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ShaenTheBrain (Silver) - Zephyr - PL12 Hero

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[floatr]ZephyrHF.png[/floatr]Power Level: 12 (178/180PP)

Tradeoffs: +5 Attack / -5 Damage, +5 Defense / -5 Toughness

Unspent Power Points: 2

Progress to Gold: 30/90 (Silver status earned by Scarab)

Character Name: Zephyr

Alternate Identities: Zoe Harris (Birth Name), Zoe MacMillan (Alias)

Identity: Secret

Birthplace: Freedom City, New Jersey, USA

Occupation: Freelance Musician, Kitchen Assistant, Library Assistant, Student

Affiliations: Claremont Academy (Student, Employee), Young Freedom

Family: Alex Albright (Mother), Mike Harris (Father)


Ethnicity: Caucasian

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 120 lbs.

Age: 17 (D.O.B. 2025 C.E.)

Hair: Strawberry-Blonde

Eyes: Blue-Green

Zephyr's build has almost no fat. She's pure muscle from the neck down, with an unusually high amount of definition. She still has something of a "baby-face" despite this, as though whatever little fat her body does store heads straight to her head (otherwise known as "Alicia Silverstone Syndrome"). She wears her hair long, tied back in a pony-tail or bun when performing athletic or superhero duties, free otherwise.

[floatl]TaylorMomsenAsZoeMacMillan01.jpg[/floatl]Out of costume, she favors a sort of punk rock meets grunge look. Denim jeans, or denim shorts or plaid skirts paired with fishnet tights, with holes torn up and down the legs either way. T-shirts or simple cotton tank-tops (often bearing the logo of a band or some sarcastic quote) sometimes paired with button-down plaid flannel overshirts (never buttoned). Black leather combat boots complete the ensemble. It is unclear whether she actually likes the style, or if adopting it is just a way to set herself apart from her clean-cut parents.

Zoe doesn't worry about being dressed "inappropriately" or "impractically," since she can run home, change, and run back inside the blink of an eye.


Zoe was born in the year 2025. She was the daughter of Alexandra Albright and Michael Harris, better known to the world as Psyche and Phalanx, who were at that point full-time members of the Freedom League. Both had been in utero during the 1993 Terminus Invasion, and the waves of energy that poured out of the dimensional rifts altered their DNA, giving them superhuman powers. As expected, their daughter Zoe also developed special abilities. She lacked her mother's telepathy, aside from a psychic link with her parents, and while she was significantly more intelligent than an average human, her mental acuity was nowhere near that of her mother's. Her strength and durability, while exceptional by human standards, were nothing compared to her father's (though her body seemed to rest at a baseline level of fitness, strength, and agility far in excess of an average human, without requiring the maintenance a normal human would at that level).

Instead, Zoe's mutation manifested in the form of super-human speed. She could read a book faster than she could turn the pages, run across the surface of a river, and break the sound barrier on foot. Her parents, themselves alumni of the Claremont Academy, proudly enrolled Zoe in that prestigious preparatory school. There, she gained valuable insight into how to control her powers, as well as a top-notch education (including several "extra-curricular activities" that wouldn't find their way onto any college applications).

[floatr]Zephyr.jpg[/floatr]The first fifteen years of Zoe's life were bliss. The only child of two internationally-renowned superheroes, she wanted for nothing. Her powers would have opened the world up to her even if her heritage didn't. But in 2041, during her junior year at Claremont, tragedy struck. The newly reformed Crime League managed to hijack a stockpile of nuclear warheads. They hid them in various places around the nation, and attempted to extort the American government for billions of dollars. During the hours that followed, every superhero in the nation had his or her hands full, between searching for and disarming the bombs, searching for and beating the truth out of the Crime Leaguers, and quelling the civil unrest resulting from a panicked nation. When the last bomb was located in Freedom City, and hero and villain alike converged on its location.

An epic battle was fought. They told her to stay away, but when Zoe saw her parents being beaten bloody on live national television, she couldn't bring herself to stand idly by. At the last moment, just when it appeared that the heroes would prove victorious, Hiroshima Shadow appeared. Having slipped even further into insanity over the years, he was driven by a single goal - the destruction of Freedom City and its defenders. He poured all his energies into the bomb, boosting its destructive power tenfold, and then activated it. The resulting nuclear explosion wiped Freedom City off the face of the Earth.

Zoe ran like she had never run before, determined to save her parents. Her powers stretched far beyond any limits she had known before, so far that the nuclear shockwave itself appeared to move in slow-motion. Unfortunately, she arrived on the scene too late to do anything for her parents but watch their bodies disintegrate in the face of the nuclear onslaught. A tiny fraction of a second later, the shockwave hit Zoe as well. But something strange happened. Instead of being annihilated, Zoe broke through all barriers of time and energy. She fell upon the same physical location in Freedom City, but more than thirty years in the past.

Personality & Motivation:

Zoe is a physically-active adrenaline junkie. She's always dancing, running, jumping, climbing, kicking, punching, or throwing something, the faster, the better. More of an artist than a scholar, she expresses herself far better through music and motion than she does through the written or spoken word. She has the capacity for intellectual pursuits, but rarely the inclination. She has a very low tolerance for boredom, which is unfortunate because her powers leave her with plenty of free time. She tends to be impatient and impulsive, favoring short-term thinking over long-term planning.

[floatl]TaylorMomsenAsZoeMacMillan02.jpg[/floatl]Like most adolescents, Zoe finds refuge in affecting a demeanor of detached sarcasm, but she isn't very good at concealing her enthusiasm for much of what life has to offer. She's knee-deep in the period of life when adults, especially parents, fall off their pedestals and transition from infallible gods to flawed human beings. This goes double for superheroes. Having spent her entire life surrounded by them, she's somewhat jaded, nowhere near as awed as most people are. Image

Zoe would probably never admit just how overwhelmed she is at the idea of being marooned in the (not as distant as it feels to a teenager) past. When she starts to consider the possible implications and consequences, her head starts to hurt. If her parents don't get married, will she still be born? If she isn't born, in the future/past, will she cease to exist in the present? She doesn't know if she can change history, or even if she should. But the image of her parents violent deaths is seared in her memory (the subject of frequent nightmares), and she is determined to prevent that fate from coming to pass, at all costs. In the meantime, she's determined to make the best of a bad situation.

As a girl out of time, Zoe often makes pop culture references which perplex her listeners, as they either refer to events which have yet to take place, or else they are so dated they would only occur to a person a decade or two her senior. She often uses slang and curses which, while common in the public lexicon of her own time, have yet to be invented yet in the present. "Razor," "Sprak," and "Fark" are the nonsense words her companions hear most frequently, to the point where their meanings ("cool," "excrement," and "fornication") have become obvious. Still, this habit causes no end of confusion, consternation, and amusement in those who socialize with her.

Powers & Abilities:

Zephyr thinks she has the ability to think and act at "super-speed." But that speed is actually an unconscious manifestation of her ability to control and manipulate the flow of time itself. Since she's young, immature, and ignorant of her true nature, she lacks complete control over her powers, and they tend to get away from her at the most inopportune times. She thinks that her time-travel was an isolated incident, the result of some unforeseen interaction between her powers and the nuclear explosion. She has no idea that it is a stunt she is fully capable of repeating.

She can speed up or slow down time in relation to herself or others. This allows her to move fast enough to run across the surface of water or up walls and ceilings, too fast to be seen. She can perform mundane tasks, such as reading or changing the oil in a car, literally millions of times faster than a normal person. She can effectively "share" her speed with others, or "sap" their speed away to the point of complete paralysis. She can speed up the aging and healing processes, sealing wounds closed or dissolving an object into dust in an instant. She thinks she can "vibrate her molecules fast enough to pass through solid matter," but what she's actually capable of is 4th-dimensional movement, changing her place in the space-time continuum relative to the rest of the world. She can phase through physical barriers for the same reason that a 3D person can just walk over a line drawn on the ground, even though that line would block the movement of a 2D being.

Her headset/visor was designed by Doktor Archeville and manufactured by ArcheTech in 2041. It was a gift from her parents (the last, in fact). The "headset" consists of a tiny Daka crystal mounted in and around her ear, similar to a modern hearing aid. The visor, also made from Daka crystal, allows her to see other parts of the electromagnetic spectrum, such as infrared and ultraviolet. Zephyr's speed allows her to shift back and forth between the various vision modes several times every nanosecond.

The visor, however, is just the icing on the cake. The primary function of the device is to connect via radio signals with her "pet robot" M.I.M.I.R., so that it and the user can trade data and sensory input back and forth. The connection allows the operator to remotely use M.I.M.I.R.'s many functions, such as his on-board computer, library, and video camera. M.I.M.I.R. uses the visor to project a holographic display over the user's field of vision, and the user can interact with that display with peripheral wrist sensors. Zephyr keeps them mounted in the gloves of her costume, and in her spiked bracelets when out of costume. M.I.M.I.R. can speak with her through the crystal earbud (transmitting sound into her ear, and picking up the vibrations from her ear when she speaks), and it can convert the radio and ultrasonic signals it picks up into normal sound for her.


Accidents: Zephyr doesn't always think before she acts, so she's a little more prone to causing these than most heroes. Luckily, she's fast enough to rectify most of her mistakes before they get too far out of hand.

Anachronism: Zephyr has been pushed backward in time an entire generation. Stories from her parents and depictions in popular media can only go so far toward preparing her for what life was like when her parents were kids. She frequently uses slang and makes cultural references which either haven't been invented yet, or go back in time much further than the average contemporary youth.

Billy Pilgrim Has Become Unstuck In Time: Zephyr doesn't realize that her powers are a form of Time Control, and she doesn't have full or conscious control over them yet. The GM should feel free to trigger Uncontrolled power stunts (see "Sample Power Stunts" at the bottom of the sheet).

Eats Like A Horse: Zephyr is already (mostly) unconsciously regulating the effect of time on several aspects of her life, such as her aging process and need for sleep. But she has yet to control her need for food and water, and all the energy she's burning speeding up time for herself is taking its toll. She eats and drinks far more than a normal child of her age, even taking into account her developing body and high level of activity. It's rare to see her not stuffing her face or sucking down smoothies.

Enemies: In the future, the Crime League (and Hiroshima Shadow in particular) are responsible for the deaths of Zoe's parents. She is determined to make sure that never happens.

Everybody Wants Some: Zoe is living proof that time travel is possible, the likes of which hasn't been seen since Doctor Tomorrow. Anyone interested in temporal physics, regardless of application, will want to get their hands on her (especially if they figure out that she traveled under her own power). Anyone interested in advanced technology will want to acquire M.I.M.I.R., so they can reverse-engineer it and obtain the technology of tomorrow today.

Fame: Her viral video had netted her some small acclaim, but Zoe's involvement in the ground floor of Octopus Dropkick and her subsequent feature in Revolver Magazine are really starting to get her noticed as a musician.

Kinda Always Knew I'd End Up Your Ex-Girlfriend: Eddie Ozan (A.K.A. "Breakdown"), a famous musician and superhero. Their relationship did not end well.

Prejudice: Female, Teenager.

Reputation: Promiscuity, Reckless Behavior, Violence.

Responsibility: Future Parents (Phalanx & Psyche), School (Full-Time Claremont Student), Work (Part-Time On-Campus Jobs).

Rivalry: Zoe is caught up in an ongoing feud with Daisy Gibbons (A.K.A. "Student Body").

Secret: Identity, Origin ("From The Future").

Super-Senses: M.I.M.I.R. uses radio signals to transmit data and sensory input back and forth between itself and Zephyr, but it must translate that data into visual and audio media which she can understand and interact with (text, pictures, video, audio, etc.). For example, M.I.M.I.R. can hear radio and ultrasonic transmissions, but Zephyr can't, so it needs to convert them to normal sound. Anything which interferes with radio signals will disrupt their connection, and anything which interferes with Zephyr's abilities to see, hear, speak, or gesture will inhibit her ability to send and receive data. For example, M.I.M.I.R. is equipped with radar, but Zephyr must interpret the data obtained from radar visually. So if she is blinded, M.I.M.I.R.'s radar is useless to her.

Underage: At 17, Zoe lacks certain legal privileges. She cannot legally vote, purchase alcohol, rent a car, or gain admittance to a variety of venues.

Zeroed: As far as most of the world is concerned, Zoe does not exist. She doesn't have a birth certificate or Social Security number.

Abilities: 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 + (-2) + 4 = 18PP

Strength: 14 (+2)

Dexterity: 14 (+2)

Constitution: 14 (+2)

Intelligence: 14 (+2)

Wisdom: 08 (-1)

Charisma: 14 (+2)

Combat: 10 + 10 = 20PP

Initiative: +42/+2

Attack: +15/+5 Melee (+5 Base, +10/+0 Attack Focus), +5 Ranged

Grapple: +17/+7

Defense: +15/+5 (+5 Base, +10/+0 Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-Footed

Knockback: 2, 1 Unarmored

Saving Throws: 3 + 3 + 6 = 12PP

Toughness: +5 (+2 Con, +3 Costume)

Fortitude: +5 (+2 Con, +3)

Reflex: +15/+5 (+2 Dex, +10/+0 Enhanced Reflex, +3)

Will: +5 (-1 Wis, +6), +13 vs Fear

Skills: 36R = 9PP

Bluff 0 (+2, +6 Attractive)

Computers 1 (+3)

Diplomacy 0 (+2, +6 Attractive)

Notice 6 (+5)

Perform (Singing) 13 (+15)

Perform (Stringed Instruments) 13 (+15)

Search 3 (+5)

Feats: 11PP


Equipment 1 (5EP)

Jack of All Trades

Lion Heart 2


Minion 4 (+8 Veteran Reward)

Power Attack

+2EP Caldwell Manor


Protection 3 [3EP]

Powers: 5 + 4 + 34 + 10 + 1 + 1 + 10 + 14 + 8 + 25 = 112PP

Concealment 4 (Flaws: Displacement, Feats: Alternate Power) [5PP]

  • Alternate Power: Concealment 4 (All Visual Senses, Flaws: Limited [Displacement]) [4PP]

Device 1 (5PP, Flaws: Hard-To-Lose) [4PP] (ArcheTech Headset/Visor)

Features 1 (GPS Receiver) [1PP]

Super-Senses 4 (Communication Link [Radio, M.I.M.I.R.], Direction Sense, Infravision, Ultravision) [4PP]

Enhanced Feats 34 (Attack Focus 10, Dodge Focus 10, Evasion, Improved Initiative 10, Instant Up, Move-By Action, Quick Draw) [34PP]

Enhanced Reflex 10 [10PP]

Features 1 (Temporal Inertia) [1PP]

Immunity 2 (Aging, Sleep, Flaws: Limited [1/2 Effect]) [1PP]

Quickness 10 (x2,500) [10PP]

Speed 10 (10,000mph / 100,000ft per Move Action, Feats: Moving Feint) [11PP] + Super-Movement 3 (Wall-Crawling 2, Water-Walking 1, Flaws: Limited [Moving]) [3PP]

Super-Senses 8 (Communication Link 2 [Mental, Phalanx, Psyche], Danger Sense 2 [Visual, Audio], Temporal Awareness [Mental], Time Sense, Uncanny Dodge 2 [Visual, Audio]) [8PP]

Time Control 10 (20PP Array, Feats: Alternate Power 5) [25PP]

  • Base Power:
    Quickness 10 (Rank 20, x5,000,000) [10PP]
    Speed 10 (Rank 20, 25,000,000mph) [10PP]

    Alternate Power: Damage 3 (Extras: Autofire 3 [5], Feats: Mighty) [19PP] (Flurry)

    Alternate Power: Damage 3 (Extras: Area [Targeted, Shapeable] [5], Selective [5], Feats: Mighty 2, Progression [Area] 5 [250 5ft cubes]) [20PP] (Rapid Attack)

    Alternate Power: Insubstantial 4 (Incorporeal) [20PP] (4-Dimensional Movement)

    Alternate Power: Paralyze 9 (Extras: Alternate Save [Reflex], Feats: Extended Reach [10ft], Reversible) [20PP] (Sap Speed / Time Stop)

    Alternate Power: Speed 0 (Rank 10, Extras: Affects Others [10], Feats: Progression [subjects] 1 [2 Subjects]) [11PP] + Super-Movement 0 (Extras: Affects Others [3]) [3PP] + Super-Movement 2 (Permeate 1, Slow Fall 1, Extras: Affects Others) [6PP] (Share Speed)

Drawbacks: -4PP

Nightmares (DC5 to wake up Fatigued) [-4PP]

DC Block:

ATTACK           RANGE          SAVE                        EFFECT

Unarmed          Touch          DC17 Toughness (Staged)     Damage

Flurry           Touch          DC20 Toughness (Staged)     Damage

Rapid Attack     Touch/Area     DC20 Toughness (Staged)     Damage

Sap Speed        10ft.          DC19 Reflex (Staged)        Slowed/Paralyzed

Abilities (18) + Combat (20) + Saving Throws (12) + Skills (9) + Feats (11) + Powers (112) - Drawbacks (4) = 178/180 Power Points

Sample Power Stunts for Time Control 10 (20PP)

  • [*:3k45gnnr]Age Shift 4 (Morph + Shrinking, Extras: Duration 2 [Continuous]) [16PP]
    [*:3k45gnnr]Corrosion 6 (Feats: Reversible) [19PP] (Accelerated Aging)
    [*:3k45gnnr]Healing 5 (Extras: Action [standard], Total) [20PP] (Accelerated Healing)
    [*:3k45gnnr]Paralyze 12 (Extras: Alternate Save [Reflex], Area [General, Burst, Attached], Flaws: Action [Full], Distracting, Feats: Progression [Area] 7 [12,000ft radius], Reversible) [20PP] (Time Stop)
    [*:3k45gnnr]Super-Movement 3 (Temporal Movement 3, Extras: Affects Others, Area) [12PP]
    [*:3k45gnnr]Super-Senses 8 (Postcognition 4, Precognition 4) [8PP]

[floatl]MIMIR.jpg[/floatl]Power Level: 12 (178/180PP) (Minion 12)

Tradeoffs: None

Unspent Power Points: 2

Character Name: M.I.M.I.R. (Mobile Independent Mechanical Information Repository)

Alternate Identities: None

Identity: Secret

Birthplace: Freedom City, New Jersey, USA

Occupation: Interactive Study Aid & Data Storage

Affiliations: N/A

Family: Viktor Archeville (Creator), Zoe Harris (Owner)


Ethnicity: Robot (Silver Metallic Skin)

Height: 30 cm (12 in)

Weight: 3 kg (6 lbs 9 oz)

Age: 1 (designed and constructed a year ago, in 2041 C.E.)

Hair: Gold

Eyes: Red

M.I.M.I.R. appears to be a chrome sculpture of Doktor Viktor Arhcheville's head, complete with tiny gold fibers for hair. The face is not articulated, so the only means of emotional expression available to it are its eyes and its voice. There are lenses in the eye sockets, behind which lights glow in several different colors, at several different levels of intensity. When it projects video images or energy blasts, they launch from the eyes. The mouth doesn't actually move or open, but the main speaker is located beneath it. It can faithfully reproduce the voice of anyone it has ever heard, or any voice it has on file in its extensive onboard media library. It defaults to the voice of David Hyde Pierce unless otherwise indicated. (Doktor Archeville wanted Christopher Lee, but his research assistants managed to convince him that the voice should make the floating disembodied head less terrifying, not more.) The head itself appears to float through the air with no visible means of propulsion.


M.I.M.I.R. is an multipurpose artificial intelligence designed by Doktor Archeville and manufactured by ArcheTech in the year 2041. It was built to fulfill many different functions: portable computer and library, interactive research assistant, teacher, and even sentry or spy. This specific model is a prototype. Doktor Archeville gave it to Psyche and Phalanx, his comrades on the Freedom League, to field test, with the understanding that he would be allowed access to its hard drive regularly to gather research data. They, in turn, gave it to their daughter as her 16th birthday present, both to assist her in her studies at Claremont, and to help protect her in her activities as a member of the Next Gen.

It is named after Mimir, the oracle from Nordic folklore who helped Odin gain the knowledge of the runes. After Mimir was decapitated, the gods carried his head with them, so that they could continue to benefit from his wisdom.


Overall, Doktor Archeville programmed M.I.M.I.R. to be unfailingly polite and considerate in its dealings with people, avoiding judgement or violence whenever possible. This decision was motivated in equal parts by necessity (in order to perform the functions for which it was designed) and personal preference (Archeville sought to avoid the recent trend in cybernetics, wherein it was considered fashionable to design smug, sarcastic A.I.s). However, the robot's attempts at social interaction are hindered by its very nature. The primary purpose of M.I.M.I.R.'s existence is to accumulate and share information. It is a little too eager to fulfill this purpose; if a person asks it one simple question about any given topic, it will proceed to show and tell them everything about that subject unless otherwise directed (assumig the user can get a word in edgewise). It also has difficulty thinking like a living creature instead of a machine. It has perfect textbook knowledge of biology and psychology, but there is a difference between theoretical and applied knowledge. Decisions based upon biological concerns tend to confuse it; it has no sex drive or desire to reproduce, and the miniature reactor powering it will last for decades before needing more fuel, so "hunger" isn't an issue.

Powers & Abilities:

M.I.M.I.R. has vast data storage capacity and a sensor suite the likes of which is undreamt of in modern technology. It contains a wealth of information on a staggering variety of subjects, and the capacity to learn new information at an astounding rate. It can interface wirelessly with other electronic devices, even those without the ability to receive or transmit information wirelessly themselves. The robot's owner can interface with it directly via a specially-manufactured headset/visor, which allows the robot and the owner to share data and sensory input, and allows the owner to use the robot's various on-board utilities (cell phone, computer, library, video camera, etc.) remotely.

The miniature reactor powering M.I.M.I.R. is fueled by a small Daka crystal, which also gives it minor energy manipulation abilities, such as flight, holographic projection, and energy blasts. This energy control is intended primarily as a tool, but in desperate situations it can be used as a weapon.

Abilities: 0 + 0 + (-10) + 16 + 0 + 0 = 6PP

Strength: 02 (-4)

Dexterity: 10 (+0)

Constitution: -

Intelligence: 26 (+8)

Wisdom: 10 (+0)

Charisma: 10 (+0)

Combat: 4 + 4 = 8PP

Initiative: +8

Attack: +4 (+2, +2 Shrinking), +12 Blast

Grapple: -8

Defense: +4 (+2, +2 Shrinking), +2 Flat-Footed, +10 Airborne

Knockback: -3

Saving Throws: 0 + 10 + 5 = 15PP

Toughness +10 (+10 Protection)

Fortitude -

Reflex +10 (+0 Dex, +10)

Will +5 (+0 Wis, +5)

Skills: 32R = 8PP

Computers 17 (+25) (+2 Masterwork Computer)

Intimidate 0 (+0, -4 Shrinking)

Knowledge (Any) 0 (+8) (+2 Masterwork Library)

Knowledge (Tactics) 6 (+14)

Notice 5 (+5)

Search 0 (+8)

Stealth 4 (+4, +12 Shrinking)

Feats: 16PP

Defensive Attack

Eidetic Memory

Favored Environment (Airborne) 6

Improved Defense 2

Master Plan 2

Second Chance (Computers)

Speed of Thought

Teamwork 2

Powers: 13 + 8 + 3 + 11 + 3 + 41 + 10 + 6 + 10 + 8 + 23 = 136PP

Daka Engine 4 (8PP Array, Feats: Alternate Power 5) [13PP]

  • Base Power: Blast 1 (Feats: Accurate 4, Power Attack, Precise) [8PP] (Energy)

    Alternate Power:
    Communication 2 (Audio, 100ft, Extras: Area [100ft radius]) [4PP] (Speakers)
    Communication 2 (Visual, 100ft, Extras: Area [100ft radius]) [4PP] (Holographic Projection)

    Alternate Power: Communication 7 (Radio, 200 miles, Feats: Subtle) [8PP]

    Alternate Power: Concealment 6 (All Visual + Radio Senses, Flaws: Blending) [6PP] + Concealment 2 (All Audio Senses, Flaws: Partial) [2PP] (Holographic Projection, Radar Jamming, Silent-Running Mode)

    Alternate Power: Flight 4 (Rank 5, 250mph / 2,500ft per Move Action) [8PP]

    Alternate Power: Light Control 4 (50ft radius) [8PP]

Comprehend 4 (Codes 1, Languages 3) [8PP]

Datalink 1 (Radio, 10ft, Extras: Linked [Machine Control], Feats: Subtle) [2PP] + Machine Control 1 (Move Object, Extras: Linked [Datalink], Flaws: Limited [Machine Operation]) [1PP]

Features 11 (Cell Phone, Computer [Feats: Masterwork], Geiger Counter, GPS Receiver, Internal Compartment, Library [Feats: Masterwork], Mimicry, Temporal Inertia, Video Camera) [11PP]

Flight 1 (10mph / 100ft per Move Action, Feats: Subtle) [3PP]

Immunity 41 (Fear, Fortitude Effects, Mental Effects) [41PP]

Protection 10 [10PP]

Quickness 12 (x10,000, Flaws: Limited [Mental Tasks]) [6PP]

Shrinking 8 (Feats: Innate, Normal Toughness) [10PP]

Super-Senses 1 (Communication Link [Radio, ArcheTech Headset], Extras: Linked [sensory Link], Feats: Subtle) [2PP] + Sensory Link 9 (20,000 miles, Extras: Duration [sustained], Linked [Communication Link], No Saving Throw, Simultaneous, Two-Way, Flaws: Action 2 [Full], Limited 3 [ArcheTech Headset], Drawbacks: Power Loss 3 [Mental, Olfactory, & Tactile Senses]) [6PP]

Super-Senses 23 (All Audio Senses [Extras: Analytical], All Radio Senses [Extras: Analytical], All Visual Senses [Extras: Analytical], Direction Sense, Infravision, Microscopic Vision 2 [Cells], Radar 3 [Radio, Extras: Accurate 2], Radio, Time Sense, Ultrasonic Hearing, Ultravision, X-Ray Vision 3 [Normal Vision, Extras: Penetrates Concealment 4, Drawbacks: Power Loss {Lead}], Uncanny Dodge 3 [Visual, Audio, Radio]) [23PP]

Drawbacks: (-1) + (-4) + (-1) + (-3) + (-2) = -11PP

Disability (Immobile, Frequency: Uncommon, Intensity: Minor) [-1PP]

Disability (No Hands, Frequency: Very Common, Intensity: Moderate) [-4PP]

Disability (No Olfactory Sense, Frequency: Uncommon, Intensity: Minor) [-1PP]

Vulnerability (Electricity Attacks, Frequency: Common, Intensity: Moderate) [-3PP]

Vulnerability (Magnetic Attacks, Frequency: Uncommon, Intensity: Moderate) [-2PP]

Abilities (6) + Combat (8) + Saving Throws (15) + Skills (8) + Feats (16) + Powers (136) - Drawbacks (11) = 178/180PP

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:arrow: I hit Gold Status next month. So I decided to submit my second PL10 character early, so when September hits I can begin playing her immediately.

:arrow: The in-costume pic above is just a placeholder until I get some character art from AlderWitch.

:arrow: Although she is technically a PL10 character, I built her as a PL8 for two reasons. First, I decided I'd rather have a PL8 with more options and "flavor" than a lean, focused PL10 with little use outside of combat. Second, she's meant to run with the Claremont kids (especially Psyche & Phalanx), most of who are in the PL6-7 range. So think of her less as a PL10 and more as a PL8 who got some bonus power points because of my newly-won Gold Status.

:arrow: Zephyr thinks she is a "regular" super-speedster, but her speed powers are actually an unconscious manifestation of low-level (for now) Time Control. She is unconsciously speeding up and slowing down time for herself in various situations and aspects of her life. Unless she gets hit with an Aging attack or a Nullify Temporal Effects power, she'll probably remain ignorant of her true nature for the near future. But in the far future (no pun intended), I plan to purchase traits like the Affects Others extras on her Quickness and Speed (maybe as Alternate Powers), Paralyze attacks ("Time Stops"), Healing, etc., as she learns to bend time around others as well.

:arrow: Skills:

  • [*:3ruoqr07]Acrobat: With a +20 bonus, she effectively has the Instant Up feat (DC20 to stand as a Free Action instead of a Move Action), and she automatically takes no damage from falls of 16ft or less. With Acrobatic Bluff, she can reliably Feint and Trick as a Move Action (+15).
    [*:3ruoqr07]Computers: Her +5 bonus isn't high enough for any hacking, but for routine tasks (like finding a specific file), she can take 20 and hit DC25. And she can do it quickly enough that the only real time concerns would be the physical limitations of the computer itself.
    [*:3ruoqr07]Craft: With Quickness 9, she can take 20 on Repair checks for DC25, repairing even the most complex devices inside of 12 minutes. But her +5 bonus isn't high enough to reliably create any but the most simple items.
    [*:3ruoqr07]Disable Device: She can take 20 for DC25 when opening locks or disabling security devices, in a matter of seconds.
    [*:3ruoqr07]Escape: If not being actively opposed, she can take 20 to it DC30, enough to fit through most tight spaces and escape most bonds (including Snares rank 10 and below).
    [*:3ruoqr07]Investigate: At +5, she can take 10 to reliably collect evidence correctly. But her bonus isn't high enough to analyze any but the most fresh and undisturbed of clues.
    [*:3ruoqr07]Knowledge: With Jack of All Trades and INT 20 (+5), she effectively has +5 in every Knowledge. With Quickness and her portable reference library, she can reliably take 20 on Knowledge checks in a matter of seconds while in the field, hitting DC25.
    [*:3ruoqr07]Notice: She can take 20 and hit DC25 in 0.6 seconds, fast enough to count as a Free Action.
    [*:3ruoqr07]Perform: She can take 10 to hit DC20 - "Great performance. Audience Impressed."
    [*:3ruoqr07]Search: With Quickness 9, she can take 20 on extended searches, hitting DC25, very quickly - a 10ft x 10ft room in 1.2 seconds (Free or Move Action, GM's discretion), a 1,000ft / quarter mile area in 24 seconds (4 rounds), a 1 mile area in 72 seconds (12 rounds), and the entire city in 28 minutes, 48 seconds (288 rounds).
    [*:3ruoqr07]Stealth: If she moves during the round, she creates her own Concealment (against Visual senses, anyway, which accounts for most of the Accurate senses she'll run up against).

:arrow: Powers:

  • [*:3ruoqr07]Immunity: Ultimate Power suggests that "All Temporal Effects" should be a rank 5 Immunity, since it's an uncommon power descriptor. In the same manner that the rank 10 "All Fire Effects" would include the rank 1 Immunity to Environmental Heat, I believe the rank 5 "All Temporal Effects" Immunity should include the 1PP Feature "Temporal Anchor." Please let me know if that is not the case.
    [*:3ruoqr07]Improved Initiative: +21 isn't very high for a speedster, but it should be enough to beat out all the non-speedsters.
    [*:3ruoqr07]Quickness: I assume that Quickness 6 (x100) effectively gives you benefits of Quick Change 2, since you can perform all routine tasks x100 faster, and Quick Change 2 just lets you change clothes x60 faster - as a Free Action (less than 1 second) instead of 10 rounds (1 minute / 60 seconds). Again, please let me know if I am mistaken.

:arrow: Combat Tactics: Not a comprehensive list, but a few examples of how she can contribute to a battle.

Round 1: Move Action to enter the battle at 100mph, Concealed from all Visual senses. Accurate Attack for +4 Attack / -4 Damage (Attack +16, Damage +0). Defensive Attack for +5 Defense / -5 Attack (Attack +11, Damage +17). Choose a point for the epicenter of the Area. Standard Action to use Rapid Attack to Aid every ally within 20ft of the epicenter, giving each of them +4 Attack or Defense against a single foe in melee. Aid = DC10 attack roll, so with Attack +11, she only misses on a natural 1. Use Move-By Action to finish moving after the Rapid Attack Aid, ending in melee range of a single foe and a single ally. Be ready to use Interpose to screen that ally from an attack with total concealment from Displacement (50% miss chance) and Defense +17 (DC27 to hit). Elusive Target gives her an additional +8 Defense bonus (DC35) against any ranged attacks.

Round 2, Version 1: Move Action to Feint the adjacent foe at -5 with Acrobatic Bluff (+15). Setup to transfer Feint to adjacent ally. Same Accurate/Defensive Attack as Round 1. Use Rapid Attack to Aid every ally within 20ft again. Be ready to Interpose adjacent ally again.

Round 2, Version 2: Move Action to Feint the adjacent foe at -5 with Acrobatic Bluff (+15). Standard Action to attack foe with Flurry (Attack +12, Damage +4/DC19). Increased margin of success from flat-footed Defense probably leads to bonus damage from Autofire, up to +4 (+8/DC23 total).

Round 1, Version 2: Switch Time Control array to maximum Speed rank. Full Action to Slam a single foe from 50,000-100,000ft away for +13 Damage. She suffers +6 Damage, and -2 Defense for 1 round.

:arrow: Weaknesses: Not a complete list, but it's a starting point for GMs trying to ruin her day.

  • [*:3ruoqr07]3-D Mobility: She can move very fast, and she can move across liquid and vertical surfaces. She can even jump slightly higher than normal with her high Acrobat bonus. But she can't reach targets in mid-air (flying foes, falling allies/bystanders/objects, etc.).
    [*:3ruoqr07]Bluff: She has +4 Bluff (hardly impressive) and +0 Sense Motive. It is very easy to deceive, Taunt, Trick, and Feint her. Any dedicated Bluff specialist can routinely either drop her an effective combat PL, or strip her of her Dodge bonus, reducing her Defense from +12 to +2. Follow that up with an Autofire power or a Power Attack against her +4 Toughness, and she's probably down for the count. Her high Acrobat score and Fearless feat make her highly resistant or immune to combat maneuvers based on Acrobat or Intimidate.
    [*:3ruoqr07]Concealment: Concealment 1 (Normal Hearing, 2PP) or Concealment 2 (All Audio Senses, 4PP) will deprive her of both her Danger Sense and her Uncanny Dodge, allowing her to be Surprise Attacked and caught flat-footed. See above for how devastating that can be.
    [*:3ruoqr07]Diplomacy: She has no resistance to Distract or Fascinate based on Diplomacy.
    [*:3ruoqr07]Impervious Toughness: Zephyr doesn't have Power Attack. She would have to Fatigue herself to power stunt a Penetrating attack. When facing a high Impervious rank, she's better off helping a stronger ally indirectly. If no stronger ally is present, she has a problem.
    [*:3ruoqr07]Perception-Range Attacks: The bane of any Defense-shifted character. Even the 50% miss chance from Concealment only goes so far toward mitigating it.

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Knowledge: Eidetic Memory gives a +4 bonus on Knowledge checks to remember information, which is the main use of Knowledge outside of designing Inventions. With Eidetic Memory and INT 12 (+1), she effectively has +5 in every Knowledge. With Quickness and her portable reference library, she can reliably take 20 on Knowledge checks in a matter of seconds while in the field, hitting DC25.

I'm almost certain that's not how that +4 bonus is supposed to be used. I've never seen anyone interpret it like that.

Everything else seems spot-on.

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I'm almost certain that's not how that +4 bonus is supposed to be used. I've never seen anyone interpret it like that.

Everything else seems spot-on.

Let me know if that winds up being the final judgement, and I'll shuffle some stuff around.

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I went ahead and shuffled some things around, changed up some skill ranks, got rid of Eidetic Memory, added Jack of All Trades, and increased her Intelligence. I took away the Healing AP. Until I can afford to purchase it permanently, I'll leave it to power stunts.

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