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Slave Disks?


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I'm working on an NPC villain who uses a high tech system not unlike the Marvel villain The Controller – basically he attaches the gizmo to a hapless victim, and the rig he wears draws power from them. The more victims, the more powerful he gets. this particular version includes some Mind Control/Emotion Control abilities over the victims as well. I'm at a loss how to write this up. Any suggestions?

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His rig that draws the power would be the actual device. The disks he attaches to others are mostly a descriptor (possibly a draw back if they can be removed easily)

His device would have whatever Mind/emotion control powers you want to apply. The range would be touch I believe for either of those as I think they are lasting effects.

The drawing energy would be in the form of a Drain linked with a Boost. The obvious Drain would be Con as it draws on life force but that gets to be deadly. Perhaps drain fort or will might work better to represent the energy taken. The boost would be related to whatever powers are boosted by his rig.

If you keep the drain/boost combo low (like 1-2 ranks) he'd need several people to maintain his boosts. With higher drain/boost he'd drain more at a time from each individual and need fewer.

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The touch would be for placing the disk after which the effect lingers

If attaching the disk takes longer then you can either adjust the action of the power or use the "must have disks attatched" as a limitation to perception range Mind/emotion control.

There are a few way to build the effect basically dependent on exactly how you want it to work. though it does get tricky if you want him to be able to maintain the effect when he is separated from the people he has enslaved.

what I outlined about is basically useing the disks as a medium for the attack. If the disks are more a requisite to the effect but must be affixed to a helpless person then it might work better as a limitation/drawback (must have slaves) on a boost power and leave the drain effect as a descriptor that doesn't cause actual harm. the mind control aspect could be an explanation for the minions power/feat or since its an NPC just an explanation for the presence of minions of his in the thread.

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Rather than go with Boost, I'd suggest going with plain old Enhanced Traits/Powers, with the Flaw "Limited to a rank proportionate to the number of people controlled." Rank 1 is available with 1 person under control, rank 2 with 2 people, rank 3 with 3-5 people, rank 4 with 6-10 people, rank 5 with 11-25 people, rank 6 with 26-50 people, rank 7 with 51-100 people, rank 8 with 101-250 people, rank 9 with 251-500 people under control, rank 10 with 501-1,000 people under control, and so on.

You could even take some powers twice, once without the above flaw (to represent the suit at its base operating level) and one for use when he's got folks under his spell.

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Funny… in thinking more about this last night, the inevitable fade from Boost occurred to me, and I was mulling over some sort of proportional configuration, which is one of the few things M&M doesn't readily account for. I was going to pop up and ask about using the Progression Table… and here Dr. A. has it already doped it out!

Single-digit ranks of Enhanced Abilities aren't too powerful, though. I'd say each rank would have to provide +2 or even +4 to his STR. The disks (or whatever form they might actually take), would also provide other benefits, possibly Mind Shield, possibly FORT Save bonus. I'm thinking this needs a Container? I've never really worked with Containers before, though (and I also don't have UP with me at work). Any advice?

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