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  1. Hey, folks. Long time no holler, I know. A massive, gooey glob of work plopped down on me and my co-workers, and I'll be stuck in the morass for quite some time, it seems. Overtime: nice for extra cash, not so nice for game-type pursuits. I'll have to stuff Madcap into the mothballs until the brouhaha settles down, whenever that might be. In the meantime, good luck, heroes (and villains)!
  2. Ouch. Out the last few days with a bad back. Back's better now, but this looks to be a LONG work week, followed by a weekend in the boonies with some friends. I may not get this started until next week sometime.
  3. Can I change that to Danger Sense (mental)? It stems from his subconscious precognition, so affecting his vision in the present wouldn't affect that sense (thanks, Quote!). DONE BY SHAENTHEBRAIN
  4. Setting the stage for Madcap, Mongrel Angel, Colt, Malice & some of his students on the Mangold Bridge.
  5. Madcap Please Add 4 Skill Ranks to Notice [1pp] Please Add Danger Sense (vision) to Super-Senses (I can't believe I forgot to include that originally!) [1pp] DONE BY SHAENTHEBRAIN
  6. OK, now about the timing... Madcap's not invovled anywhere else at the moment, but I know your heroes are. "When" should this be set?
  7. Ah, so maybe the student(s) is responsible for the mess on the bridge (pursuing an unauthorized personal matter), and Malice comes to retrieve him…
  8. What is the status of Malice? He's certainly a badass, but he seems likely to be the type to cause a multi-car pile up on a bridge in pursuit of a piece of high-tech. FYI, I'm out of town for the weekend, so I'm not ignoring any responses, just unavailable.
  9. Oh, I'm looking forward to some "I act crazy, but this guy is crazy" goodness. But yeah, I think both characters need to establish themselves first.
  10. Too much cuttin' an' pastin' Fixed now. I fixed the combat block to reflect the proper PL of the Paralyze attack.
  11. Correct: the Wise Fools are not thralls. Modifications: Defense set at +10 (+5 flat-footed) Toughness bonuses (+14/+12 Impervious) for Device included. Paralyze reduced to PL 12. Note that reducing Paralyze and increasing Impervious to 12 left one device point unused. I'll hold it in reserve for now.
  12. Cool. Thanks to you both. Bear with me as I get accustomed to the process here. First of all, any particular place you'd like to suggest this happening? I don't have FC with me at the moment, but I can check tonight for likely bridges. Secondly, the villain(s): how does the selection process work? Do we choose? From what sources? Can we generalize about what type of villain, and allow a GM to fill in the blanks? I'm thinking that the baddie is on the bridge because he's chasing someone in a car, either to get the person him/herself, or something that person is carrying. Any ideas on specifics? Maybe a scientist carrying new technology on his way to a show, or a lecture, or the airport?
  13. I'm looking to start slow with Madcap, and have him meet other heroes one or two at a time. This is because at this point, he'd be a bit nervous about being near a whole passel of heroes – he is impersonating a known super-villain, after all – and he would probably bolt. So I'm looking for one or maybe a pair of heroes for this thread. The rough scenario I have in my head is that the hero(es) gets wind of an accident on a bridge, and arrive to find Madcap assisting the people in a car teetering off the edge – clearly doing something heroic, which is surprising for a villain. Of course, the cause of the accident turns out to be a baddie of some sort who must be subdued. After that? Depends on the personalities, I think.
  14. Do I need to update our characters in the Character Bank?
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