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OOC Annihilation: The rise of Dr. Annihilate


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This seems a little unfair for the nice Doctor. I wonder what would happen if a giant red monster were to happen upon this scene?

"What was that Sanwhich? KILL THEM ALL!? GOOD IDEA!!!" :twisted:

Initiative (1d20+0=1) Well, at least now we know why he was late to the party.

In order to jump 10 miles, which I figure should cover whatever distance Atlas was away from the scene, Atlas needs Leaping 10. So currently, he has Super-Strength 6 (and the corresponding Power Feats) and Leaping 10 active. His effective lifting strength for the round is 75.

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Okay here we go.

First off, Mervyl is readying an action. In this case, he is waiting for Atlas to make a move towards 'HIM' (Mervyl will not be stupid enough to piss of a man who outweighs ethiopia). If that movement is an attack, Mervyl chucks the car he just grabbed right at him BEFORE the attack is made. According to the core book, a regular car is huge, so it's an area attack.

That's a DC 27 Reflex (10 + Attack's rank, in this case Mervyl's Magnetic Control. Correct me if I'm wrong).

In the case that Atlas doesn't attack Mervyl then Mervyl will merely orbit the car around him and use it as cover or something more siniister..

The Toughness DC of of the attack is DC 27 (Magnetic Control Rank, which is greater then the Car's toughness rank. I was told that this is the way to go).

Everything straight here?

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Yes and no.

As I said earlier, Atlas isn't here yet, he won't be appearing until the end of the round.

It is an Area attack b/c it's a Large or larger item, but you do still need to roll to hit. If you do hit, it's just a DC (15+12) 27 Toughness save.

If you miss by an amount equal to or less than the object's size modifier -- in the case of a Huge SUV, by 2 -- it still hits, but Atlas gets a Reflex save to try and halve the damage.

The Reflex DC would be 22 -- 10 + 12, 12 being the effective rank of the attack. If Atlas fails the Reflex save, he faces a DC (15+12) 27 Toughness save. If he makes the Ref save, the attack's rank is cut in half, so it's only a DC (15 + [12/2]) 21 Toughness save (but due to his Impervious 10, he automatically passes, so no damage).

Since the effective rank of your attack is greater than the Toughness of the object, the object is destroyed after use.

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Almost Doc. You only get a Reflex save for half damage if the size of the attack is 3+ size categories larger than the defender.

If you are three size categories or more larger than your opponent, you have a chance to hit an opponent even if you miss your attack roll! If your attack roll misses due to your size modifier, your attack is considered an area attack filling the fighting space of an opponent three size categories smaller than you. So a Gargantuan attacker has a 5-ft area attack against Medium or smaller opponents. A Medium attacker has a 1-ft. “area†attack against Diminutive or smaller opponents, and so forth.

If you roll a successful attack, it has the normal effect. If you miss, but would have hit if not for your size modifier, then the attack still hits, but the target gets to make a Reflex save for half effect (or none, if the target has Evasion). Other targets in the area of your attack are also hit by a normal area effect.

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What page is that on?

I was going by what it says under Improvised Weapons (pg. 162):

Area Attacks: Large weapons area treated as area attacks based

on their size modifier (see the Size table, page 34). If the weapon

attack misses by an amount less than or equal to the object’s size

modifier, it still hits, but the target can make a Reflex save (DC 10 +

damage bonus) to halve the attack’s damage.

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Okay, so it's now

Initiative & Conditions

26 -- Knievel -- Unharmed -- 3 Villain Points

17 -- Annihilate -- Unharmed -- 2 Villain Points

9A -- Archeville -- Unharmed -- 3 Hero Points (but grappled)

9B -- Emperor -- Unharmed -- 3 Villain Points

1 -- Atlas -- Unharmed -- 2 Hero Points

Now is Doc's turn!

Doc attempts to escape the grapple by teleporting out of it, 100 feet straight up. However,

The GM may require a Concentration check (see page 44) to use some powers while grappled, while other powers (those requiring freedom of movement or the ability to access a device, for example) may not be usable at all, at the GM’s discretion.

That's at least going to require a Concentration check (DC 10 + rank of power, so 10+1 = 11). Assuming I can even pull it off.

Geez, what say you?

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Well, Knievel has a monsterous grapple check in comparison to Doc, and Improved Pin. So much so, that Knievel can take a 1 on his grapple check and reliably beat Doc. So if Doc is able to interact with any of the buttons on his belt, let alone the right ones, it should be quite hard to do, at the very least. So assuming Doc does nothing other than wait for the opportune moment to push a button on his belt, I'm thinking it would be a real high Concentration check.

Let's look at the figures involved:

Base DC = 11 for power use

Bound, Grappling or Pinned = DC 20

So, DC 25?

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