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Galatine - Pharos - PL10 Hero

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Characters Name: Pharos

Power Level: 10 (154/155)

Trade-Offs: -5 Defense / +5 Toughness, -2 Attack / +2 Damage

Unspent PP: 1

Gold Status: 5/30

Alternate Identity: Roy Soriel

Age: 24 (born March, 1986 )

Gender: Male

Height: 6' 0"

Weight: 170 lbs

Eyes: Brown (Gold when powers active)

Hair: Black

Description: Roy is an athletic young man in the prime of his life, and it shows in his well-muscled frame. With shaggy, ear length black hair, dark brown eyes and an olive Mediterranean skin tone, Roy would probably look alright if he ever got some decent clothes. As it is though, he is normally seen in a baggy blue janitorial jumpsuit that in no way provides any inkling to the powerful body underneath it.

While active as Pharos, this is almost completely inverted. Standing straight and true, his eyes burn with the golden light of his channeled solar powers. His costume consists of white and yellow spandex with golden trimming, as well as gloves following the same color pattern. He wears a white, unadorned cape across his shoulders, held by a gold-colored clasp.


Billions of years ago, before the Earth and most planets had even formed, when the white hot energy of the Big Bang still lingered across the swiftly expanding universe, twin stars came into being. Slowly coalescing over millennia, they awoke with a flash of thermonuclear fusion, becoming aware for the first time. Seeing the vast emptiness of the Milky Way at the time, they knew one impulse: "Create". It burned in their souls like the atomic fire that made up their physical form, seared there by the hand of their maker.

The pair agreed to work together, making a collection of planets to watch over and satisfy this raw instinct that raged through them. Over millions of years their vast gravity drew in and caused particles to gather together, and using their power they infused these creations with molten fire in their cores. With their light they warmed them and drew them into intricate orbits through which these planets danced. And though a vague disquiet remained that they could not fathom, their impulse faded.

But the disquiet ate at one of the pair. It sought the wisdom of its elder stars, already growing quiescent now that their own labors had passed. They told the young star that its disquiet spread from the fact that their work was not truly finished. The creator had set into the will of the Universe that their system would be one to bear life: self aware beings like the stars themselves whose souls would would burn like their elders.

But rather than a reassurance, a blackness was placed in the heart of the star. Its disquiet turned to suspicion. Suspicion that its twin would seek to be the more loved of the pair among the life that would spring here. It confronted its sibling about what plans it had, to which the other star truthfully answered that it would gladly share as equal what their work would make. In envy, the jealous star could not see the love and care of its fellow. It gave itself a name: Nergal, and attacked its twin, seeking sole mastery over their working.

The battle between the two stars tore through the infant solar system, shattering the fifth planet entirely into asteroids scattered throughout the system. Eventually Nergal saw that it could not defeat its twin and in an act of pure malice sought to ruin the chances for life to ever find root in the system. With its heat it tormented the second planet, causing volcanoes to erupt and clouding it in a perpetual poisonous cloud. With its mighty gravity it ripped the fourth planet in half, such that it would die a long slow death as its atmosphere bled into the void. And finally, with all of its hate, Nergal hurled that chunk at the favored third planet.

Desperate to save their working, the twin star exerted its might to strike Nergal a deadly blow, breaking the dread star's power and causing its final attack to only glance the third world and settle into a moon. Having defeated its fallen twin, the Sun cast Nergal away to the outer edges of the system. It could not destroy Nergal though, for they were twinned and to destroy it would shatter their working. But the Sun also knew that though Nergal was defeated, it would ever cause trouble, and so it could not afford to slip into the sleep of its elder stars.

And so the Sun waited, and watched as life grew upon its worlds. At times Nergal would work up the strength to come closer and launch an attack, but the watchful sun would ward the worst of these. But after billions of years of struggle, the Sun felt the quiescence taking it. And so it split a portion of its soul to embody and watch the life of its charged worlds. This soul would incarnate itself continuously and watch over the life of the system as a protector.

And so it has been since before the dawn of human history. The Soul of the Sun watches against the bleak fallen star Nergal, acting as a protector for the life of the solar system.


The most recent incarnation is Roy Soriel, born on March 20, 1986 in Oristano on the isle of Sardinia. Like the countless other incarnations before him, his memories and powers were sealed for his youth to give the proper grounding and self-mastery required to wield his incredible powers. Thus Roy's childhood was more or less normal. Consisting of going to school, making friends, and cheering on the local superheroes, watching their exploits in the news as they battled against evil both in Italy and across the world.

His affinity for his past lives shone through however, in his desire to eventually become an archeologist and uncover the secrets and wonders of past civilizations, even attending the prestigious Sapienza University of Rome for that express purpose. Unfortunately, he never got the opportunity to achieve this dream.

On vacation in the Apennine Mountains, Roy was ambushed by Nergal. The wicked soul of that star had also incarnated itself millennia ago as an immortal man, ever seeking out the soul of its foe to enact vengeance and attain its "rightful place". Though Nergal had fought the previous incarnations of the Sun countless times, it had always been defeated. And so now it had found its nemesis before the powers had awoken, that it might finally prove victorious. Tracking its counter down through the mystic link between their souls, though never knowing the true name of its counter.

Unfortunately for the villain, the danger proved to be the catalyst for the awakening of Roy's solar powers and the memories of his previous lives. In the skies over the Italian peninsula, the two waged battle. Though Nergal had experience on his side, as well as utter ruthlessness, the fiend could not match Roy's raw power. Cursing his foe, Nergal shattered a cliff-face with a mighty blow; forcing the newly aware Roy to pause from their battle to save those people below while Nergal made good his escape.

Knowing that Nergal would only track him down to do battle again, Roy decided mournfully to cut ties with his former life. He did not contact his parents or friends, not wishing to draw the baleful attention of Nergal onto them. He trained his powers, determined that the evil star would not catch him off guard like that again. When he felt himself ready, and reasoning that he must do good with the powers that had been given to him, Roy emigrated to America and took up residence in Freedom City.

There he works as a janitor in City Hall, his status ensuring that no one pays him much mind or asks too many questions as long as his duties are fulfilled. It also gives him the opportunity to hear about crises as they unfold, and the free time to assist those in need. Now Pharos stands ready to bring the might of the Sun into the eternal battle against evil. And should Nergal appear once more to attack, he will find Pharos ready for him; as has been the case for countless lifetimes!

Personality & Motivation:

In his heart of hearts Roy is an optimist. He believes wholeheartedly that people are inherently good, that any evil in the world can be fought and defeated. That there is no such thing as a hopeless situation. As the most recent incarnation of the Sun he has memories of literally thousands of different life times. He knows that no tyrant lives forever, every soul is capable of good, and that even the deepest night gives way to morning.

Powers & Tactics:

Pharos is the Sun. He is its majesty, its inevitability, and its raw power incarnated in human form! His soul is a conduit to his greater body at the heart of the solar system and constantly burns with power! As such, most of his abilities revolve around manipulating and channeling this energy in different ways.

Pharos is capable of focusing his vast solar energies into great flares of solar fire, or putting that same fire into his body to empower him with strength vastly beyond ordinary humans! By concentrating, he can even focus his energies to give him acute enough senses to hear cries for help from half a world away and manifest himself in sunlight to lend his aid. In addition, he can bring true daylight to even the darkest of places, dispelling darkness utterly, blinding his foes, and empowering all around with the hope a new dawn brings!

He is capable of flying at tremendous speeds, and can lift even the largest of tanks with ease! And to attack the Sun is folly. For more often than not the foolish crook's attack is only absorbed to fuel the thermonuclear furnace, if it is not seared to ash by the fiery corona!

In battle, Pharos' honor generally dictates he follow a generally straightforward stratagem of bringing his great strength to bear on the hardiest of foes while disabling the weaker minions with blasts of solar flares. He cannot, however, standby while innocents are threatened; and will even go so far as to bodily tackle dangerous foes into evacuated areas to avoid the chances of people getting hurt.


Archnemesis: Nergal, the Fallen Sun

- The soul of the villainous twin of the Sun, given incarnate form and wielding similar powers to Pharos. Immortal and filled with malice, it seeks ever to destroy and absorb the soul of the Sun that it might switch places with its victorious sibling to ascend to be a true star once more and cast its broken twin into the lightless depths of space, thereby gaining sole mastery of the solar system.


-Follows a rigid moral code. He disdains the use of sneak attacks and other less than honorable tactics. He always accepts a surrender, and strictly follows a rule of thou shalt not kill.

"The Death of Suns"

-Because Meteoric Iron and Orichalcum are common in the construction of magical weapons and devices, it is often assumed that Pharos has a weakness to magic. This is only partially true: he is weak to those metals because of their peculiar mystical significance alongside the Sun. Iron is the Death of Suns, and so Iron that isn't bound by the planets is especially deadly to Pharos. The presence of Orichalcum sets off a cascading positive feedback loop that enhances his connection to the Sun to such an extend that it literally starts to burn his strength away.

Secret Identity

-Not wanting to put undue hardship upon his friends and relations, Pharos has cut off most ties with his life in his homeland of Italy and maintains a secret identity.

Addiction: Sunlight

- Pharos, being the manifestation of the Sun's soul, is physically dependent upon sunlight to maintain his health. Should he not be exposed to the light of the Sun for twenty four hours, he will begin to sicken and weaken.

In Brief: The incarnate soul of the Sun.

Stats: 2+4+10+2+4+6 = 28pp

Str: 12/35 (+1/+12)

Dex: 14 (+2)

Con: 20/40 (+5/+15)

Int: 12 (+1)

Wis: 14 (+2)

Cha: 16 (+3)

Combat: 14+2 = 16pp

Attack: +7/ +8 Melee

Grapple: +25

Defense: +2/+5 (+1 flat-footed)

Knockback: -12

Initiative: +2

Saves: 0+4+6 = 10pp

Toughness: +15, +10 Impervious (+15 Con, +0 other)

Fortitude: +15 (+15 Con, +0)

Reflex: +6 (+2 Dex, +4)

Will: +8 (+2 Wis, +6)

Skills: 40r =10pp

Diplomacy 5 (+8)

Intimidate 4 (+7)

Investigate 4 (+6)

Gather Information 4 (+6)

Knowledge (Arcane Lore) 5 (+6)

Knowledge (History) 5 (+6)

Languages (English, Italian (Native)) 1

Notice 3 (+5)

Search 4 (+5)

Sense motive 5 (+7)

Feats: 10pp

Attack Focus: Melee

Beginners Luck

Dodge Focus 3




Jack of All Trades


Powers: 10+2+20+13+10+31+2 = 88pp

Impervious Toughness 10 [10pp]

Flight 1 ( 10 MPH) [2pp]

Enhanced Constitution 20 [20pp]

Super Strength 5 (Heavy Load: 100 Tons; Power Feats: Alternate Power (10 pp each), Dynamic Power x2) [13pp]

DAP: Flight 5 (Stacked with previous Flight: max 500 mph)

Immunity 10 (Life Support, The Sun) [10pp]

Solar Furnace Array 12 (24pp for each power; Power Feats:Alternate Power x7; ) [31pp]

BP: Blast 12 (Solar Flare) [24pp]

AP: Dazzle 12 (visual senses;Flaws: Range(touch); Extras: Area: Burst (60 ft. radius)[24pp]

AP: Enhanced Skills 12 (Notice +12) [3PP] + Super-Senses 21 (All Visual Senses [Extras: Analytical, Counters Illusion, Extended 2], Danger Sense [Audio], Infravision, Normal Hearing [Extras: Accurate, Analytical, Extended 7], Ultravision) [21PP]

AP: Enhanced Strength 23 [23pp, 1 pp wasted]

AP: Emotion Control 12 (Flaws: Limited (Hope only); Extras: Area (Burst))[24pp]

AP: Light Control 12 (5 mile radius) [24pp]

AP: Nullify 12 (All Darkness effects, 60 ft. radius (2pt.) Flaws Action (full round); Extras: Nullify Field (+0), Effortless)[24pp]

AP: Teleport 10 (1000 ft. / Earth to the Moon; Flaws: Medium (Natural Sunlight); Extras: Accurate; Power Feats: Easy, Change Velocity)- (May spend a hero point to use moonlight to teleport. Cant teleport at all on a new moon)[24pp]

Super-Senses 4 (Postcognition, Flaws: Limited [Past-Life Memories]) [2PP]

Drawbacks: -5 + -3 = -8pp

Vulnerability (Meteoric Iron; frequency: Uncommon, Intensity: Major; -3)

Weakness (Orichalcum, frequency: Uncommon, Intensity: Moderate (-1 Strength), Occurrence: Every 1 minute (10 Rounds); -5)

DC Block:

Blast 12 --- 27/Toughness --- Bruised, Staged

Unarmed --- 27/Toughness ---Bruised, Staged

Emotion Control 12 --- 22/Will

Dazzle 12 --- 22/Reflex

Costs: Abilities (28) + Combat (16) + Saves (10) + Skills (10) + Feats (10) + Powers (88) - Drawbacks (08) = 154/155pp

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