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Uninvited Guests (OOC)

Sandman XI

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DC21 Will Save vs Visual Area Fear (frightened, if fail panicked) (1d20+8=18)


To hit Scaredy Pants McGee (1d20+11=26)

Today is not Wesley's day

DC 26 Toughness Save (1d20+11=15)

Not. At. All.

DC 26 Toughness Save (1d20+11=17)

+10 = 27

Wesley is panicked and cannot move so he will cower

Have an HP for the setback (it'll take a full round to move the cape or you can 50/50 hit the demon/wesley

End of round 3

Sarah, HP 2

Demon, Injured + Bruised + Grappling

Wesley, Injuredx2 + Bruisedx2 + Panicked + Grappling, HP 2

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Have an HP. Then give me a save versus Emotion Control 11 (despair). Since this is a mental effect your vulnerability makes this a DC 26. And since you can't pass that have another HP.

Wesley is going to use Transform to take away his sight and replace it with accurate on his auditory senses, also uncanny dodge (auditory) and danger sense (auditory). Then he's going to surge and heal himself to full.

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