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A Question of Priorities OOC


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A few ideas:

Quark: "Doo-doo-doo, I'm drivin' around in my car! Oh no, a crazy mob has just smashed my window and is yelling something about fighting the power. I'll show them!"

Quark: "Hey, this isn't Canal Street! Stupid cabbie...oh no, a crazy mob is attacking those cops! I'll show them!"

Quark: "Fight the power! Wait, I'm a superhero, not a crazy guy in a mob! I'll show them!"

Quark: "A riot in the Wading Way? Cops in peril? I'll show them!"

For the record, Avenger is in the area because he was monitoring his police band and somewhat misinterpreted what he overheard. There turned out to be more cops, and more rioters than he'd thought. :D

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I don't care, I'm still free, you can't take the sky...

Oh. Right. Questions. From the Freedom City rulebook:


Majestic is a large international corporation with interests in chemicals

and heavy industry. Its corporate headquarters is in an office building

in downtown Freedom City, and its owner, Hieronymus King, lives in a

sprawling mansion in North Bay.


The Majestic CEO is in his 50s, with hair gone almost completely white

and a full moustache. He wears tailored suits most of the time, though a

blazer over a sweater and ascot is standard when he’s on board his yacht,

the Ocean Queen.

Hieronymus King is a ruthless and cunning man. His willingness to do

anything to increase profits, including breaking the law, make him dangerous.

He is secret backer for many criminal operations, reaping large profits

with only minimal risk. King is willing to bankroll super-criminals and provide

for the needs of criminal organizations, but only if he gets a cut of

any plunder or information. He carefully insulates himself from any liability,

working through intermediaries and front companies to provide deniability.

In short, your average corporate b******s. That's part of the question: break up the mob and save their interests, or use the chaos to bring them down?

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Sorry to sound like a stick in the mud, but Quark is in the air still and you just threatened him, not informed him of why that guy is wrong. He'll go along with fear though. Question: When you're in gas form do you look like yourself or a gas cloud? Looking like yourself would lend to the scariness :P

Also, we gotta wait for Ned's actions

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Nope, Diplomacy checks don't necessarily do anything to players. It is up to Quark if he finds my impassioned, high-rolling speech (wasted a good die roll there :() to be worth his while.

Sorry I'm late in posting, but I have to sleep at some point.

EDIT: I'm at school, and my proxy avoidance only works half the time, so I can't post the links to my rolls until I get home. I brushed off the Taunt with a 32, but failed to save against the Snare, which hit, with a 13. Are you targeting Ned's vocal cords to shut him up, or going with the normal "Entangled" effect?

Quark, if you want to edit your post and retain some free will, you are welcome to do so. I won't complain.

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