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  1. He shrugged and shook his head. "Hah. No harm in saying I suppose." He began pacing, feeling his boots brush against the grass and wildflowers below. "I come from Oristano on the western coast of the island. Beautiful city. Try to go during Carnival Sunday or Mardi Gras, thats when Sa Sartiglia, a giant equestrian festival, is held. Now other sights...lets see.... The Cathedral of St. Francis has a wooden sculpture of Christ from the fourteenth century. And the view from the top of St. Christophoros' Tower is wonderful, especially while watching the sun set over the ocean. The whole city is white and red from the reflected light. And the sky is such a rich purple that the clouds look like some giant cloak." He closed his eyes for a moment, remembering the time when he stopped by after discovering his powers and watched that exact same view unfold.
  2. Pharos simply laughed, waving off the comment. "Doesn't everyone? And just because I can fly doesn't mean something isnt fun for other reasons, no?" He kept chuckling. "Certainly have to check out the hot dogs. One of the reasons I moved here actually."
  3. Pharos: 2+1+9 = 13 IC posts The SHADOW Falls (2) World Domination Through Recycling (1) Sunflowers (9)
  4. Roy thought for a moment he saw something out of the corner of his eye. A glimmer. But it was soon gone when the young man was pushed out of the room by the oncoming rush of people evacuating. Already he could see other heroes springing into action. It was only when the tide reached the front lobby that Roy was able to get away. Though other heroes were already acting, he could not even think of just walking away. Fortunately for him, the lobby possessed a series of old fashioned enclosed phone booths for the pay phones in a secluded corner of the area. And with the building being evacuated, no one was even thinking to watch them. Slipping out of the crowd and into one, Roy unbuttoned the top of his shirt, pulling it away to reveal his white and gold costume underneath! In an instant and with a flash, the door to the phonebooth opened and Pharos soared over the now empty lobby, back towards the exhibit. The thunderous sounds he had heard upon approach had led to the correct conclusion: the battle was already well engaged by this point, with the heroic defenders having the upper hand. However, the three lizard men still held the mirror. And if they had performed such a brazen attack to obtain it, then it was not something that it would be a good idea to let them keep! Not bothering for a stealthy approach, a white and gold flash flew towards the lizard warriors, the incarnate Sun stopping short of them to grab the mirror. With his might it was a simple thing to tear the artifact from their scaly grasp. Holding the heavy mirror deftly in one hand, Pharos gathered the proper memories to him and spoke. His voice was a guttural, hissing language. The language of the Serpent people that predated humanity. While his throat could not accommodate the more precise enunciation of the language, his unfaltering speech spoke of a mastery of the tongue learned over lifetimes.
  5. Alright, attack roll to actually hit them is 23. Opposed check on Pharos' side is 27.
  6. Gah! I forgot about that. Alright then, Pharos will grab the mirror. If they want it so bad, then I don't think we should be inclined to let them get their scaly mitts all over it. So Pharos is going to grab it from them. I suppose that is a disarm attempt then?
  7. Okies. Spending 1 HP to gain Quick Change for the turn. After getting into costume, Pharos will move back to the main room and initiate a grapple on the High Sorcerer. Attack roll is... 20. If that hits, the opposed check result on Pharos' end is...37. Spending an HP to activate Beginner's Luck feat, and give myself 5 more ranks of Language. Pharos will now proceed to speak to the High Sorcerer in the language of the Serpent People, asking for a surrender.
  8. Pharos rolls a 27 to Notice the first thing. 2nd roll is a 17.
  9. "Hah! Let me know next time you plan on heading out, I can recommend a few restaurants you could stop by. And some places to visit that don't have as many tourists." Pharos grinned back. "I've flown about Chicago, but I'm afraid that I haven't been able to find the time to properly visit it yet. Flying through the downtown was great through!"He gestures to the tall skyscrapers of downtown Freedom and laughs. "Nothing like this back home. Don't suppose you have any suggestions on where to go if I do get the time to drop by Chicago would you?"
  10. Well if you make a big enough slab, Pharos can pick it up and use it to smash all the bugs at once...
  11. "Oh I don't know. You might not give yourself enough credit there." He crossed his arms, thinking back to how he watched his home island's resident hero, the Arboreal, on the news when he was young. "And too true. Crime isn't the only thing that help is needed for." He paced a bit at the question, hand to his chin and his eyes closed. "I don't mind, but that's probably a tougher question for me than you planned. Lets see..." He shrugged, "I come from Italy, Sardinia to be more exact. Beautiful country." Pharos turned his head to glance at Fleur, "Yourself?"
  12. A Museum of History might seem an odd place to find a person who, in one form or another, had experienced not a few of the events being exhibited. But still Roy could be found among the 8 PM tour group that wound its way through the building. Since this was a rather more formal occasion than he usually went to, he had on a yellow knit shirt with white khakis. He didn't think his usual "casual" wear of his janitorial uniform would go over well with the staff here. He didn't listen to the tour guide much, aside from the moments to give the illusion of attention. Mostly though, Roy was here to reminisce in old memories. Good memories. That one life as a priest in Egypt. Another as a Mongol soldier. He was especially amused when they passed a tapestry depicting the various Aesir in battle, the weaving said to have been done by the Norns. It wasn't of course, no magic at all in the thread. He did give it a closer look, a bemused expression on his face as he studied the tapestry's depiction of Sol, Aesir Goddess of the Sun. He chuckled to himself under his breath, "Really...I thought I wore my hair longer then... And I don't remember my nose being that straight..." Seeing the rest of the group pulling away towards the other exhibits, he tore himself away from his memories and back into the present. They were going to be coming up on the main attraction soon after all. He hadn't been around Meso-America when this mirror had been made after all. No idea what it was. Should be interesting. The smile on Roy's face grew wider. Yeah, the trip had been well worth it. This was turning out to be quite fun!
  13. I would also like to add Beginner's Luck and Jack of All Trades feats for 1pp each, if I may. DONE BY SHAENTHEBRAIN
  14. Sorry, should have specified the -2 to the Flaw.
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