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Annihilation: The Rise of Dr. Annihilate!


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Date: September 17th, 2009

It is an average day in the west end. the streets are eerily deserted save for a few homeless men and woman sleeping by telephone poles. The rest of it's sleepy inhabitants are unaware of the evil that is about to be unleashed by space and time!

Down the the block, near the outskirts of Ashton Mall's parking lot, a large crackling of energy seems to light up the sky even though its day time. The Light soon takes form into a vortex like structure. The swirling funnel forms sideways digging into the pavement yet not affecting it. Soon a figure is hurled from the disturbance and just as suddenly as it appears it dissipates with a loud boom that sets off car alarms for miles.

The figure is dressed in a white and red suit complete with top-hat and cape and seems to be slight disoriented. He gets up and begins to speak...as if talking to a crowd though only himself is there to listen. "Zounds! what happened?! The Particle Excelleration Device should have created the necessary energy to power the flux capacitor..." He looks around the parking lot. "What is this? where is the Linden Burg Physics center?! what has that fool professor Grunge done to me the great: Thomas Hazard?!" He then adjusts his hat and focuses on the landscape "I seem to be in another world!" He spins around "My way home seems to have been cut off! CURSE YOU PROFESSOR GRUNGE!!! I swear I shall ANNIHILATE you and all who follow your scholarly Arrogance!!!!!!"

With that he starts walking towards the mall to get a better Idea of what type of world he is on.

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The wormhole was visible for miles. One man in particular had a great vantage point on it. Captain Knievel had been standing atop a building in The Fens when he saw the dimensional disturbance.

"Swear to god! If this is another one of those mutant's tricks..." He grumbled to no one in particular. "I had better go check this out." He sighed.

Captain Knievel pressed a few buttons on the wrist watch he had on his left arm. Suddenly he vanished!


Moments later Captain Knievel appeared on the top of the high rise car park of the Ashton Mall. He looked down into the parking lot to see a strange figure yelling something and shaking his fist at the heavens. Hmmm. He certainly doesn't look like a mutant. Though you can never be too careful! Captain Knievel thought to himself. I'd better go down there and make sure, just in case.

With that, Captain Knievel gave a great leap and went sailing through the air. He hit the pavement in front of the strange figure hard. The concrete of the parking lot shattered beneath his huge frame and steel boots. Standing to his full six-and-a-half-foot-tall height, Captain Knievel leveled his right arm, and the Adrenaline Cannon at the man in the funny get-up. With a frown on his face he simply muttered, "Who the @#$% are you?!"

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Mervyl opened his eyes in time to see what looked like energy crackling around him. He barely got his force shield up in time before he was knocked senseless by...

By what exactly?

He got up, not yet noticing that his glasses and hood were knocked aside, nor did he notice onlookers rushing to the area. Many came to see the commotion near the mall, but instead were staring at Mervyl whose face and hairlesas features were standing out. His pupilless eyes blinked and he looked around, stumbling slightly on his feet.

His head hurt, and he wondered if her may have suffered a concussion.

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The man stumbles back a bit shaken by the sudden Emergence of a being seemingly more powerful then himself. He immediately brought himself back to normal posture and finally began to have a INNER thought to himself This world may be more dangerous then my own. Which could be a fortuitous advantage. I must understand this being completely

"Who am I?!!! You ask!? How dare you sir!?! Why I am the great Dr..." he pauses for a second contemplating if he should reveal who he really was. whoever or whatever this strange and powerful being was it would be foolish to reveal his true Identity. "...Annihilate! and I should be asking you that very question though in more of a foul mouthed manner then your own nehaaaaaaaaaas." He twirls his mustache around his forefinger to show that he was indeed a serious and dangerous individual and would not back down so easily from the information he demanded.

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This guy's bonkers! Thought Captain Knievel I like him!

Captain Knievel lowered the Adrenaline Cannon, though he kept his wits about him. "Annihilate, huh?"

He MUST be from out of town. If he knew who I was, he would either be running, or attacking me. It doesn't look like he has any powers. Yet if he managed to cause something like that wormhole... Captain Knievel's eyes wandered to the now less turbulent skies ...He might be useful. Ha! My very own Dr. Archeville! Who'da'thunk?

Captain Knievel addressed the strange man once more. "I guess that's you're way of asking me who I am? Name's Knievel. Captain Knievel. I'm the muscle on this side of town," Captain Knievel flexed one of his perfect biceps, "And you're on my turf. So how's about explaining exactly what you're doing here?"

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Mervyl's head started to clear. The headache was minor, proving that he had indeed brought the shield up in time. Not yet noticing the crowd, Mervyl's eyes looked past The oddly dressed man. Why? Cause he almost immediately recognized the man he was talking to. Seriously, who _didn't_ know him?

Walk away. The thought was practically repeating itself in his head... but Mervyl's curiosity and thirst for power got the better oif him. He was always curious just how powerful Captain Knivel was. Not that he was crazy enough to pick a fight, or anything... but seriously. Once in a lifetime opportunity.

So go up and say something you nerd. Don't act like a foolish kid. Show class. Show maturity...

"Holy crap, you're Captain Knievel!!!"

Smooth, Mervyl. Real smooth.

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Dr. Annihilate looked at the growing crowd then at the smaller of the species come up to greet this Captain Knievel "Curses! It seems we are drawing to much attention! I the great Dr....Annihilate! must find some means to allow my power to grow stealthily" He pauses then looks at the captain "As for you captain this "Turf" as you put it has no markings nor Identification so I have no assumptions nor resignations of being on your turf nehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas. Now, I Dr.....Annihilate! must find the public library

Neheheheh! And if you are the muscle as you say you are then perhaps we can be of some use to each other nehaaaaaaaaaaaaas" he cackles to himself as after he says public Library. The very Idea of information being publicized has always been laughable to him. Soon he would have the advantage.

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Yep! Definitely a loony!

"Right... How's this for a taste:" Captain Knievel turned around to face the crowd and brandished the Adrenaline Cannon towards the gathering. "LISTEN UP!!!" He yelled at those that had gathered. "The Mall is closed! Clear out NOW! Before I start blasting!" He raised the Adrenaline Cannon up above their heads and release a jet of flame 15ft long.

The Crowd began to scatter, screaming. Man this feels good. Just like old times. Shame it can't always be this way...

Captain Knievel turned back to the man in the silly clothing. "THAT'S why this is my turf."

Then he noticed the one member of the crowed that was standing behind Dr. Annihilate. The one member of the crowd that was NOT running. The one member of the crowd that DEFINITELY looked like a mutant. Quickly, he shouldered past Dr. Annihilate. "Hey you! Freak!" Captain Knievel leveled the Adrenaline Cannon at the kids face. "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't blast you, RIGHT NOW!"

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Doktor Archeville had been puttering in his laboratory in Hanover when his home's long-range energy sensors started screaming. A dimensional breach had formed in the West End! The latest upgrades he'd made to his system were working beautifully: not only could he tell that it was a reach to a parallel Earth, but he was also able to tap into some nearby traffic cameras (and the mall's security cameras) and see who had popped out!

So... he's come from the Planet of the Carnival Barkers?

I sincerely doubt that, but there is only one way to be sure. Though... given what he just said about a Professor and-

and cursing and annihilating-

we should go and investigate.

Archeville grabbed his gear, and as he secured his Gravimetric Belt he switched his amazing mind to "interaction mode," so as to be as warm as possible to the newcomer... or as intimidating, if need be. Once set, he activated his own micro-wormhole generator in his Belt, teleporting instantly to the newcomer's location.

If he had waited a few moments more, he would see the other figures who were also converging on the scene.

A man-sized wormhole opened about 30 feet in front of Dr. Annihilate (and about 20 feet behind Captain Knievel and Mervyl). Out of it stepped Doktor Archeville, his arms open and a welcoming smile on his face.

"Greetings, dimensional traveler, und velcome to Freedom City! Vhat is de purpose of your visit? Business? Pleasure? Or-"

One of his arms dropped to his side, while the other became a pointing finger aimed at Knievel.


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Mervyl's answer came with his rising of his force feild. He knew a gun when he saw one.... wait a second, how did he know he was a mutan...

Mervyl then realized that his shades were off. Oh balls.

Mervyl has been in situations like this before... in which all he had to do was wait...

And it paid off, as another person entered the fray. Another familiar face.

Because you have biggr problems that I can help you with?"

It was worth a shot.

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"You may be right about that, kid! If you're gonna help, fine. If not, then I'll deal with you later!" Captain Knievel all but shoved the mutant out of the way. He wasn't going to kill him, but he didn't have to be gentile either...

"Archeville!" Captain Knievel yelled at the newcomer. "You made my life HELL for two months! I had to sit through that farce of a trial! Only to rot in a hole afterwards! It's time to settle this score! First you, then that bastard Fletch! And finally that big bumbling boy-scout Dark Star! I'm bringing this entire city down, starting with it's foundations! The Knights of Freedom!"

Knievel was in a rage. He checked the Adrenaline Cannon. Energy Blast Good! Maybe I can pull this off!

He stepped forward and launched a blast of flame at the mad scientist. After scorching him The Captain did not miss a beat. He slapped the Adrenaline cannon into a different mode and unleashed his Laser Whip! He lashed out and attempted to entangle Dr. Archeville with it.

"How does it feel to be on the receiving end, Doc? HOW DOES IT FEEL?!!!"

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Dr. Annihilate sees the newcomer appear and thinks Hmmm This newcomer seems to be one of great technological prowess. He is a threat to my supperior and should be annihilated!!!! Then after Captain Knievel attacks the one called Archville. He spots what seemed to be a large sport utility vehicle. It was time for Dr. Annihilate to make his move. He runs over to the vehicle and rips off the antenna proceeding to Jimmy the driver side door open.

Disable device

Improvised Tools feat applied

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In most other cities, people would "ooh" and "aaahhh" when there was a light show. In Freedom City, it was more often likely to be a sign of the End from one ancient cult or another. Samael had learned that from spending more than a week in the city. But now that he was a hero, it was his turn to do something about it. He rubbed Sprinkles' ears and took his leave from the apartment. When he left at the ground floor, he was a 9ft tall monster.

He crouched down almost into a 3 point stance, and then the pavement around him shattered as he leapt as high as the clouds as themselves. "RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA----"

========= 34.62 seconds and 10 miles later =========

----AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGHHH!!!" The behemoth known as Atlas crashes down to the ground like a comet. "Little, tiny, itsy, bitsy men make Atlas MAD!!!"

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"...if you're gonna help, fine. If not, I'll deal with you later."

Unfortunately for the good Captain, there wasn't going to be a 'later'. For as both he and Dick Dastardly tag-teamed Archville, Mervyl walked behind the Captain. Reverential awe aside, Mervyl was not one to forgive both a gun to the face or getting pushed aside like common trash. Yet Captain did both.

Mervyl lifted a trembling arm, extending a finger to point at Captain's back. Gathering magnetic particles, a small ball began to form the finger's tip. It looked like he relied on electronics... lets see how high and mighty he was without....


"Little, tiny, itsy, bitsy men make Atlas MAD!!!"

Whoops. Change of plans.

Dropping the EMP charge he turned to the behemoth that just shiftted the planet off orbit. Mervyl spoke no words, he merely cocked his head at the monstorsity, cracking his own neck in the process. A few feet behind atlas, a car slowly began to levitate from the ground.

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Guess your untrusting nature is a good thing, since your paranoid reflexes got the force field up in time.

Yeah, yeah, you're welcome, now get us out of here!

I am trying...

"I haff faced far vorse dan you," Archeville said with an eerie, serene calm. He appeared, for the most part, to be standing quite still, not panicking or rushing or trying to break out of the Laser Whip. "But vhat is de vorse you haff faced? Is dat vhat dis is all about -- finding a vorthy challenge?"

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"OH SHIIII---" Was all Captain Knievel managed to sputter as he leaped out of the way of a massive, red, meaty, ill-tempered fist!

"Ptuh!" Captain Knievel spit out some of the asphalt he had just nearly swallowed thanks to the large red giant.

"Well that FUBARs the situation quite nicely!" Captain Knievel addressed the younger mutant that he had just pushed aside without ever taking his eyes off of Atlas. "Look, kid. I don't know who you are, but you've been seen with me. And that means they don't like you. Now, if you want to survive this fight, you'll help me out and we can kick some ass. Do that, and I'll count you as the first mutant I DON'T hate. Try anything stupid, and we're probably @#$%ed!"

"Big Red here seems to like the Doc a lot. So I guess he won't MIND if I keep him WRAPPED UP!" Captain Knievel punctuated his words by drawing the proverbial noose tighter around Dr. Archeville.

"Who is this guy? Huh, Doc? One of your sick twisted creations? He sure looks like a BIG UGLY MONSTER TO ME!" Captain Knievel taunted Atlas, trying to draw his attention. He turned once more to the mutant behind him. "I'll distract him! You get the Doc!"

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"Curses another exceptionally powered being. This world's nature is indeed full of obstacles" Dr. Annihilate says as he begins to Hotwire the Suv. "I'll have to make things advantageous to me and the captain neaaaaaaaaaas" Dr. Annihilate soon realized that he was able to start logically determining the wiring and design of this automobile from another dimension. His Intellect had indeed grown ten fold. Furthermore he realized that he could easily accomplish tasks with greater ease of motion and control. Something had indeed happened to him in that wormhole and it had changed him for the better.

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Yes, but he appears to be on our side.


... yes, you focus on that, and I will focus on....

"Not von of mein," Archeville said, still keeping that eerie, serene calm, "but he does seem like somevon you vould vant to face. You are all about new experiences und challenges, ja?"

One flash of blue light later, Kievel's laser whip fell limp to the ground, and Archeville was floating 60 feet up in the air and about 35 feet back.

He looked at the floating car, then to Mervyl, "young man, I vould not advise listening to him," he pointed towards Knievel, "his is a very treacherous path. But if you are of a more heroic mindset, und vould like to help, you should know he hates being held in von place."

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"Heroic path? Doctor, there is no such thing."

Mervyl walked in front of Captain. "There is only the weak, the strong, and the stronger. Being a hero is just a hypocrite's excuse to grandstand."

"I don't have a reason, yet, to get involved..." Mervyl turned to look at Knivel. "He was about to kill me..."

Mervyl looked back at Archville. "You... are a 'hero'..." Sneer. "Big red over there is ridiculously huge... and the car thief over there... just looks rediculous."

Mervyl eyes, soulless and empty as they appeared, looked straight into Archville's eyes. all the while, the car he was magnetically holding began to get tossed up in the air, before he caught again. Like a pitcher with a baseball. "Don't be a hypocite. Back off. Or this will get messy."

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"Monster! You call me MONSTER!? RAAAAGGHH!!! Atlas crush hate-filled man!" Atlas leaps towards the Captain with his arms spread wide. As he landed, he added the extra momentum to his already tremendous strength, and slammed his hands together creating a massive concussion blast that washed over the Captain.

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Captain Knievel had been concentrating on keeping his defenses up. Getting hit by that big red monster was NOT on his list of things to do. He didn't, however, account for the fact that he could create enormous shock waves that could shatter bone! "@#$% Where the hell did THAT come from?" He yelled as he was severely buffeted by the attack.

Can't take too many more of those! I still have to take down Dr. Archeville!

He turned to the mutant that had walked past him in a show of defiance. "Kid, you've got to make a choice sometime here. You don't just stand in the middle of a war zone and come out alright!" He said as he retracted the laser whip into his Adrenaline Cannon.

With that being said, Knievel crouched down and leaped high into the air - well over Atlas's head. "I got a bone to pick with you, Doc!!!"

Captain Knievel released a pressurized blast of air at Dr. Archeville. He aimed for the joint where Archeville's leg met his hip, trying to hit a pressure point.

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It was bad enough that The one called Archville could fly but it was worse that he was about to double team with Atlas against the captain. It was time to make his escape and collect himself for future actions. Curses! my efforts have been foiled against my first nemesis! I must retreat! Having successfully started the SUV Dr. Annihilate guns the engine and speeds off away from the battle as he passes the remaining heroes and villians he lets out an evil cackle "....HeHeHehehhhh!..." and then zooms off around the block to whatever refuge he could find from these super powered beings!

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Pft, is that the best that kid has? We've heard worse from grandmothers!

Yes, but that grandmother was a cannibal!

"Better men dan you haff tried, und- OOF!"

Archeville had begun talking back -- whether to Mervyl or to Knievel, one really could not say -- when Knivel's air-blast knocked the wind out of him. He spun about a bit and hung limply in the air for a moment, though his belt kept him aloft and protected.

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"Better men may have tried..."

Mervyl arm extended and at it's end, in front of his open palm, a ball of ionic energy began to form. "...but those men were not Emperor."

He had to think of some name. He couldn't just blurt out Mervyl, now could he? Anyway, the ball in the palm of his hand exploded into a beautiful collection of colors. Magnetic energy, when solidified into a concentrated blast, did wonders for the color spectrum. With a loud *ZOT!*, the blast splashed into Archville's force shield...

Mervyl's eyes narrowed and began to crackle with energy as his body began to soak up the surrounding magnetic field like a sponge. He immediately placed that energy into the blast, hoping to penetrate the shield.

The resulting clash of energy began to make it hard to see, due to the bright energy reaction, but for good measure, Mervyl fired off another full powered blast, this time knocking himself to the ground in a heap. He has NEVER done that before.

Get up Mervyl... only a fool celebrates victory before it's proven.

He stood up and looked at his handy work. He saw smoke, smoke that was taking it's sweet time to clear...

When it cleared, Mrvyl saw...

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