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Dr Archeville

Star Trek (the new film)

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Saw it last Sunday. I speak as a seriously long-time Trekkie who was active for decades in fandom before TNG came out, and who prefers TOS, when I say: it was freaking AWESOME! Oh, there are lots of nits to pick, and one truly execrable scene starring a very young J.T. Kirk in a car, but it was by far the best Trek movie ever. You heard me. Best. Ever.

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On my list of films to round out the month.


Angles and Demons


Star Trek :D

Blood the Last Vampire


Terminator 4 :D


Transformer 2 :D

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I've seen it twice now. It definitely holds up to a second viewing. I still laughed and cried. Strong story, strong casting, amazing effects, and an abundance of pulse-pounding action - this film is the total package.

I had a couple of minor issues with it. It wasn't perfect...but what film is?

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