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  1. The Pugilist Bad Things Happen To Bad People (14)
  2. I'll take 10 on the diplomacy check. That's 25.
  3. The words echoed though Orela's mind. Was this true? Was she really one of them? She looked at the blood on he hand in... anger. Anger was the word for it. Something had been taken from her. Something she was endeared to very much. Her life. This was beyond words. The anger in her soul kept rising and rising until a few short seconds she could take it no longer. With a quick motion, she grabbed Tucker by the head and gave her 'father' his release from unlife. She had to find the boy and the girl. The boy might be a danger to the girl. And if not he could certainly answer some questions. This was not the end for her. She would find a way out of this. When the anger subsided, she surveyed the scene. One of carnage and death. She silently remembered her former life. In the silence and chaos, she noticed she had an onlooker. The girl from before looked like she had seen the most horrible thing in her life. And possibly, she had. Orela approached the girl in a friendly and calm manner, hiding the pain of loss within. "I know this all seems like a bad dream. Maybe one day it will be over, but for now, it is better to let the dream just be a dream." Orela smiled with remembrance. It was the line that her former family helped her cope with the horrible things she had seen earlier on. She hoped it would be of help to the frightened girl.
  4. Let's try that again 1d20+15=35 :o
  5. Orela held on to the helpless vampire's head. She'd seen so many sick bastards in her day. Her former family dealt with all types. This type of guy was just par for the course. Sometimes though, she could obviously tell they were hiding something. Some bit of information. This is when they used a bit of what they called... 'negotiations'. She was an apt pupil when it came to these 'negotiations', learning all she could. This helped her deal with some of their more... crueler methods. In fact, she had seen this scene before. Though real people would have blood draining to their head right now. She grabbed Tucker's head. She slowly turned it left, then right sharply to the ground. After that she whispered into his ear, "You see these places, right? They are very nice, no?" She covered his eyes with both of her thumbs and pressed down with a little force. Enough for him to feel it. She whispered in his ear again, "Now you don't. If you want to see then again. You'll tell me what you are hiding. Deal?"
  6. Was the danger over? Orela looked around. there was not a soul in sight. Well, not a hostile soul in sight. She walked over to the hanging vampire and grinned. "Tucker. I want you to know. This was the worst mistake of your," she paused. This person did not have 'life'. "Let's just say this is your worst mistake you've made." The pain in her neck had went from sharp to dull. She was feeling dizzy a bit, but not so much that she couldn't see straight. "Tell you what, Tucker," she batted him like a kitten bats a ball of string and watched him swing. "Tell me what you know about the girl and the boy." She was stalling, trying to catch her normal senses. A ploy that she hoped would work.
  7. Great. Now Orela was surrounded on all side. Wait was that a grappling hook? She looked up and saw nothing. Well, something had to me up there, but it was obscured by the darkness. She growled and charged the plucky gunman now that the undead man was taken care of. She easily grabbed him by the neck, pinching down on his collar bone. She decided to take two birds out with one stone. "You see," she whispered in his ear, "you could have done the right thing, but now you have to deal with something bigger than you ever thought of." She launched him towards the tangled up vampire.
  8. "I do not know what a 'hood' is," Orela said sternly when he tried to bluff her, "but I do know you are lying." She locked in the hold tighter. "Now," before she could finish she heard him call out for his friend. For all his lying, she did hear a bit of compassion in his voice. She chuckled when the shoe hit his head. She sighed, "Go check on your friend. Just know that I am watching you." She let him go. The throbbing in her neck became more pronounced as she picked herself up. Touching her neck, she found that she was still losing blood. All that action probably made it worse. She was already feeling lightheaded from the lack of sleep, the blood loss did not help matters. Still she was determined not to go down without finding what was up with all these crazy happenings. She just hoped she could make it to the end.
  9. 1d20+7=10 spending a HP and taking 1 to beat him :argh:
  10. Orela quickly put the gun in safe mode and secured in the waistband of her pants behind her. With that she wrestled the previous holder of the gun to the ground with something between a full nelson and a half nelson. Enough grip where she could hold him down but loose enough where he could move his head. "Alright you have three second to start explaining everything before I make this hold tighter. Why did that car fall off? What is this 'vampire' problem?" She felt blood trickle down her neck. Maybe it was the adrenaline still going that kept her from feeling the wounds, "Also I am bleeding. Do you have any bandages in that wrecked heap of yours?"
  11. Free action to stand up with Acrobatics. Defensive stance. Readying an action to disarm him if he does get stupid.
  12. What happened next seemed like a dream. Was she dreaming? Orela didn't know anymore. She kept on guard though. She reminded herself of the old adage, 'You die in a dream, you die for real'. Two vampires down and there was possible help here with Mister Trigger Happy there. Simms was flat under the car. She didn't see Tucker either. She rolled herself upwards and stood up quickly. She had to see what the guy with the gun was up to. she prepared herself to disarm him he got too jumpy. She spoke up, "Do you know it is very early in the morning? People are trying to sleep." Another adage, 'Humor cools blood: Wrath spills it'.
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