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HP Toughness: 1d20+8 → [15,8] = (23) Bruise and stun I'd also like to bring up the idea of a joint create object to prevent the building from falling. What do you say, Fox?
  14. "Hey, kid... KID!" Sparky checked Jermaine's pulse: barely noticeable, but there. He put the screen of his MP3 player up to his mouth. It fogged up. He was breathing, but very slowly. He was alive, but knocked out. Some blood ran down his head. He wasn't in good condition. Sparky looked up over the counter to see how the others were doing when the possessed Breschau spoke. A chill went down his spine. Not good... not good... Then he noticed Muse. Her glow was inspiring. He happily watched as Breschau returned to his former self, but looked in horror as the demon appeared in the physical
  15. All right then. Move: Get between demon and Muse Standard: Strike vs Demon 1d20+12 → [12,12] = (24) DC26 +1 for each point of attack over its defense up to 5. Free: Change Array to Create Object Surge Standard: Create Object Move-By: Scoop up Muse and move her and self behind the counter with Jermaine.
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