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Archaelogical Dig: Players requested


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A notice is tacked all around Freedom City:

"Seeking Heroic individuals to help a Songstress search for her background and past believed to be held in artifacts. One such Artifact has suddenly been located in Ancient Egypt, in a Pyramid thanks to an archaeological dig. The archaeologists went missing shortly after due to unknown reasons. The Songstress wishes to do two things:

1) Retrieve her history.

2) Find out what happened to these people and what can be done to save them.

Please contact this address to inquire further."

An address leading to South Freedom city, Southside, is written underneath.

My dearest thanks,

Zallora (Known as Lullaby)


A hero adventure into an Ancient Egyptian Pyramid to locate the Archaeologists. Any PL is acceptable, but it has to be a hero.

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Well, in an attempt to do something, I'd be up for it. Plus, Astral Form would be pretty useful in looking around. Count me in.

Oops! Didn't see you there, Nal. Since you got here first and your character's already approved, I'll bow out if you want to be the resident psychic. Don't wanna step on your niche.

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Ignis does seem to be a bit of a "glass cannon." Looks like he can dish out some terrifying damage, though.

Assuming she gets approved, my Scarab build is tough...unless someone breaks her Concentration, or forces her to roll a Fortitude save. Then she crumples like an empty soda can.

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