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The Holding Back drawback


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Well, that's the thing -- there aren't any mechanical disadvantages for Holding Back, so it can't be statted. (The closest is "Half of party must be unconscious or dying," but that doesn't work for all characters. Like solo vigilantes.) All the Holding Back drawback gives are RP Complications. It's like those AD&D 2nd Ed. "Kits" for classes -- some were balanced, giving bonuses to X in exchange for penalties to Y, some were unbalanced by giving bonuses to X in exchange for agreeing to play the character in a certain way (the Swashbuckler kit from being perhaps the most egregious example).

I'd suggest using something like the Adrenal Surge power, which is effectively Boost with the Self Only and Tiring flaws. You use Boost, once it has completely faded you're fatigued (though you can spend an HP to nix that).

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