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The Long Arm of the Law (IC)


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Burger Chucker

It was another peaceful day in Freedom City. The sun was shining, the skies were blue, and the deep fat fryer was going full blast. The day was a largely uneventful one, and soon it turned to night time. Freedom's most famous Frycook showed up for his shift, and was all set to run the night shift all by himself. But little did he know that the peaceful night was destined to be interrupted. Unbeknownst to Frycook, he was finally going to get his shot at joining the ranks of Freedom's protectors.

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As Keil walked through the door he was greeted by the store manager. Now that Burger Chucker was fully staffed, the manager took his leave, waving goodbye with both arms, an inside joke between Keil, and the one man who knew his secret. As Keil went to stock the cabinets down stairs he stretched his hand out to wave goodbye. The shift went the way it normally did until approximately 1am, when she walked in.

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Thankfully Keil had just finished sweeping up the loose hairs and scrubbing down the visibility of the greese stains on the tables. As he heard the bell by the door ring he quickly darted behind the counter and withdrew all his arms. Thankfully the poor lighting thought the store gave her no impression whatsoever that he was what he was. Kiel was very surprised that there was a customer in the lobby so late at night. typically there are just people coming through the drive through. He greeted her with a smile and asked "What can I get ya?"

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Angel looked around as she drove up. She was hungry, but this was a bit too much. She half expected Beavis and Butthead to be at the counter. With a trepid smile she walked into the place wary after activating the car lock and alarm. That car probably costs more than that place was worth.

The inside did little to better her stomach. Thought food was what she needed. It was late and she hadn't ate since early that afternoon. The person at the counter didn't seem to be either Beavis or Butthead. That much was a relief. Hey, he even greeted her nicely. She tried to make the best of it. "I'll have have two cheeseburgers and a shake," she said in the nicest tone possible.

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Keil responded "comin right up. please take a seat and i'll bus it over to you in a jiffy."

As she walked to she lobby Kiel darted back into the kitchen to cook up some fresh meat for the guest. He saw how cautious she was and wanted to make sure she got the highest class food the restuarant had to offer. He seasoned the meat to perfection. He placed the cheese perfectly in the center right before it was done cooking so it melted just right. Kiel put the secret sauce on the top and bottom of the nicely toasted buns and threw on some extra veggies, free of charge. as he wrapped the two up he remembered to grab a shake for the lady. he stretched his arm around to grab a cup and start the machine. once the machine was one filling up the cup he snapped himself back together, made sure there were no limbs where there shouldnt be and slowly walked the food over to the lady.

"Here you go, fresh off the grill."

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Maybe this wasn't as bad as she thought it was. It could use some sprucing up. Given it's prime location it could bring in more business if it didn't give off the whole 'skeezy' vibe. She stopped her train of thought there. She was thinking like her father. All she was here for was food, not business.

"Do you take credit," she asked as she reached into her pockets, ready to pay the man.

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"Do you take credit,"

"Yes, ma'am we do. lemme just run that for you."

Kiel goes behind the counter to swipe the card. he punches the order in and tears off the reciept. he quickly checks to see if she is looking, and whips up the 4 orders that have come through the drive through all at once, before politely walking back to the lobby patron.

"Sign here Ms. Marks."

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Meanwhile at a nearby jewelry store

Suddenly, the glass wall that made up the store front of Jackson's Jeweler's shattered and the alarms began sounding. They couldn't have been ringing for more than a few seconds before a slim figure flew in through the now open window and smashed the alarm's control box, along with the electrical circuit breaker with a gloved fist. A second figure of similar build flew in through the window after the first.

"Get the safe! I'll clean out the front!" The first one called to the second.

"Right!" The second figure called out and flew towards the back of the store.

The only lighting outside were the street lamps along the avenue. For a few seconds, the lights on the outside of the jewelry store had flashed, and bells had rung. But even that hand now been shut down. There wasn't enough light on the inside of the jewelry store to see too far into it.

Someone had noticed the commotion, however, and the surprise caused her to forget all about her receipt and her burger for a second...

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Angel reached for a pen in her pocket. That's when she heard it. She couldn't stick around here gorging her face with greaseburgers. She had to do something. She had to get out of here and fast. An idea popped into her head. "You know what," she said still with the polite tone, though it had gotten a bit impatient, "Bag it up. I got gotta be somewhere like five minutes ago."

The frycook looked under the counter, there were no bags. He would have to get some from the back, "Alright, Let me get some bags and I'll be right back."

While the frycook was in the back she bolted out of the front door, seeing her oppotunity to get to whatever was happening and stop it. Rushing to her car she popped the trunk with a button on her keyring and her Aeroboardpopped outwith another button her clothes turned vibrant orangeto night blackher mask and bracers appeared on her as well. Getting on the board the trunk closed and she zoomed toward the situation.

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bing that theivery is not encouraged or allowed in freedom city, especially not in burger chucker when keil is working he pursued the fleeing patron. he saw that she was fleeing across the street to the jewelery heist.

"Ma'am, your burger!!"

"ah, oh, uh, ah fudge it"

he bolted onto the scene right past her. he flipped his apron around his neck as a cape and removed his nametag. he's been meaning to get a better costume, but this will have to do.

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"Hahahahah! This is so much fun! Sarah we should do this more oft--" A girl flew out of the front of the store front and stuttered to a halt both in speech and in flight.

"Sara! We got trouble! Get out here!"

A second girl quickly flew out of the jewelry store. "Right-o Shannon!"

The two of them spoke together. "I'm Super Shannon!" "And I'm Super Sarah!" "The girls of steel are here to steal!"

Without another word Super Shannon flew forward and attempted to plant her fist in the greasy Frycook's face!

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Oh great, Angel thought as she hopped off the Aeroboard and went invisible to sight and sound, super-cheerleaders. She saw the frycook had followed her, and that he had eight arms. It probably wouldn't be the weirdest thing she's ever seen, but up until that point, that was it.

Focusing her attention on the one who wasn't tied up, Angel aimed her elemental energy at the girl standing there, dumbfounded as she was, staring at at the eight armed man. A hint of brimstone later and a small ball of fire from seemingly nowhere came barreling towards the would be thief.

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Out of nowhere, a firey blast shoots towards Super Sara. It catches her unawares and hits her square in the chest. Right across the stylized "SS" painted on her White and gold spandex suit.


The blast simply ricochets off of the girls chest. The blonde smiles. "Oh no no!" She pouts. "We can't have you hiding! Come out where I can see you!!!" and her eyes begin to glow. She quickly scans the area and her head stops when she is looking directly at Angel's concealed form. "There you are! Can't have you missing out on all our fun! Now come here and let me give you a hug!"

Super Sara sped forward in the air and attempted to grab at Angel. But unfortunately, she didn't take into account the movement of the board. Her swipe went wide.

One of them's invisible, Sis! Be careful! Super Sara communicated over her mental link to Super Shannon.

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The Frycook flips the bouncy cheerleader around his back and rearranges his arms to maintain the hold, crushing her into his back in the process. Her partner chuckled at the attempt to grapple her as well, easily dodging it. The Frycook felt rather foolish in splitting his attention, and is expecting at least one sharp blow to the face shortly.

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Yeah, Angel thought as she dodged out of the way, This invisibility thing is real useful. At least Arms Akimbo seems to be doing well. With a quick handstand Angel aimed a forceful kick to the head of Super Sara, but it was a ruse! After she 'missed', Angel went around to the back of the super-cheerleader's knees.

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"Don't you know diamonds are a girl's best friend?" Super Sara asked the other female combatant in front of her. "How come you're getting in our way? A girl's gotta look good, you know?" She emphasized the question with a flying superman punch. The attack connected squarely with Angel's jaw, leaving her seeing stars!

As the squabble between the two girls developed a few feet away in the parking lot of the jewelry store, Super Shannon attempted once again to struggle out of the crushing grip of the fry cook. "Hey! Let me go you greasy pervert!"

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