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  1. Initiative (1d20=8) Sorry about the delays, life's been hell >_<
  2. Life's finally calmed down a lot, so I dropped a well-overdue post. Sorry about that ^^;;
  3. This group was tremendous... watching their powers in such a way... Earth would be very interesting, it seemed. It seemed like now would be the best time to make an appearance. In the middle of the room, there's a shimmering, before Ignis's ethereal form is visible to those nearby. His first call of introduction, though, is to bow his head to those around him before speaking, his voice again echoing in their minds. "Do not be alarmed. I am Ignis, and I have observed your actions thus far and wish to assist you. If you do have any queries or concerns, please raise them now and I shall do my best to address them." His form continues to hover there, glancing around at each hero in turn.
  4. I'll be waiting one more round since things are a bit hectic RL-side. Like I said, observing.
  5. I wasn't meaning verbal response, more verbal. Sure, the others can't communicate mentally, but that's why a mouth exists.
  6. I'm thinking it's pretty much dead. Might as well start a new one, I think.
  7. Ah, sorry, didn't realize you guys were waiting on me. Luckily. I was just having Ignis observe for now, picking up on how Earth does it before jumping in. Plus, nobody responded to the mental broadcast he did, so I'm waiting to see if anyone responds to that, too.
  8. Interesting... The Astral Plane here was vastly different from his home planet. But now wasn't the time for gawking. At least, not outside the building. In he went, looking over each of the men inside, only to have them seemingly pick up on... something. But what? Well, there's one way to find out, and that's poke about in each of their heads, one-by-one, to pick out the surface thoughts for anything useful, while doing his best to observe. Thankfully, being in another plane meant he could easily waltz in and look around, but even still, he kept his guard up, just in case. He's incorporeal, not invulnerable. Of course, the lamp-post colliding with the entrance startled him, resulting in another use of his mental abilities, this time a broadcast. Naturally avoiding the five men in the room that he can see, but only those five. "Who is there? Identify yourself immediately, or I shall be forced to use my own abilities to subdue any threat or intentional hindrance you may cause to myself or others." Probably not the best of ideas, but guaranteed to get to where it needs to go, amongst other places.
  9. Ignis nodded. Sure enough, there was the first three targets. Taking a breath, he pulled out his staff with his right. Sure, it wasn't needed for his magic, but he did work it into his casting routines, so it's more familiarity than necessity. He stands as if ready to fight with the staff, but his actual style focuses more on casting. Sure enough, he swirls his free hand around in the air, green flames tracing the path and lingering for a short moment in the air before dispelling entirely. Seems that was more to gear himself up, as he looks prepared afterwards. He thrust his hand forwards, two fingers raised together as if to point skywards, green flame bursting from his hand and shooting towards the first target... and missing. He repeated the gesture, missing once more. He frowned before taking a breath and repeating the action. Direct hit, this time, the flames striking the target. That's the first one down. He looks over to the second, repeating the action and managing to score a direct hit on the first try, something that impresses even him. But it seems the success got to his head, as he manages to entirely miss the third target all three times with those nimble flames. He pauses there, shaking himself off after that first test of powers, and as the targets change. This time, some more 'flashy' powers, it seems. Explosions. Ignis again lowers into his stance, this time holding the staff in front of him like a bow, an arrow of green flames forming in his hand as he takes aim, then lets loose. The first target poses no real problem, being blown to bits as the arrow connects and explodes, followed by the further target having the same effect. The third, however, he manages to just miss before hitting on the second try. Ignis looks a bit pleased with himself as the third lot of targets come around. Grouped targets, eh? This time, both of Ignis's hands burn with a green flame as he pushes them out in front of him, creating a sickly-looking inferno in the vicinity of the targets. Sickly, but deadly at the same time. At least, on that third try as he manages to shape the cloud incorrectly to hit any of the targets twice. The intermediate targets escape harm, but the harder ones suffer the same fate as the first. Two misses and a hit. Ignis takes another breath in and out as the new targets arrive, some marked 'Friend', others marked 'Foe'. He pauses, considering how to hit them all at once, before shaking his head and standing, looking towards the control room. "Such a thing is outside of my ability. It is impossible for me to do, I am afraid. This is a test of my abilities, and I am afraid I have reached the limit of my control over these flames."
  10. Okay, sorry about the delay. I'll get on this... Okay, the first three... Target 1 1d20+13=16, 1d20+13=16, 1d20+13=33 Target 2 1d20 13=33, 1d20 13=32, 1d20 13=18 Target 3 1d20+13=28, 1d20+13=24, 1d20+13=23 Explosion. Which is targeted. Target 1 1d20+10=30, 1d20+10=27, 1d20+10=23 Target 2 1d20+8=27, 1d20+8=26, 1d20+8=19 Target 3 1d20 5=12, 1d20 5=21, 1d20 5=10 Clouds now... Target 1 1d20+8=11, 1d20+8=22, 1d20+8=15 Target 2 1d20 8=12, 1d20 8=10, 1d20 8=22 Target 3 1d20 8=16, 1d20 8=12, 1d20 8=23 And the last four get skipped, because Ignis flails at them more than anything. Now, I'll do the targets... Part 1 -- A - Hit 3rd B - Hit 1st C - Miss Part 2 -- Explosion setting A: Ref +6, range 0 B: Ref +6, range 20ft, C: Ref +6, range 50ft A - 1d20 6=8, 1d20 6=23, 1d20 6=17 - Hit 1st B - 1d20 6=13, 1d20 6=17, 1d20 6=15 - Hit 1st C - 1d20 6=22, 1d20 6=9, 1d20 6=15 - Hit 2nd Part 3 -- Cloud setting A: Ref +6, B: Ref +8, C: Ref +10 A - 1d20 6=24, 1d20 6=17, 1d20 6=17 - Hit 3rd B - 1d20 8=23, 1d20 8=24, 1d20 8=22 - Miss? Last ones are equal. C - 1d20 10=20, 1d20 10=30, 1d20 10=16 - Hit 3rd Part 4 -- Mixed crowd [requires Selective PF for success] A: Ref +6, B: Ref +8, C: Ref +10 All Miss. And again, just want to check that's fine before I drop the post ^^;; Better safe than sorry.
  11. As said in the topic, using Astral Form to poke around a bit, not being entirely subtle just yet. Any rolls needed, lemme know.
  12. This place... there was something about it... just what was it? Ignis couldn't tell, at least not right away. Should he look around? No, not yet... or should he... The question burned in his mind as he thought it over. Just what should he do? What do the Humans do in this situation? Of course, that indecision would be his downfall, as he stood there just waiting and thinking if he wanted to investigate or not. Eventually, he decided to go ahead with it, looking around for a semi-secluded spot. Or at least one he could sit at for a while. Either way, he sat there and closed his eyes, focusing on nothing in particular, only to keel over. At least, in this world. His investigation involved a little bit of subtle jiggery-pokery. Even after shifting to the Astral Plane, Ignis paused, taking a breath... This was the first time he had done this since his arrival on Earth. He held that for a second. In. Out. In. Out. In. And he was off, heading through the walls to see just what he could see. Of course, his huge, unconscious body wasn't exactly all that hidden, so who knows what'd happen to that.
  13. Okay, the first three... 1d20+13=16, 1d20+13=16, 1d20+13=33 Miss, miss and hit. Now the Explosions... 1d20+10=22 1d20+8=20 1d20+5=6 Don't know if those hit or not, since I think you roll reflex for them, not me. Now the Cloud... 1d20+8=11, 1d20+8=22, 1d20+8=15 As for the last four, he's gonna flail helplessly at them. I'll wait for the Reflex saves from the latter targets before making a post, unless you want me to go ahead and post for the first three targets.
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