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Bad Habit (OOC)


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imho, a +6 notice should be good enough to spot the shifty activity--especially since he's specifically looking for anything suspicious going on around him. so, that's what i recommend =)

how about the night of the 23rd--a quiet sunday night seems the perfect opportunity to go pilfering about =)

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Quote asked me to step in real quick. I would say the best way to do it is with an opposed check.

His Notice vs your Sleight of Hand. Or maybe Sense Motive vs Bluff.

Unless you're being obvious about breaking into the car, in which case he would see you.

Either way it's him asking "what're they doing over there?" being opposed by "nothing out of the ordinary"

Carry on then.

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i was going with the presumption of him automatically noticing, since the scenario depends on him becoming aware of the activity, but, okie, we can roll notice vs. sleight of hand then.

welp, stinger rolled a fumble (1d20+3=4) - so that answers that. it should be quiet clear to breakdown what the figure is attempting to do.

stinger's disable device check to pick the lock on the car door quickly isn't good enough (1d20+5=12) since the books says an average lock is dc 25, but stinger should get it in a couple of minutes (take 20) if she's allowed to work uninterrupted.

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