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Superspeed question


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Freedom City is about 15x25 miles in area, which works out to being about 20 miles in diameter for our purposes.

So to move from any point in the city to any other point, you must be able to clear 20 miles in one round, or two move actions. That's 10 miles per move action, or 10 miles per 3 seconds.

If you can move 10 miles in 3 seconds, you can move 200 miles in a minute. 3 seconds x20 = 60 seconds / 1 minute. 10 miles x20 = 200 miles.

If you can move 200 miles in a minute, you can move 12,000 miles in an hour. 200 x60 = 12,000.

So 12,000mph is the target minimum speed.

Speed 10 gives you a speed of 10,000mph. Speed 11 gives you 25,000mph. So unless the GM is feeling permissive because we're cutting it so close, you would need Speed 11.

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