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  1. Player Name:Vith Character Name:Leda Cygnette Power Level:7 (105/105PP) Trade-Offs: none Unspent Power Points: 0 Progress To Bronze Status: 0/30 [floatr][/floatr] In Brief: Android Come to Life Alternate Identity:The Swan Identity: Secret Birthplace:A random Lab at a classified location Occupation:Student Affiliations: None Family:Nameless team of R&D people, 'Kharis'('Mother'), Leslie Thompkins AKA 'Hedge Witch'('Other Mother') Description: Age: 5, 'Officially' 16 (DoB: 2007) Apparent Age: Variable, Defaults Late Teens Gender:Usually Female Ethnicity: Variable, Defaults Caucasian Height:Varies, Generally 5'5 Weight:150 lbs Eyes:Variable, Defaults Brown Hair:Variable, Defaults Brown Leda is a young woman in her late teens and she's very... bland. Not tall, not short, boring brown hair that reaches her shoulders. Face isn't overly pretty or particularly ugly('cute' if you're feeling generous). A perfect medium between skinny and fat with no real muscle tone and fair skin. She'd blend right and disappear in with a crowd of humans her own apparent age. The Swan is a very regal looking young woman in her mid teens with midnight black hair, bright blue eyes and a flawless, pale complexion and rather pretty. She stands(when she's not floating) 5'10" and wears a costume of white and gold. The base is a white leotard with long golden gloves, matching boots, and a short cape. Power Descriptions: Number of abilities intended for undercover surveillance. History: Leda started out her existance as a project for the FBI. Keeping tabs on murderers and drug dealers is a dangerous business, so they had some people develop an android that could observe, report, and most importantly, blend in with other people. Though there was some success, the best they could get it to do was sit somewhere like a cafe and do so from a distance. Ultimately they deemed it a failure and cut funding, donating the one prototype to the LAPD where it was put to use now and again so the project wasn't a total waste. A few years later a minor villainess calling herself 'Kharis' turned every living thing in a city block into an robotic version of itself, with some rambling claims of doing it to 'increase her powers tenfold'. She was quickly driven off(but not captured) and 'specialists'(mages, witches, priests, druids), were called in and they developed a counterspell, which was a painstaking process considering it had to be cast on each being individually. Well, it just so happened that Leda was languishing in a storage room in that city block. Mistakingly thinking she'd either ran out of power or simply fainted she was brought up and counterspelled as well. While not what the spell was designed for, it probably shouldn't have worked on the android, but with stray bits of Kharis' spell floating around it did. A little too well actually, as her new, organic body seemed to incorporate all of her 'special features' and then some. The government people working the cleanup of the case quickly figured out what had happened after a police officer identified that the seemingly shellshocked girl was their spybot. Once it was established that she wasn't a brain dead lump of flesh(as she'd been doing absolutely nothing since 'awakening') plans were quickly made to whisk her off to a secret government facility to be studied and trained as a useful asset for the U.S.A. Sadly for them, these plans were interrupted by Leslie Thompkins, a minor heroine(a rather grumpy portly woman in her 40's) who goes by the moniker 'Hedgewitch'. Self-taught in magic she used her powers for helping needy(medicines and such) and spying and reporting criminal activity rather than punching punks on the street. See, she'd been the one who'd cast the 'Robot to flesh' spell on Leda and later on that week when she went to meditate discovered a rather interested new thread woven into the metaphysical tapestry of her life. One that resembled a link a mother and a daughter might have. It was quite a surprise to find the emotionless teenager when she finally tracked her new daughter down. Then it was a legal battle as she fought for custody(she took the responsibilities of parenthood and magical bloodlines very seriously) but eventually she won thanks to the FBI demanding maternity tests that revealed that Leda shared all the genetic markers of being Leslie's daughter as well as a number of harmless genetic mutations. It was awkward after that, as Leslie hadn't ever expected to be a parent and didn't quite know how to handle something like this. But she tried and was actually making progress. Unfortunately Kharis returned several times, alternatively trying to kidnap Leda, convert her to her cause, and turn her back into a robot. Realizing she couldn't do this on her own Leslie reluctantly(but with a mixed sense of relief and regret) packed up her very strange child and sent her to Claremont Academy, hoping they could keep her safe until she could figure out how to deal with Leda's stalker. Personality & Motivation: Leda seems rather emotionless, which isn't surprising given the circumstances of her 'birth'. But despite appearances she does feel, she simply doesn't know how to deal with them or communicate them for the most part. While she doesn't have memories of anything before the spell per se, she does have vague impressions. The strongest of which was a sense of purpose which her new life seems quite lacking in. She was made to stop bad people, uphold the law, and help good people. And she's determined to keep doing that, no matter how soft her chassis becomes or how disturbing all these strange new sensations are. Powers & Tactics: An oddity for a teenaged hero, rather than being too reckless, The Swan is a wary fighter(a little too wary at times). Though just as dangerous in melee as she is at range, she prefers to stay in the air and whittle down opponents with her electrical blasts. Complications: Secret Identity:Though she doesn't quite understand the why of it all, Leda's been assured multiple times by trustworthy people that keeping her civilian and hero identities separate are very important. Not always easy, but she tries. Does not Compute:Leda often comes off as cold, heartless, and uncaring. While this isn't true, it rubs people the wrong way a lot. Canned Laughter:While she can generally detect lies easily enough, Leda is still very naive when it comes to social situations, much to trusting and usually doesn't realize that she's the butt of a joke. Leda, I am your father!:Leda's other 'parent' is also her Arch-Nemisis. 'Kharis' claims to be an olympian goddess(The daughter of Aphrodite, Hephaestus and Dionysus (it's complicated)) the goddess of love in digital media and technology/digital stuff in general. She's constantly trying to recruit her daughter and return her to her 'proper' form as a pile of metal and rubber, though with a will(that belongs to Kharis, and not herself of course!) Abilities: 0 + 0 + 0 + 0 + 24 + 0 = 24PP Strength: 10/24 (+0/+6) Dexterity: 10 (+0) Constitution: 10 (+0) Intelligence: 10 (+0) Wisdom: 34 (+12) Charisma: 10 (+0) Combat: 4 + 4 = 8PP Initiative: +0 Attack: +2 Melee, +7 Ranged Grapple: +0/+6/+7/+8 Defense: +2/+7 (+2 Base, +0 Dodge Focus, +5 Shield Power), +1 Flat-Footed Knockback: -3 Saving Throws: 4 + 4 + 0 = 8PP Toughness: +0/+7 (+0 Con, +7 Force Field) Fortitude: +4 (+0 Con, +4) Reflex: +4 (+0 Dex, +4) Will: +12 (+12 Wis, +0) Skills: 48R = 12PP Computers 6 (+6) Concentration 3 (+15, Skill Mastery) Knowledge Civics 6 (+6) Medicine 3 (+15, Skill Mastery) Notice 12 (+24, Skill Mastery) Sense Motive 12 (+24, Skill Mastery) Survival 3 (+15) Feats: 16PP Accurate Attack All-out Attack Assessment Attack Focus (Ranged) 5 Defensive Attack Eiditic Memory Move-by Action Power Attack Precise Shot 2 Skill Challenge(Quick Assessment) Skill Master (Concentration, Medicine, Notice, Sense Motive) Powers: 15 + 2 + 7 + 14 + 2 + 5 + 6 = 51PP Energy Core (Feats: Alternate Powers 1) [15PP] (Mutant) Blast: (Electricity;) {14} Alternate Power: Enhanced Strength 14 (Overclocked wetware) {14} Flight 1(10 MPH, 100"/round) [2PP] Force field 7(Protective Energy Field; Extras:Linked (Shield) [7PP] (Mutant) Former Robot ( Feats: Alternate Powers 1 ) [14PP] (Mutant) Base Power: Super Senses 13 (Surveillance Mode; Accurate Hearing, Extended Hearing, Extended Sight, Darkvision, Direction Sense, Distance Sense, Radio Hearing, Time Sense, X-Ray Vision(Lead)) {13} Alternate Power: Comprehend 5 Datalink 2 (Interface Protocols; Datalink:Radio Based, Comprehend:Read, Speak, And understand all languages, as well as speak to and understand Machines, Feats:Machine Control) {13PP} Morph 1 (Any Humanoid ) [2PP] (Mutant) Shield 5(Protective Energy Field; Extras:Linked (Forced Field) [5PP] (Mutant) SuperBot (Feats: Dynamic Alternate Powers 1) [6PP] (Mutant) Base Power: Flight 2 (25/50 MPH, 250'/500'/round) {power cost/array cost} Alternate Power: Super Strength (Redirecting Energy Reserves) {4PP} Drawbacks: (-2) + (-5) = -7PP Vulnerability (Enchantment Spells; Frequency: Uncommon; Intensity: Moderate[x1.5]) [-2PP] Weakness (Magnetic fields; Frequency: Uncommon; Intensity: Major [-1 all Mentall ability scores], per 1 minute) [-5PP] DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC22 Toughness (Staged) Damage (Physical) Lightning bolts 35' DC22 Toughness (Staged) Damage (Electricity) Totals: Abilities (24) + Combat (8) + Saving Throws (8) + Skills (12) + Feats (16) + Powers (51) - Drawbacks (-7) = 105/105 Power Points
  2. Velveteen was out in costume, 'patrolling'... sort of. With so many heroes in this city it was a real challenge finding some evil to thwart before one of her peers did. So she ended up racing a bunch of parkour enthusiasts, holding back enough to give them a fighting chance. Then her sensitive ears picked up the telltale ring of a bank alarm and she rocketed off towards it with a leap that no normal human could ever hope to match. Moments later she's standing on a roof across the street, trying to get a lay of the land before jumping in.
  3. Vith


    Sometime far in the future, on VH1's 'Behind the Mask'Because they never play music anymore Nearly five years ago in the mystical land of Southern California, a brand new drug dubbed 'Perfection' has hit the streets of a couple upscale communities, spreading like wildfire. Why you ask? Because it does everything. Need a study aid? Need a little edge for you next football game? Feeling a little down? This wonderdrug would take care of it! And the (seeming) lack of side-effects made most kids view it as an upscale version of caffeine pills. Helpful, but not dangerous if you're careful. Where did this come from you ask? Well, an evil pharmacutical company! Well, ok so it wasn't really EVIL. But it wasn't exactly oozing goodness either. Originally 'Perfection' had been a contract with a government to develop some safe stimulants to give their troops. Unfortunately, though it showed promise long term use slowly turned the user into a dessicated husk with a distinct lack of drive. Alive but, well nearly catatonic. Not exactly what was ordered, so the project was shut down. One scientist, an underling really, desperate for the recognition he so surely deserved(not), decided to continue experimenting in secret, cleverly . But where to get subjects? The answer was obvious(to this sociopath anyway), entitled wealthy kids who's sole goal in life was to be better than everyone else(the whole lot of them reminded the scientist of his bosses. Underserving of what they had!). Cleverly fudging some numbers when ordering chemicals, hire some punks and... voila! Instant guinea pigs. Granted, results were rather vague considering they generally consisted of 'This batch was great!' and 'This batch made everyone barf!' but there was definite improvement. Really, the scientist might have had a bright future if he'd found a way to continue experimenting that didn't involve children. But alas... But anyway, he also put tracers into the little cocktail. (Slightly)Radioactive nanites that were rather primitive and were flushed out of the subject's system. Their sole purpose was to 'call home' if they lasted beyond the estimated max time the drug was supposed to affect someone. 'Lo and behold! One day(well, one 'couple of months but that doesn't have the same ring) Five different teens suddenly appeared on his radar. These kids not only kept the drug in their system, their body seemed to adapt to it, albeit in different ways. One became strong, one tough, one smart, one fast, and one could heal really well. This was a huge breakthrough, Mister Mad Pharmacist just had to study them! Unfortunately, he couldn't go see them himself, as that could tip someone off when they disappeared. So he had his dealers hire some 'guys they knew'. To catch those pesky kids for him. They made their move on halloween, managing to trick and capture all of them and then made the mistake of loading them into the same van. Realizing what was going on the costumed teenagers busted free rather quickly and subdued their would-be kidnappers. Videos from cellphones quickly made them a hit, with the misinterperetation that the kidnappers were gangbangers on a drive by or something. It was never actually clear. Luckily their costumes kept them from being identified. So you could say that the 'Superstars' rise to fame started with them saving themselves. The kids laid low for a couple weeks after that, keeping in touch and slowly figuring out what was going on and giddy with their sudden fame(even if they couldn't admit to it). None of them quite remember who actually spoke the idea out loud, but they decided to fight the good fight and became heroes. Unfortunately, kids being kids they named their team 'Superstars' and had many grand adventures, gaining a colorful rogues gallery that included a certain Pharmacist with an inferiority complex. Their varied abilities meshed well and they actually became quite good at being super heroes. Becoming well known even outside their state and actually saving the world once(though, after a certain amount of time in the game, who hasn't?). Things weren't all rainbows and happy times though, they took some flak for 'selling out' getting a PR agent and merchandising while only giving part to charity and keeping the rest for themselves. It's not like they were greedy or anything! They made sure that it didn't interfere with them actually helping people. And they needed the money for gadgets, costumes, and college! Not that the public really listened to that part. And then there was the mission that earned them a 'too reckless to work with' with the government types. Some agency consisting of only 3 letters asked them to rescue a hostage without being seen. 'Get in, get the hostage, get out, and DON'T BE SEEN' was the exact words. They got in and got the hostage just fine, but then fumbled the 'Don't be seen bit' having to fight their way out. They succeeded though! Rescuing the hostage and surviving... if just barely. Still, it was a black mark that would haunt them for the rest of their careers. And the gossip rags were a constant pest. Scandal sells and what's an easier mark than 5 teenagers running around in funny outfits and punching people? Most of the team had grown rather tired of it all by the time they graduated highschool. Strongman and Toughguy decided to join the military, The Brains opted to play a 'long game' in saving the world, nudging events and building stuff to make the world a better place, and Healy dude decided to simply retired. Yes he could heal any injury but it still hurt. And he was tired of getting shot. One member decided to stay in the game though. Lacy Lupin 'The Rabbit', 'cute' member of the team and all-around bouncy spazz. Her solo career did not start well, as fighting on your own is a lot harder than fighting with a team. not to mention the lawsuit... You see, that halloween nearly half a decade ago, she'd been dressed up as a certain type of Bunny waitress. And while her costume had quickly morphed into a full body suit that was much more practical for crimefighting, she'd quickly pinged the radar of a certain adult magazine, who'd issued cease and desist orders. During a legal battle that was more savage than any alien invasion the team had faced the magazine slipped and made a mistake. They'd offered to cut a deal if she would pose for them, not realizing she was underage. With this Bunny's lawyers managed to (quietly, as their PR guy didn't want them to ruin their image with this stuff) get the magazine to back off. But her real age came out during the discussions and for 3 years the the magazine tycoon and his cadre of lawyers bided their time, plotting and planning. Though her costume bore little to no resemblance of their trademarked outfit, they managed to use enough legal technicalities and threw enough money at judges to get a case. One that obviously wouldn't win, but they had a different plan in mind. A war of attrition. Locking Bunny's public accounts up and managing to get a ban on her costumed self's likeness until the proceedings finished, they simply stalled for time, figuring she would cave and accept their 'deal'. Offers of help poured in from all over. But Lacy turned them all down. Her heroing wasn't doing that well, too many nostalgic memories attached to the costume and she DID want to go to college. Besides, she was assured they wouldn't actually win the suit. So she dropped it all and decided to go to college someplace far away, figuring by the time she got back everything would be resolved. She wasn't going to stop heroing of course, but 'The Bunny' was done, at least for now. Leaving a long 'Goodbye for now' letter(filled with hints as to her new super moniker) on a bunch of message boards her fans ran she headed out to Freedom City, figuring if she could make it solo there, she could make it solo anywhere.
  4. Removed the mask, used the points to pay for Supersenses and Feats. Switched out Eidetic Memory for mental quickness 2 as per suggested. Also fixed numerous references to her name being 'Lucy' and not 'Lacy' in her complications >_>
  5. Vith

    Vith's New Idea

    Yeah so anyway to sleek/make the build better would be appreciated! Just think 'What if The Juggernautâ„¢ were a teenaged girl in a giant metal ball' and you've got the idea behind the powerset Completely messed up the powers putting them in(Didn't add them up correctly OR put in growth.) currently should be 51/55 points. Need another 12 points/3 ranks to get in enough growth to make the ball large. Will have to shave points Probably goodbye supermovement. Can you put feats on a Device? Because Fast/improved overrun, instant up, prone fighting and takedown attack should probably be on there if so. And the whole point of instant up and prone attack is to represent that you can't trip a ball! Semi had a great idea though, how much would Immunity (trip) cost?
  6. Vith

    Vith's New Idea

    So, even though I'm going to wait like a month after Velveteen gets approved I thought I'd toss out my PL7 idea for deconstruction. Basically a teenaged Tech hero who's super suit is actually a physics/defying rolling ball. Player Name:Vith Character Name:RPM, Revolution, Rev, Revvy etc.[floatr][/floatr] Power Level: 7 105/105PP Trade-Offs: -5 ttack / +5Damage, -5Defense / +5Toughness Unspent Power Points: 0 Progress To Bronze Status: 0/30 In Brief: Girl genius with a terrifying hamsterball. Alternate Identity:Tiffany Thunders Identity: Secret Birthplace:Norfolk, Nebraska USA Occupation:Student Affiliations: None Family:Mother(Natalie Thunders), Father(Timothy Thunders), Older Brother(Nathan Thunders) Description: Age: 16DoB: September 21, 1996 Apparent Age: Teens Gender:Female Ethnicity: Caucasian Height:5'0" Weight:112 lbs Eyes:Blue Hair:Blonde (Describe what they look like!) Power Descriptions: (Describe what their powers look like, if applicable) History: When Natalie and Timothy married they'd decided they wanted a boy and a girl, so when their second child turned out to be a girl and they're dream family was complete they were overjoyed... at least initially. See, while she was a very smart baby, practically potty training herself, learning to walk barely a week after she started crawling around backwards, she was also a very quiet baby who seemed to like observing things more than playing with most of her toys. And having a baby sitting there, stare at your every move silently was well... pretty creepy. Then came the toddler years and they had ot 'Tiffany-Proof' the entire house because she not only got into everything within her tiny grasp, but she cobbled together little ladders and such to get to things above her reach. After the second trip to the hospital(she tried to take apart the toaster without unplugging it) the Thunders started to truly fear for their daughter and the bright young girl went into lockdown. It was nothing horrible or abusive really(in fact it probably saved her life considering what she usually go into). But still, constant supervision and getting locked in her room for hours on end(They stacked babygates up to block the entire door, she wasn't hidden away or anything!) certainly left their mark. She hadn't started talking by the time she started schools, doctors using words like 'Autistic' and 'Savant' and the school putting her in the special education class. She spent her first couple years of school alternatively bored to tears or getting into trouble for 'investigating' things(usually investigating them into little pieces). Eventually she figured out what the people around her wanted and things got a little better when she finally bothered to translate all the noises they were making. But years of getting gently slapped down for being too bright and too inquisitive had left their mark. And she made sure she was decidedly average in everything, grades, sports, temperment, etc. Though she didn't exactly have to try to be average in sports department. She spent a lot of time in libraries, quietly learning on her own. Tiffany had friends(in a school where it was less than 30 kids per grade level, you couldn't exactly afford to be choosy) mostly 'nerds'. She wasn't hated or anything, though a lot of people found her constant cheerful demeanor and motor mouth annoying, but she was never overly close with anyone either except her older brother Nathan. She practically worshipped him and always followed him around. Nate was good natured about it, always explaining things(and she kept her mouth shut about how much more she knew) and giving her stuff of his to take apart and study when they broke or he didn't want them anymore. Then junior high rolled around and the awkward duckling became a beautiful(but still awkward) swan and things seemed to look up. People were talking to her and she was making friends! Though they were mostly guys. And when she realized she was mostly talking at them while they simply stared at her she found it (in a wholly ironic karmic twist)creepy and broke it off, becoming a bit of a hermit and spending her time int he garage with her older brother. Nate was really into cars and racing and because of that so was Tiffany... sort of. She found cars as a concept important, but wholly impractical, clunky, and boring. So while Nate was fixing up his 'Racer' she was busy designing new and more interesting vehicles, showing them to her brother and explaining all about them. Nate for his part, would nod and smile, not really knowing what she was saying but willing to play along if it would get his sister to smile. Near there hometown was a little racetrack(really just a dirt circle with a concession stand and an entrance fee) where people could time their laps, do quarter miles, even race once in a while. It was a popular past time for the gearheads of the area and Nathan often went there on weekends, Tiffany in tow. There was also a lot of secretive betting(due not a little, in part to a certain movie series about angry driving) and nate made a lot of cash(unbeknowenst to him, Tiffany would often upgrade his car in subtle ways when she had some spare time). Getting overconfident thanks to his wins, nate made a big wager on a race only to have his pride and joy suddenly break down halfway through the race. When the other guys found out Tiffany's brother didn't have the money to pay them things quickly turned from harassement to violence and when Nate ended up in the hospital claiming he 'fell down some stairs' and Tiff caught him planning to rob a local gas station for cash(which made no sense to her considering how little cash they kept on hand!) decided it was time to do something! A few years ago, in an effort to get his sister to be quiet while he concentrated(with out hurting her feelings) Nate had randomly pointed to one of her schematics and muttered 'That one's pretty cool! You should try and build it.' then promptly forgot about it as his sister became very quiet, mentally mapping out HOW to build the 'cool' vehicle. It wasn't easy and took all of her allowance(and all the money from her paper route!) not to mention a few sneak aquisitions from a junkyard. But she managed to build it in an abandoned barn on her parent's farm. It didn't look like much when unpowered, a stack of metal wires. But when powered on it turned into a perfect sphere, the wiring interlaced with force field panels that worked like a two way mirror(people on the outside could see a vague, blurry humanoid shape while you could see everything perfectly from the inside). Rolling out in her creation, she found the would-be leg-breaking bookies she chased them down, crushed their cars and bounced them around a little warning them that they needed to stop the betting racket and if they tried to collect anymore debts she'd crush more than their cars. Upon hearing the story of Nebraska's new superhero, Nathan put everything together and voiced his concerns to his parents(driven by bad memories of sleepless nights spent watching his sister sleep at a hospital or covered in bandages) and Tiffany's 'toy' was promptly confiscated and she was majorly grounded, only allowed to go to school or the therpist she suddenly had and all of her interactions with anything was carefully monitored(and anything electronic or dangerous was taken away). Unsure of what to do, the Thunders began making inquiries for help with their daughter's special needs and eventually were led to Claremont and though they couldn't afford ful tuition, upon examining Tiffany's vehicle they granted her a 'Working Scholarship' where she'd go for free, as long as she helped maintain things on the grounds. Tiffany was all for it, thoroughly sick of her family and the tiny town by now and left as soon as possible, never looking back(but leaving a rather rude sculpture in her room made out of linkin logs and legos that required cutting the floor to remove). Personality & Motivation: Tiffany is a cheerful, polite, and talkative young lady but otherwise seems pretty bland in her tastes and preferences. She's more than a little forgetful and easily distracted by SCIENCE! She's also taken a rather vindictive like to be deliberatly obtuse and overly literal, which has had a side effect of making people think she's a bit of an airhead. Powers & Tactics: Tiffany's rollerball is rather limited in what it can do and as the saying goes 'When you have a hammer, all your problems start to look like nails'. She generally just charges in, smashes bad guys and rolls away, relying on the thing's heavy armor instead of it's nimble movement. Complications: A-choo!:The rollerball is based entirely around the movements of the person inside of it. Which is cool since you don't need a steering wheel or anything. But bad when you sneeze and suddenly you're going 90 miles an hour backwards. But... I'm a scientist!:Due to her young age and her looking like your typical blonde airhead(something her recent attitude hasn't really helped with) Tiffany has problems with people taking her seriously. This causes problems when she's trying to communicate something important and also makes her quite frustrated. I am le-tired:The rollerball is based entirely around the movements of the person inside of it. Which means to make it roll you have to walk. To make it roll fast you have to run. Tiffany isn't out of shape, but she's certainly not in shape either and gets tired after a while and needs to take a breather. Precociousness, Undone:Tiffany learned early on that being TOO special wasn't a good thing. Something that was cemented in her mind when her older brother 'betrayed' her to her parents. So she always holds back, never tries to excel in front of others, and certainly doesn't trust anyone overly much. Responsibilities:Tiffany has a working scholarship at claremont, which means if she wants to stay there she has to spend so many hours fixing up the grounds and maintaining her grades(which isn't hard, but showing all of her work is tedious and time consuming). Secret I.D.:Tiffany likes people, she just doesn't trust them and her family are devout catholics so she was raised to always help those in need. So she decided to take her rollerball out and fight crime. Which you know, she can't tell people (shhh). Technophile:Tiffany is a very curious girl and new technology(no matter what it does) is worth more than diamonds to her. Unfortunately she's too afraid to ask about it and seem overly intelligent, so she tends to nab a raygun off a badguy(which is technically stealing evidence) or 'borrow' things without asking, fully meaning to return them after she's studied it a little. That's no moon!:The rollerball is... large. And it's a ball. Which means no arms. It can collapse around her into a boxy humanoid shape, but this makes her lose her immovable and speed capabilities. And she can't work anything more complicated than say a doorknob, so she may need to leave the suit entirely. WHAT'S MY NAME!?:Tiffany's adopted the moniker of 'RPM(Revolutions Per Minute). She doesn't mind nicknames like 'Rev' but making fun of it by calling it a hamster ball or something like that is sure to set her off. Abilities: 0 + 0 + 0 + 14 + 1 + 1 = 16PP Strength: 10/18 (+0/4) Dexterity: 10 (+0) Constitution: 10/14 (+0/+4) Intelligence: 24 (+7) Wisdom: 12 (+1) Charisma: 12 (+1) Combat: 4 + 4 = 8PP Initiative: +7 (Int) Attack: +2 Melee, +2 Ranged Grapple: +10 Defense: +1 (+2 Base, +0 Dodge Focus, -1 Size), +0 Flat-Footed Knockback: -18 Saving Throws: 5 + 3 + 7 = 15PP Toughness: +12 (+2 Con, +0 [Other]) Fortitude: +5/+7 (+0/+2 Con, +5) Reflex: +3 (+0 Dex, +3) Will: +8 (+1 Wis, +7) Skills: 32R = 8PP Computers 4 (+11) Disable Device 4 (+11) Craft (Electronics) 5 (+12) Craft (Mechanical) 5 (+12) Knowledge (Physical Sciences) 5 (+12) Knowledge (Technology) 5 (+12) Notice 4 (+5) Feats: 12PP Accurate Attack Attractive Fast Overrun Improved Overrun Improved Trip Instant Up Inventor Move-By Action Prone Fighting Speed of Thought Takedown Attack 2 Powers: 44PP Device 11 (Roller Ball, Technological; 55PP Container; :Hard-To-Lose; ]) [44PP] Environmental Control 2 (Light Control 1/rank, 'Omnidirectional Headlights') [4PP] Immovable 3 (Impractical Applications of Physics!; Extras: Immoveableb]) 6PP Protection 10 (Heavy Armoring;Extras: Impervious 7;) 17PP On the Roll(6PP; Power Feats:Alternate Powers 1) Base Power: Speed 5 (250 MPH, 2,500' per round; ) {5PP} Alternate Power: Leaping 3 & Speed 2 (Laws(Of physics) are meant to be broken!, Leaping x10, 20 MPH, 20o' Per round; Extras: Area (Burst), Selective; Flaws: ) {12PP} Painbringing Array(10PP; Power Feats:Alternate Powers 1) Base Power: Strike 8 (Roadkill; Power feats: Mighty; ) {9PP} (Enhanced Genetics) Alternate Power: Blast 4 (Highbeams (Lasers); ) {8PP} Super Movement 7(Sure footed 4, Wall Crawl 2, Waterwalking;) Drawbacks: (-0) + (-0) = -0PP Drawback (Description; Frequency: [uncommon, Common, or Very Common]; Intensity: [Minor, Moderate, or Major]) [-XPP] DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Strike Touch DC27 Toughness (Staged) Damage (Physical) Blast 20' DC19 Toughness (Staged) Damage (Heat/Light) Totals: Abilities (16) + Combat (8) + Saving Throws (15) + Skills (8) + Feats (12) + Powers (44) - Drawbacks (0) = 105/105 Power Points
  7. Alright, took out equipment and benefit feats, made a rank 1 device. And named my strike array.
  8. So, looking at it. She doesn't really have anything that's 'super'. Can I make all of her powers be natural?
  9. Player Name:Vith Character Name:Velveteen (Formerly Bunny) Power Level: 10 (150/150PP) Trade-Offs: +3Attack / -3 Damage, +5 Defense / -5 Toughness Unspent Power Points: 0 Progress To Bronze Status: 0/30 In Brief: Super reflexes Alternate Identity:Lacy Lapin Identity: Secret Birthplace:Burbank, California Occupation:College Student, 'Independantly Wealthy' from merchandising Affiliations: Solo, former member of now disbanded team 'Starpowers' Family:Mother, Father, little sister, older sister Description: Age: 19 (DoB: October 1, 1993 Apparent Age: Late teens/Early Twenties. Gender:Female Ethnicity: Caucasian Height:5'2" Weight:118 lbs Eyes:Green Hair:Blonde Lacy is an attractive young woman with a slender build that makes her modest curves seem more ample than they really are. She has long blond hair that reaches partway down her back in curly waves, giving her a fashionable 'bedhead' look, large blue eyes, a small, pert nose and full lips. She's fit in a way that bespeaks many hours at the gym, but for looks rather than actual strength or endurance. All in all, she's a prime example of a 'beach bunny' back in her home state of California. She dress casually as often as she can, stylish glasses, T-shirts with funny sayings, jeans, and flip-flops when she can get away with it. Velveteen is a wholly unimposing figure who looks anything but dangerous. Her blonde hair is left free, covering her actual ears while white rabbit ears with pink insides peeking out from it comically, one straight and the other bent at an angle without revealing the band that holds them there. What can be seen of her face is rather pretty, though a pink domino mask with opaque lenses disguise her eyes. The main piece of her costume is a sleevless unitard that ends in shorts, a mixture of white and pink with a heart cut-out on her chest and a fluffy white bunny tail on her lower back. Thigh-high boots and slightly longer than elbow length gloves finish her costume, colored similar to her unitard, white with pink styliings. Power Descriptions: Lacy has (barely)superhuman reflexes, balance, and flexibility. She's also much stronger and hardier than she seems. History: Lacy Lapin was a normal highschooler until she tried the new 'study drug' called perfection. While most kids just got a little better at everything for a day or two, Lacy became a little better at everything and A LOT faster permanently. And she wasn't the only one, four other classmates who tried the same batch gained awesome abilities as well. The manufacturer of the drug wanted to study this new development and had them kidnapped, inadvertantly letting them know about each other. They escaped rather spectacularly and formed the superteam 'Superstars'. Lacy, with her inhuman reflexes dubbed herself 'The Bunny'. Many great and wonderful adventures were had. They became rather famous and were accused for 'selling out' when they started merchandising. Gossip rags made up stories about them constantly because they were easy targets. And they developed an unfair reputation for recklessness after botching a stealth mission to rescue a hostage(though they still rescued the hostage!) This of course, wore the team down and when they graduated highschool they decided to hang up their masks and try other things. Well, all of them except for Lacy, who struck it out on her own. But solo heroing is a lot different than being on a team and then someone suddenly sprang a copyright lawsuit on her(the dangers of making money off of heroing!) things seemed dire. Turning down the numerous offers of help from peers and friends she decided that maybe it was time for a major change. Applying for college in Freedom City she developed a new(though decidedly similar) heroic identity. A few months later, the Rabbit-themed heroine 'Velveteen' made her debut in a place already overflowing with superbeings. Figuring if she could make it here, she could make it anywhere! Personality & Motivation: Lacy is considered polite and quiet by people who don't really know her and sarcastic, witty, good natured and loyal to friends. Oddly, people who don't like her are nearly impossible to find, almost like she bends over backwards not to start a scene... Velveteen a new heroine, always very willing to stop and talk to the press, or pose for a photo, or sign something. However, she's also very willing(perhaps too willing) to jump headfirst into danger, always putting other people's welfare above her own. Villains tend to despise her because of the non-stop taunting and bad jokes she throws out in a fight. Powers & Tactics: Velveteen relies purely on her speed, reflexes, and agility to carry the day. Her 'style' is a chaotic, unpredictable mess of flashy moves copied from wire fighting kung-fu movies and oppurtunistic strikes from impossible positions that would make any trained martial artist cringe in despair. Despite(or maybe because) of this she's a fairly dangerous (and very experienced) brawler. Complications: Closeted:Lacy is a lesbian and she is most definitely not 'out'. She realized this years ago but between heroing, a normal life, and all of the advertisements and such her PR people had her do, had no time to actually act on this. That's right, she's never been on a date or even kissed and even if she found someone she 'liked' liked she wouldn't know how to approach them. This can lead her to be a little too eager to help women and to lead on men. Collage Girl:Lacy's in college! She hasn't actually decided on a major, but has enough general credit courses to work through to keep her busy. But falling asleep in class because you spent all night fighting off mutant pistol shrimp, telling your teacher that a supervillain incinerated your homework, or that you missed class because you were abducted by the mer-people of the plannet k'zzk to save their queen generally doesn't go over too well. Hyper-Metabolism:Lacy requires more food than a normal person. A lot more. She's developed ways to deal with this so people don't get suspcious, like constantly snacking or slipping an MRE into a candy bar wrapper, but it's still a strain and she can often be found tucking into a corner and munching on something. Jeepers Creepers:Big bad Lacy, veterin superheroine is... terrified of creepy crawlies. Bugs, spiders, insects you name it she hates it. She won't eat food that a fly has landed in(and due to her metabolism this is a big thing), bug-themed supers are treated with distaste(the more 'buggy' their costume the worse it is), and actual contact with a bug will make her freak out. Secret I.D.:Velveteen is actually the Bunny! No wait, The Bunny is actually Lacy! er... Anyway, Lacy has 2.5 identities and would like to keep them all VERY seperate. Not always easy, but worth it in the long run. Seems so Slow:Lacy suffers from a slight case of 'Speedster Syndrome', where the world goes too slow for you to handle. It's not bad enough to cause an actual impairment, reminiscent of ADHD (in fact she's been prescribed pills to deal with it. But she claims they 'make her fuzzy' and it interferes with her heroic duties so she doesn't take them) which makes it hard to keep track of little things, like conversations or she'll talk a little too fast or simply jump to a new idea before other people will finish the first one... you get the idea. The Image:Lacy claims she isn't into the heroing business for fame and fortune, but she enjoys getting both while doing it! So she does her best to make sure she projects a nice, heroic image for the media and public, even when she doesn't exactly feel like it. Smile for the camera, kiss a baby, sign an autograph, she does her best to make time for it all, but it's a fine line she walks, trying to squeeze in good PR without dropping the ball hero-wise. Abilities: 0 + 16 + 6 + 2 + 2 + 4 = 30PP Strength: 10 (+0) Dexterity: 26 (+8) Constitution: 16 (+3) Intelligence: 12 (+1) Wisdom: 12 (+1) Charisma: 14 (+2) Combat: 10 + 10 = 20PP Initiative: +8 Attack: +13 Melee, +5 Ranged Grapple: +13 Defense: +15 (+5 Base, +10 Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-Footed Knockback: -1 Saving Throws: 3 + 2 + 6 = 11PP Toughness: +5 (+3 Con, +2 Defensive Roll) Fortitude: +6 (+3 Con, +3) Reflex: +10 (+8 Dex, +2) Will: +7 (+1 Wis, +6) Skills: 104R = 26PP Acrobatics 12 (+20)Skill Mastery, Ultimate Effort Bluff 8 (+10) Climb 8 (+8) Computers 3 (+4) Diplomacy 7 (+9) Disable Device 9 (+10)Skill Mastery Disguise 4 (+6) Escape Artist 4 (+12) Gather Information7 (+9) Notice 8 (+9) Perform (Acting) 4 (+6) Search 7 (+9) Sense Motive 9 (+10)Skill Mastery Sleight of Hand 4 (+12) Stealth 7 (+15)Skill Mastery Swim 3 (+3) Feats: 38PP Acrobatic Bluff All-Out Attack Attack Focus (Melee) 8 Beginners Luck Benefit (Wealth) Connected (People's she's rescued, Government and hero types that owe her favors) Contacts (Generally heroes she's worked with and Government types) Defensive Roll Dodge Focus 10 Elusive Target Evasion Grappling Finesse Improved Throw Improved Trip Jack of all Trades Move-By Action Power Attack Skill Challenge (Fast Acrobatic Bluff) Skill Mastery Ultimate Effort (Acrobatics) Uncanny Dodge 2 (Hearing, Sight) Powers: 15 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 1 = 25PP Bunny-Fu-Fu(15PP; Power Feats:Alternate Powers 1) Base Power: Strike 7 (Speedy Strike; Extras: Autofire; ) {15PP} (Enhanced Genetics) Alternate Power: Strike 4 (Bouncing around like a squirrel on speed; Extras: Area (Burst), Selective; Flaws: ) {12PP} Leaping 2 (x5 distance) [2PP] (Enhanced Genetics) Speed 3 (50 MPH, 500' per round) [3PP] (Enhanced Genetics) Super Senses 4 (Accurate Hearing, Danger Sense 2 (Hearing, Sight) [4PP] (Enhanced Genetics) Quickness 2 (Quick Brains; Flaws:Limited: Mental Tasks Only;) [1PP] (Enhanced Genetics) Drawbacks: (-0) + (-0) = -0PP DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC15 Toughness (Staged) Damage (Physical) Strike 7 Touch DC22 Toughness (Staged) Damage (Physical) Strike 4 Touch/AreaDC19 Toughness (Staged) Damage (Physical) Totals: Abilities (30) + Combat (20) + Saving Throws (11) + Skills (26) + Feats (38) + Powers (25) - Drawbacks (0) = 150/150 Power Points
  10. Quiver:A former backup dancer who was caught in a terrible accident with the love of her life, which granted her vibrational powers while disfiguring her girlfriend(who was a famous singer) now commits crime to pay for all the medical bills.
  11. http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2135312/ Toughness Save:13 vs. 20 *Fail* Bruised 1 stunned.
  12. Snare attack! 13 *miss* http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2135296/
  13. "Just frikken peachy. Real smooth Merc" Mercy muttered to and at herself in annoyance, arms lifted away from her sides as the alcohol soaks into her costume and her hair, "I smell like a kegger" she complains loudly, the fact that it's her fault just seems to make it worse. "Dude" the heroine turns her attention to the possessed woman, "Bullets bounce off of me, what could you possibly do to me in that body? Aside from charge me for all the booze" Which could be a real problem. "As for going through you? Not really. All I have to do is pin her down." as she spoke Mercy was quietly digging the bolas out of her utility belt. With a quick, underhanded throw the weapon flies from her hand, whirling through the air, missed the possessed woman by centimeters and slamming into the top shelf stuff kept behind the counter, making an even bigger mess. "I hate you" Mercy muttered at the lead demon, glare hidden behind her soggy mask.
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    Alright sorry for not doing this sooner: But RL is getting pretty hairy for me and I'll probably be posting extremely slow for the rest of the summer =/
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