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Daikaiju Days (OOC)

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Power Stunt:

Soft Rock Form

Force Field 6 Flaws: Ablative [3pp]

Flight 2 Drawbacks: Low Ceiling 1 (30ft) [3pp]

Concealment 5 (All visual and hearing) (Extras: Area, Affects Others; Flaws: Blending, Limited to Machines; PF: Close Range, Selective) [12pp]

Vibration Control 6 PF: Subtle, Indirect, Accurate 3[17pp]

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I swear I thought I posted my question here! My mind is going on me :P

Well, it depends, is the beastie possessing of a brain to toy with? Psyche will try to detect that first. I have my mental awareness sense and if that doesn't tell me enough, we'll check with mind reading.


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OK guys, did you have anything else you wanted to do before you set up the attack on the Japanese base? If not, fire up and let it go, The base itself is roughly rectangular in shape, with one long side facing the water, the airstrip along a flat side, and the corners of the base armored with barbed wire and armed with cannons in addition to the regular guard rotations.

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