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Atlas, Gossamer, Wesley and Boomer attempt to stop a robbery at Eastern Seaboard Bank.

Everyone make a post about why you're in the neighborhood and then in the OOC here, roll me some Initiative and a Notice check please (auditory based notice if that matters for anyone).

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Roll to see if fatigued (1d20=19)


Fatigued characters cannot move all out or charge and suffer a –2 penalty to effective Strength and Dexterity and a –1 penalty on attack and defense. A fatigued character who does something else or suffers an effect that would normally cause fatigue becomes exhausted.

initiative and notice, respectively (1d20+1=17, 1d20+10=21)

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Okay, you all passed the Notice check, which has 2 effects. 1 - You are not surprised and can act in the first round and 2 - You can get any civilians around you out of the way of their immediate peril, using whatever methods you chose as a non-action, even if it's just shouting a warning. They're still in the bank, and still in the area, but they're not squished.

Shatter Point Initiative (1d20+2=7)

Goon Initiative (1d20+2=8)

The Initiative Table:

Gossamer - Unharmed - 20 - HP x2

Wesley - Fatigued - 17 - HP x4

Boomer - Unharmed - 10 - HP x2

Goons (10) -Unharmed - 8

Shatter Point - Unharmed - 7

Atlas - Unharmed - 5 - HP x3

Okay a few details here. Shatter Point is the antagonist here. He's got a few Villain Points of his own squirreled away, I'm not saying how many, but he can use those without GM Fiat. Once he goes through them however, I'll GM Fiat as normal, giving you HP for the setback. Then there are the goons, I'm stealing an idea from the ATT (Batgirl III, I believe) and making them "Toughs". They don't go down as easy as normal minions (usually), but they're much easier to take down than heroic characters. You may also take a 10 on your attack rolls against them. Also, they still roll against impossible toughness saves.

Also, the first little bit is pure cutscene. Initiative is when they'll act again.

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(11:42:38) Geez3r: Alright

(11:42:50) Geez3r: going to roll the goon's Fortitude saves

(11:43:03) Geez3r: they each have +9 to this particular save

(11:43:11) Sandman_XI: :o

(11:43:12) FreedomBot: Geez3r rolls 4d20 and gets 1,19,5,18.

So thugs 1 and 3 are out like a light.

2 and 4 are bruised.

Due to their cover, relative to Wesley's postion, Wesley's attacks miss the other goons.

(11:53:11) Geez3r: alright

(11:53:15) Geez3r: goons turn

(11:53:50) Geez3r: the 4 opposite Wesley will not take any actions at this time

(11:54:08) Geez3r: they would not like to give up their nice defenable position

(11:54:23) Geez3r: and don't want to give the weird tentacle thing a chance to get them

(11:54:47) Geez3r: the 2 other guards however will shoot Wesley in the face

(11:55:07) Geez3r: They'll both power attack 3

(11:55:21) Geez3r: this nets them a +4 bonus to hit

(11:55:28) FreedomBot: Geez3r rolls 2d20 and gets 1,9.

(11:56:56) Geez3r: with his lowered defense

(11:57:05) Geez3r: Wesley is hit by one of the attacks

(11:57:13) Geez3r: wait

(11:57:36) Geez3r: yep, hit wesley exactly because of fatigue

(11:58:00) Geez3r: that's a DC 27 toughness save

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(12:04:36) Geez3r: alright

(12:04:43) Geez3r: now it's the big bad's turn

(12:04:14) FreedomBot: Error: Connection status: 0

(12:05:47) Geez3r: i'll hit sand with the sonic boom

(12:06:02) Geez3r: it has a +10 to hit, not using any trade-off feats at this time

(12:05:34) FreedomBot: Error: Connection status: 0

(12:06:08) FreedomBot: Geez3r rolls 1d20 and gets 3.

So roll a DC 29 Fortitude save vs a damage effect, and a DC 24 Reflex save against Dazzle auidtory effect

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(11:06:36) Sandman_XI: They sht me!

(11:06:42) Sandman_XI: THEY SHOT ME?!

(11:06:51) Sandman_XI: IN THE FACE?!

(11:06:56) Geez3r: twice

(11:07:09) FreedomBot: Sandman_XI rolls 1d20 and gets 1.

(11:07:14) Sandman_XI: :o

(11:07:23) Sandman_XI: HP reroll!

(11:07:29) FreedomBot: Sandman_XI rolls 1d20 and gets 13.

(11:07:54) Sandman_XI: 24

(11:08:18) Geez3r: that's a bruise from the goon

(11:08:35) Sandman_XI: bruise bullet for the win :D

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Gossamer - Unharmed - HP x2

Wesley - Fatigued, Deafened, Bruised x1 - HP x3

Boomer - Unharmed - HP x2

Goons (8) - 2 Bruised, 6 Unharmed

Shatter Point - Unharmed

Atlas - Unharmed - HP x3

Gossamer is up again, and Wesley still has 2 more saves to roll.

Deafened: A deafened character cannot hear and suffers a –4 penalty to initiative checks. He cannot make Notice (listen) checks.

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(12:14:57) Geez3r: sand, you've got 2 more saves to roll in basics http://www.endlessflight.net/f​reedom/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=2444&​p=49489#p49480

(12:15:21) Sandman_XI: Against what?

(12:15:28) Sandman_XI: he rolled a 1 and hit?

(12:15:45) Sandman_XI: and what is the second one for?

(12:16:02) Geez3r: 2 goons shot at you

(12:16:05) Geez3r: 1 missed

(12:16:09) FreedomBot: Electra has been logged out (Timeout).

(12:16:12) Geez3r: then the big bad attacked you

(12:16:20) Geez3r: with a linked effect

(12:16:43) Sandman_XI: I rolled vs the goon

(12:16:50) Geez3r: i know

(12:16:54) Sandman_XI: and i now see the big guys save :P

(12:17:03) Sandman_XI: Fort save!

(12:17:07) Geez3r: saves, plural

(12:17:11) FreedomBot: Sandman_XI rolls 1d20 and gets 18.

(12:17:25) Sandman_XI: +16

(12:17:38) quotemyname: shackled post

(12:17:43) quotemyname: is IC down again?

(12:17:43) Sandman_XI: Ref save!

(12:17:56) FreedomBot: Sandman_XI rolls 1d20 and gets 2.

(12:18:01) Sandman_XI: +9

(12:18:12) Avalon®: I think so Q

(12:18:17) Geez3r: saved vs damage, but you are now deafend

(12:18:21) quotemyname: grrrumph!

(12:18:22) Sandman_XI: Fort 34, Ref 11

(12:18:24) Geez3r: or however you spell it

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I don't have time for a proper IC post tonight. But that's a miss Heritage. You used the wrong number though. You have a +23 on grapple checks, but that's holding someone down and maintaining the grapple, you roll a normal melee attack, a +10 bonus for you, in order initiate the grapple. If you hit, then you roll opposed grapples.

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I don't have time for a proper IC post tonight. But that's a miss Heritage. You used the wrong number though. You have a +23 on grapple checks, but that's holding someone down and maintaining the grapple, you roll a normal melee attack, a +10 bonus for you, in order initiate the grapple. If you hit, then you roll opposed grapples.

Hmm, Doc lead me astray on that one, but maybe he misunderstood my question. The day d20 grapple rules make sense to me is...well, they may never make sense to me. But a miss is still a miss, a sigh is just a sigh. Wait, what was the question again?

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Grappling in a nutshell:

Step 1: Roll an unarmed attack roll vs the target's defense. Success means you can now start a grapple and proceed to step 2; failure means you cannot start a grapple and you're done.

Step 2: Roll Opposed grapple checks against your target. Success means you can now grapple or pin your target; failure means that the target is not grappled.

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Yeah Sand's made him an NPC for now. For the time being I'll just write him out. The BBEG's attack was super-powerful and he got blasted really far away. That way, if Sand un-NPC's him before the thread is over, he can make his dramatic return in time to save the day. Also, Heritage is having some computer trouble. but they just went, so we can get some play time while they get everything straightened out.

So yeah, Wesley got blown away, meaning if my memory still works, it is now Boomer's turn.

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