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  1. The Frycook flips the bouncy cheerleader around his back and rearranges his arms to maintain the hold, crushing her into his back in the process. Her partner chuckled at the attempt to grapple her as well, easily dodging it. The Frycook felt rather foolish in splitting his attention, and is expecting at least one sharp blow to the face shortly.
  2. maintain grapple for crush (1d20:8+19=27) that's for shannon lemme know how that ends up grapple sarah (1d20:15+19=34) im going to pin her too
  3. bootslof


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  4. reacting the way any man would in this situation, kiel ties her up with 8 of his arms. And pins her to the floor.
  5. grapple check (1d20:14+19=33) attempts to grab her
  6. frycook reflexively ducks and takes it square in his rapid forehead
  7. toughness save to punch in face (1d20:14+15=29) saved!
  8. bing that theivery is not encouraged or allowed in freedom city, especially not in burger chucker when keil is working he pursued the fleeing patron. he saw that she was fleeing across the street to the jewelery heist. "Ma'am, your burger!!" "ah, oh, uh, ah fudge it" he bolted onto the scene right past her. he flipped his apron around his neck as a cape and removed his nametag. he's been meaning to get a better costume, but this will have to do.
  9. The Long Arm of the Law Carnival in the Park
  10. notice check *cough* (1d20:5+9=14)
  11. "Yes, ma'am we do. lemme just run that for you." Kiel goes behind the counter to swipe the card. he punches the order in and tears off the reciept. he quickly checks to see if she is looking, and whips up the 4 orders that have come through the drive through all at once, before politely walking back to the lobby patron. "Sign here Ms. Marks."
  12. The Long Arm of the Law Carnival in the Park
  13. Keil responded "comin right up. please take a seat and i'll bus it over to you in a jiffy." As she walked to she lobby Kiel darted back into the kitchen to cook up some fresh meat for the guest. He saw how cautious she was and wanted to make sure she got the highest class food the restuarant had to offer. He seasoned the meat to perfection. He placed the cheese perfectly in the center right before it was done cooking so it melted just right. Kiel put the secret sauce on the top and bottom of the nicely toasted buns and threw on some extra veggies, free of charge. as he wrapped the two up he remembered to grab a shake for the lady. he stretched his arm around to grab a cup and start the machine. once the machine was one filling up the cup he snapped himself back together, made sure there were no limbs where there shouldnt be and slowly walked the food over to the lady. "Here you go, fresh off the grill."
  14. Thankfully Keil had just finished sweeping up the loose hairs and scrubbing down the visibility of the greese stains on the tables. As he heard the bell by the door ring he quickly darted behind the counter and withdrew all his arms. Thankfully the poor lighting thought the store gave her no impression whatsoever that he was what he was. Kiel was very surprised that there was a customer in the lobby so late at night. typically there are just people coming through the drive through. He greeted her with a smile and asked "What can I get ya?"
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